The Mystical and Captivating Ninetales Pokemon | Pokemon Lore

The Mystical and Captivating Ninetales Pokemon | Pokemon Lore
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The Mystical and Powerful Ninetales

With its majestic golden fur and imposing presence, Ninetales has captivated Pokemon fans since the original games. As a rare and highly sought after Pokemon, Ninetales brings mystical power and intrigue wherever it goes. We'll explore the history, abilities, and legacy of this legendary fox Pokemon.

Origins and Inspiration

Ninetales made its debut in the original Pokemon Red and Green games in Japan and was one of the most intriguing new Pokemon revealed. Its visual design draws heavily from Japanese mythology, specifically the kitsune, or magical fox spirits with nine tails. Kitsune were known as cunning tricksters and powerful spirits, themes reflected in Ninetales as well.

The name Ninetales directly references the nine elegant, flowing tails it possesses. Along with its gleaming red eyes, the imagery clearly evokes supernatural themes surrounding kitsune. Ninetales also takes inspiration from the more benevolent zenko fox spirits known as protectors and messengers in Japanese folklore.

A Rare and Prized Find

Finding a Ninetales during early gameplay provided a uniquely satisfying challenge. The only way to obtain one was to evolve the first form Vulpix via use of a Fire Stone. Vulpix itself could only be captured later in the game in the Pokemon Mansion on Cinnabar Island.

The effort required and singular location in which to catch Vulpix made Ninetales especially elusive. combined with its mystical vibe and strong moveset, this cemented Ninetales as a badge of honor for any serious Pokemon trainer.

Impressive Abilities and Strategies

Beyond its captivating looks, Ninetales brings formidable abilities to battle. It possesses strong Special Attack and Speed attributes, mixed with moves like Flamethrower, Confuse Ray, and Grudge. With clever technique, Ninetales can frustrate and overwhelm opponents.

Drought is perhaps Ninetales' most game-changing ability, which automatically summons harsh sunlight and enhances its own Fire moves while weakening Water attacks. This perfectly plays into Ninetales' wheelhouse while crippling opponents.

Ninetales also learns Sunny Day to manually trigger Drought benefits. Combining this move with Solar Beam or a held Heat Rock makes Ninetales extremely versatile and dangerous.

Prominent Appearances and Symbolic Status

Beyond the video games, Ninetales gained greater fame through the long-running Pokemon anime. Series protagonist Ash Ketchum battles and loses against a Ninetales, highlighting its prowess early on. It appears in several other episodes, displaying its psychic and mind-reading capabilities against Team Rocket.

A very old Ninetales plays a poignant role in the movie Pokemon: Mewtwo Returns. After meeting Ash and his Pikachu, the 900+ year-old Ninetales decides its long life has been fulfilled and finally passes away. This touched many fans and further cemented Ninetales status as a transcendent, mythical figure.

Beloved by Fans

From its elegant design to immense yet mysterious power, Ninetales remains alluring and captivating 25+ years later. It maintains a strong fanbase as one of the most stylistic first generation Pokemon. Many fellow fox-like Pokemon such Delphox and Zoroark reflect tributes to Ninetales' influence.

Dedicated fans continue honoring Ninetales with amazing fan art and cosplay. Some have even gotten shiny golden Ninetales tattoos in tribute! Ninetales' sheer visual splendor and regal air truly set it apart as special both in-game and in the real world.

Lasting Symbolic Legacy

Looking deeper, Ninetales contains layers of Japanese symbolic themes interwoven through its kitsune origins. Kitsune were seen as heralds of the rice harvest through Inari, the Shinto deity they served. This associated Ninetales with autumn, abundance, and prosperity.

The kitsune's supernatural nature connected with Shinto spiritualism and the kami, or indigenous spirits inhabiting the natural world. Through this lens, Ninetales bridges the natural realm humans inhabit and the mysterious realm beyond.

Ultimately, across generations of games and fans, Ninetales will remain one of Pokemon’s most mystical, venerated beasts. With its dichotomies of benevolence and cunning, fragility and strength, none have captured hearts and minds quite like the sublime Ninetales.


Where can I catch a Vulpix to evolve into Ninetales?

In the original Pokemon Red/Blue games, Vulpix is exclusively found inside the Pokemon Mansion on Cinnabar Island. You'll need to explore the mansion to encounter Vulpix, catch it, and evolve it using a Fire Stone to get Ninetales.

What is Ninetales based on?

Ninetales takes inspiration from kitsune, mystical fox spirits in Japanese folklore known for having multiple tails and possessing supernatural abilities. Its design draws directly from these legends to create a Pokemon with a mystical, regal air.

Why is Ninetales so hard to obtain?

Beyond Vulpix only appearing later in the game, you need to evolve it with a Fire Stone, which can be challenging to find. This rarity made catching and evolving a Ninetales a badge of honor for dedicated Pokemon trainers.

Why does Ninetales have such devoted fans?

Between its majestic appearance, intriguing backstory, and formidable battling prowess, Ninetales simply stands out among Pokemon. Its layers of symbolism and influence from Japanese myths give it an added air of splendor as well.

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