World of Ultraman Plush Toys: Varieties, Shopping Tips, and Collecting

World of Ultraman Plush Toys: Varieties, Shopping Tips, and Collecting
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The World of Ultraman Plush Toys

Ultraman, the iconic Japanese superhero from the hit 1960s television show, has enthralled generations of fans around the world. Known for his silver and red suit, crossing pose, and variety of powers like flight and energy beams, Ultraman has become a cultural phenomenon in Japan and abroad.

One of the most popular ways for fans to celebrate their love of Ultraman is through plush toys. These soft, huggable versions of the superhero allow devotees to have Ultraman by their side while also showing their fandom. Ultraman plush toys come in a wide range of styles, sizes, and quality levels to suit any fan's needs.

Varieties of Ultraman Plush Toys

The most common Ultraman plush is a soft vinyl or plush doll of the classic red and silver Ultraman. Usually standing around 10-12 inches tall, these basic Plushes capture his iconic body suit and color scheme. They often feature movable arms and legs too. These standard Ultraman plush dolls are mass-produced for affordable prices, making them easy collectibles for fans.

More detailed and unique Ultraman plush toys are also available. For example, higher end Ultraman dolls with cloth suits or costumes that mirror the live-action look can be purchased. There are also plush versions of Ultraman's many transformations, like Ultra Seven, with intricate suits. Large two foot tall Ultraman plush dolls lend extra grandeur.

Chibi or "super deformed" Ultraman plush toys take the hero and morph him into cute, cartoonish body shapes with oversized heads and tiny limbs. These silly caricature styles add some fun to Ultraman plush collecting. There are even plush toys of Ultraman's alien foes like Baltan and Gomora.

Where to Buy Ultraman Plush Toys

The easiest place for fans around the world to buy Ultraman plush is online. Large online stores like Amazon carry many mass market Ultraman plush dolls to purchase. Sites like Ebay also feature auctions and international sellers with Ultraman plush toys.

In Japan, the country of Ultraman's origin, there are even more plush purchasing options. Ultraman toys and collectibles can be found in entertainment stores like Animate as well as arcade prize corners. Used plush toys are available at manga stores like Book Off. Limited edition Ultraman offerings may be purchased at events too.

Those visiting Japan can also find Ultraman plush at tourism focused shops. Stores in areas like Akihabara or Universal Studios Japan sell licensed toys and souvenirs, including Ultraman plush items. Prices and selection tend to be better as well given the abundance of Ultraman merchandise made in Japan.

Factors Collectors Should Consider

Ultraman fans seeking plush toys should keep a few factors in mind while shopping:

  • Authenticity - Avoid cheap knockoffs by purchasing from licensed vendors, either in Japan or abroad.
  • Size - Consider if you want a tiny plush for a desk, a larger doll for display, or a big two footer for hugging.
  • Pose - Some plush toys mimic Ultraman's signature arms crossed pose while others may have movable parts.
  • Outfit - Look for intricately detailed suits for higher quality plushes.
  • Character - Select from the wide cast like Ultraman Jack, Ultraman Ace, and more.
  • Price - Ultraman plush range from $10 for mini keychains to $100 or more for life-sized versions.

By taking these criteria into account, Ultraman fans can choose the ideal plush toy to start or expand their collection.

Caring for an Ultraman Plush Doll

Ultraman plush toys are designed to last, but collectors should take some basic care steps to keep them looking their best:

  • Surface wash - Wipe vinyl exteriors with a damp cloth to remove light dirt.
  • Spot clean - For minor stains on cloth, use a mild detergent and rinse fully with clean water.
  • Display care - Avoid direct sunlight which can fade colors. Don't place in high humidity.
  • Storage - When not on display, store plush toys in a clean, dry, box or container.
  • Damage prevention - Handle carefully to prevent rips or lost limbs. Don't machine wash.

By gently handling Ultraman plush items and keeping them stored properly when not in use, collectors can enjoy them for many years.

The Enduring Popularity of Ultraman Plush Toys

Ultraman has captivated fans for over 50 years, starting from his 1966 television debut. While the show came and went over the decades, Ultraman's iconic superhero aesthetic and charm live on through plush toys and other collectibles.

For devotees young and old, Ultraman plush dolls are the perfect way to celebrate this pop culture legend. The wide variety of plush toys on the market let fans show their dedication, whether through a cute chibi keychain or a towering two foot statue. As one of Japan's most famous superheroes, Ultraman will no doubt continue to be immortalized in plush form for years to come.


What are some popular types of Ultraman plush toys?

Standard 10-12 inch Ultraman plush dolls are very common. More detailed cloth costume Ultraman plush toys exist too. Chibi super deformed plush and plush of Ultraman's enemies like Baltan are also popular.

Where can I buy an authentic Ultraman plush?

Buy from licensed stores in Japan or elsewhere to ensure authenticity. Large retailers online and entertainment shops in Japan sell legit Ultraman plush items.

How much do Ultraman plush toys cost?

Costs range from $10 for a mini keychain plush up to $100+ for large, high-end collector pieces.

How should I display my Ultraman plush?

Avoid direct sunlight to prevent fading. Don't place plush toys in areas of high humidity. For storage, keep them in a clean, dry box.

Can Ultraman plush toys be washed?

Surface wash vinyl exterior gently. Spot clean cloth outfits with mild detergent. Don't machine wash to prevent damage.

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