Add Style and Performance With a Toyota GT86 Spoiler

Add Style and Performance With a Toyota GT86 Spoiler
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Introducing the Toyota GT86 Spoiler

The Toyota GT86 is an iconic sports car that has gained a massive following since its debut in 2012. With its rear-wheel drive configuration, low center of gravity, and light curb weight, the GT86 provides an incredible driving experience focused on pure fun behind the wheel. As the GT86 ages, owners are looking for ways to refresh the look of their vehicles and improve performance. One of the most popular modifications for the Toyota GT86 is adding an aftermarket rear spoiler.

Benefits of Adding a Spoiler to the GT86

Installing a rear spoiler on the GT86 provides several benefits for both style and performance:

  • Improves downforce at high speeds for better grip and handling
  • Adds a more aggressive look to the vehicle's rear profile
  • Comes in various styles and shapes to match owner preferences
  • Can be color matched or painted in a contrasting color for extra visual impact
  • Relatively inexpensive and easy to install compared to other modifications

The extra downforce created by a rear spoiler allows the GT86 to stay planted during high-speed cornering and sweepers. The added grip pays dividends on both the track and winding backroads. Visually, a spoiler adds extra attitude to the sports coupe, providing a race-inspired look.

Popular Spoiler Styles for the Toyota GT86

There are a few common rear spoiler designs that work well aesthetically and functionally on the GT86:

Low-Profile Lip Spoiler

The low-profile lip spoiler attaches to the trunk lid of the GT86 for a subtle performance look. This style adds a hint of downforce without drastically altering the stock appearance of the car.

Tall Wing Spoiler

For a flashier look, a tall wing spoiler mounts above the trunk lid, standing upright. Large wings maximize downforce but split opinions on styling. They work well on heavily modified track cars.

Short Duckbill Spoiler

The duckbill spoiler gets its name from its unique flared side shapes that resemble a duck's bill. This look maintains a low profile but extends width for increased stability.

Factors to Consider Before Installing a GT86 Spoiler

Here are a few things GT86 owners should think about before bolting on an aftermarket spoiler:

  • Type of driving - are you building a dedicated track car or want a functional daily driver mod?
  • Check legality - oversized wings may violate local vehicle height laws
  • Match other exterior mods like skirts and splitters
  • Consider impact on rear visibility
  • Choose quality materials like ABS plastic vs cheap fiberglass

Installing a rear spoiler from a trusted brand like Stillen, TRD, or Seibon is recommended over cheap knock-offs. Getting a spoiler color matched to your car's factory paint is ideal, but body-colored versions are also available if you want a contrasting look.

Installing a Rear Spoiler on a Toyota GT86

Putting a rear spoiler onto a GT86 is a relatively straightforward bolt-on process that can usually be done at home with some mechanical ability. Here are the basic steps involved:

  1. Start with a clean trunk lid - remove any dirt or debris that could interfere with adhesion
  2. Test fit the spoiler before fully installing to check alignment
  3. Use rubbing alcohol to clean the mounting area for maximum adhesion
  4. Remove tape backing and carefully lower spoiler into place, pressing firmly
  5. Use a plastic spreader to smooth out any air bubbles trapped underneath
  6. For wing spoilers, drill pilot holes and use provided hardware to bolt to trunk lid
  7. Take care not to overtighten bolts to avoid cracking the trunk lid
  8. Give adhesive seals full 24 hours to cure before driving

The right spoiler installs almost seamlessly to your GT86 with minimal modification needed. Just be sure to precisely follow the manufacturer's instructions. Some higher-end carbon fiber wings may require professional installation.

Maintenance Tips for Your New GT86 Spoiler

A few quick maintenance steps will keep your new spoiler looking like new:

  • Hand wash gently using a microfiber cloth and avoid automated car washes
  • Wax your spoiler when detailing the rest of the car to protect the finish
  • Inspect adhesive edges regularly for any signs of lifting or peeling
  • Reapply adhesive promoter yearly to reinforce the mounting bond
  • Touch up any stone chips or scratches to prevent corrosion

Following these simple procedures will get years of enjoyment from a GT86 spoiler. Keep an eye out for cracking in the paint around drilled holes as well.

Choosing the Right Spoiler Look

With so many spoiler options available in various shapes and sizes, selecting the right one for your Toyota GT86 may seem overwhelming. Here are some quick tips on choosing a look that works:

  • Lip spoilers for a subtle OEM+ appearance upgrade
  • Classic duckbill design to enhance handling without going overboard
  • Aggressive big wings for race car looks on tuned track cars
  • Opt for smaller spoilers if driving a mostly stock GT86
  • Match the finish to your car's paint color for a cohesive look

The Toyota GT86 spoiler you choose really comes down to personal taste and how much you plan to modify the car. Stay mindful of local vehicle laws regarding rear vision and maximum height restrictions. With the right wing, you can put the perfect finishing touch on your sports coupe.


Does adding a spoiler improve GT86 performance?

Yes, spoilers improve high-speed stability and cornering grip by increasing rear downforce. The extra traction allows harder acceleration out of turns.

What's the easiest spoiler to install on a GT86?

Low-profile lip spoilers attach directly to the trunk lid with automotive-grade tape for a simple install. Larger wings require drilling into the trunk lid.

Will a big wing spoiler hurt fuel economy?

There will be a slight decrease in MPG from the added aerodynamic drag. For most driving, the difference is negligible and outweighed by the performance benefit.

Can I get my GT86 spoiler custom painted?

Many spoiler retailers offer custom paint services to color match your car's factory paint code for a seamless look.

Is an OEM spoiler better than aftermarket?

OEM parts have a precise factory fit but usually don't offer the upgraded designs and materials of aftermarket. There are high-quality options from brands like TRD.

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