Best Sneakers for Surgeons - Complete Guide 2023

Best Sneakers for Surgeons - Complete Guide 2023
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Choosing the Best Shoes for Surgeons

As a surgeon, the shoes you wear in the operating room are crucially important. You'll likely spend hours on your feet each day, so having proper foot support and comfort is essential. But with so many shoe options available, how do you determine what the best sneakers are for surgeons?

Factors to Consider in Surgeon Shoes

Here are some key factors surgeons should keep in mind when selecting shoes:

  • Comfort - Cushioning and arch support are vital to prevent foot and back pain when standing for long periods.
  • Traction - Shoes need slip-resistant soles to give stability and prevent falls on slick hospital floors.
  • Fit - They should fit snugly without constricting your feet to avoid blisters or circulation issues.
  • Durability - Long-lasting shoes can better handle the demands of surgery and repeated sterilization.
  • Ease of cleaning - Smooth shoe materials allow for easy cleaning and disinfection between uses.

Types of Shoes for Surgeons

When considering footwear options, surgeons often choose between three main styles:

  • Athletic sneakers - Offer excellent cushioning and support. Models like Nike and Brooks provide good traction too.
  • Clogs - Brands like Dansko and Merrell are popular picks; provide comfort and easily cleanable.
  • Compression sneakers - Designed to gently squeeze the foot for enhanced circulation and reduced swelling.

Recommended Sneakers for Surgeons

Here are some top-rated sneaker options for surgeons to consider:

Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 3

These athletic sneakers have soft foam cushioning for shock absorption and comfort on long days. The knit upper wraps the feet securely while the durable rubber outsoles offer excellent traction.

Brooks Glycerin 19

Regarded as one of Brooks’ most cushy shoe models ever, the Glycerin 19 has plush padding to pamper your feet. It also features good arch support, a roomy toe box, and long-lasting traction.

Asics Gel-Nimbus 24

Asics Gel technology gives these shoes excellent shock absorption for reducing pressure on the joints. A mesh upper and integrated lacing system provide a customized glove-like fit.


Featuring a wide platform and thick midsole foam, HOKA shoes offer unbeatable cushioning comfort. The durable rubber outsole includes strategically placed lugs to prevent slips.

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v12

With ultra-plush cushioning and a roomy fit, these New Balance sneakers make long hours on your feet much less tiring. The flexible shoe upper also moves naturally with the foot.

Tips for Finding the Best Surgical Sneakers

Here are some top tips for finding shoes that will serve surgeons well:

  • Select reputable athletic brands designed for comfort and support.
  • Ensure any sneakers have slip-resistant rubber soles for hospital floors.
  • Try shoes on while wearing surgical scrubs to test roominess and fit.
  • Walk around the store or even do squats in shoes to gauge flexibility and feel.
  • Consider buying shoe inserts if arches require more tailored support.
  • Replace sneakers every six months to retain cushioning and traction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should surgeons wear sneakers or clogs?

Both sneakers and clogs can be suitable options for surgeons. Sneakers provide cushioning and athletic-style traction. Meanwhile, clogs offer comfort, support, and easy cleanability between uses. The best option comes down to personal preference.

Are compression sneakers good for surgeons?

Compression sneakers can benefit surgeons who are on their feet all day. The gentle squeezing helps improve circulation to reduce swelling and fatigue. This enhanced blood flow is essential for maintaining energy and focus during long, complex procedures.

How often should surgeons replace shoes?

Replacing athletic sneakers every 4-6 months is ideal for surgeons. The materials compress over time, reducing the cushioning and support vital for comfort. Traction on the soles also wears down, making slips and falls more likely. Regular shoe replacement ensures proper fit and function.


Do surgeons require special shoes or sneakers?

Yes, surgeons should wear shoes that are designed specifically for the demands of working long hours in operating rooms. Key features surgeons should look for include excellent comfort, support, traction, easy cleanability, and durability to withstand frequent sterilization.

Can surgeons wearCrocs?

Crocs can be an acceptable shoe option for some surgeons since they offer good comfort. However, the traction and support Crocs provide may not be ideal for all surgeons. They also can't be sterilized for use in sterile operating rooms. Other surgical clog options likely offer better function and safety.

Should shoe laces be avoided in ORs?

Yes, choose sneakers without laces when possible. Laces can harbor germs even after cleaning. Some facilities prohibit laced shoes to maintain strict sterile standards in operating rooms. When laces are necessary, ensure they fit snugly and consider swapping standard laces for medical-grade laces designed for repeated washing.

Can shoe inserts enhance surgical sneakers?

Yes, adding custom orthotic shoe inserts can bolster comfort and support in surgical sneakers. They provide additional cushioning and tailored arch support suited to your feet. Look for antimicrobial inserts designed for workplace safety and frequently washed shoes when possible.

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