Brick Repair in Raleigh NC - Restoring Brick Homes and Buildings

Brick Repair in Raleigh NC - Restoring Brick Homes and Buildings
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Brick Repair in Raleigh, NC - What You Need to Know

Brick homes and buildings are a staple of Raleigh's architectural landscape. The classic red brick facade lends charm and character to neighborhoods across the city. However, over time, brick structures can fall into disrepair and require restoration services. Cracks, missing mortar, shifting walls, and water damage are common brick issues that may need repair in Raleigh homes and commercial buildings.

Why Proper Brick Repair is Essential

It's important not to ignore minor brick damage or deterioration. What may seem like a cosmetic flaw can quickly turn into a much larger structural issue. Water is often the culprit, seeping into cracks and eroding mortar over time. Freeze and thaw cycles in winter can rapidly accelerate brick damage. Left unchecked, moisture will penetrate walls causing decay, corrosion, mold growth and interior wall damage. Loose, sagging or deteriorating brickwork jeopardizes the structural stability and can be a safety hazard.

Proactive brick repair protects your investment and prevents further costly damage. It also enhances curb appeal and preserves the beauty of your brick facade. Keeping brickwork properly maintained is key to longevity and performance.

Common Brick Repair Issues in Raleigh

Here are some of the most common brick repair problems that occur on Raleigh homes and buildings:

  • Cracks in bricks - can allow water intrusion leading to more damage
  • Missing or crumbling mortar - deteriorated mortar can compromise structural integrity
  • Spalling bricks - wear and tear causes surface chips, cracks and flaking
  • Efflorescence - white powdery mineral deposits form on brick surfaces
  • Parging failure - cracked or peeling exterior cement coating on bricks
  • Moisture damage - causes staining, mold, decay and interior wall damage
  • Shifting or settling brick walls - results in cracks and loose bricks
  • Damaged brick steps, walls, chimneys - need tuckpointing and repairs to prevent collapse

Brick Repair Services Offered in Raleigh

Qualified Raleigh brick masons have the expertise to identify and repair a full range of brick issues. They can restore the structural integrity, weather-tightness, and aesthetic appeal of your brickwork. Common Raleigh brick repair services include:

  • Brick repointing - repairing worn, cracked or missing mortar
  • Brick sealing - protective coatings to prevent water intrusion
  • Brick replacement - selectively replacing damage bricks as needed
  • Brick staining - color restoration of faded, discolored bricks
  • Brick wall straightening - stabilizing walls that have shifted or settled
  • Chimney repairs - repointing, cap replacement, crack repairs
  • Porch pillar and step repairs - rebuilding loose brick supports and staircases

How to Choose a Raleigh Brick Contractor

Finding an experienced, reputable mason is key to ensuring high quality brick repairs that will last. Here's what to look for in a Raleigh brick repair contractor:

  • Specialized training and expertise in historic brick restoration - look for preservation credentials
  • Extensive experience with local Raleigh brick types and buildings
  • Proven portfolio of successful brick repair projects
  • Offers a wide range of brick repair services using proper techniques
  • Fully licensed, insured and bonded
  • Backed by manufacturer warranties on materials and labor
  • Provides detailed project quotes with line item costs
  • Willing to give referrals to past clients

Taking time to vet brick masons will pay off through workmanship and results that stand the test of time.

Brick Repair Cost Factors

It's difficult to estimate exact brick repair costs without seeing the full scope of needed work. Projects range from a few hundred dollars for minor repointing to tens of thousands for extensive wall repairs. Brick restoration costs depend on several factors:

  • Amount of bricks needing replacement
  • Square footage of walls needing repointing
  • Accessibility of work areas
  • Scaffolding or equipment rental needs
  • Specialized brick matching for replacements
  • Historic preservation restrictions
  • Prevailing labor rates in the area

Experienced masons will examine the job site and provide a detailed written estimate on costs. Be wary of lowball quotes, as quality materials and workmanship come at a price.

Maintain Your Raleigh Brick Investment

Brick repair and restoration is a specialized trade that requires true masonry expertise. Don't leave it to general contractors or DIY attempts. Contact a professional Raleigh brick mason for an inspection and repairs when you spot signs of wear and tear. Properly maintaining your brick facade will pay dividends for years to come.


How often should I have my brickwork inspected?

It's a good idea to have a professional brick mason inspect your home's brickwork every 1-2 years. This allows minor issues to be repaired before causing major damage.

What are signs I may need brick repair services?

Look for cracks, missing mortar, loose or shifting bricks, moisture damage, white efflorescence deposits, or exterior holes. Interior leaks, mold or flaking paint can also indicate exterior brick problems.

Are all bricks the same? Will replacements match?

There are many different brick types, colors, shapes and textures. A qualified mason will source replacement bricks that closely match your existing brickwork.

Does repointing require scaffolding?

For multi-story homes, scaffolding or lift equipment is usually needed for safe access. This equipment rental will be included in your project quote.

Is it better to seal or paint brick walls?

Sealing is recommended over painting, as paint traps moisture and requires continual re-coating. Professional grade sealers allow the natural beauty of brick to show while protecting from water damage.

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