Virgo Peridot Bio: The Curvy Anal Pornstar's Taboo Film Career

Virgo Peridot Bio: The Curvy Anal Pornstar's Taboo Film Career
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Introduction to Virgo Peridot

Virgo Peridot is an American adult film actress known for her work in the pornographic industry. She first entered the industry in 2013 and has since gained a strong fan following due to her kinky and taboo film work.

Peridot was born on September 4, 1992 in Agoura Hills, California. Not much is known about her early life and upbringing. She has managed to keep her personal life away from the limelight. What is known is that Peridot was working as a mainstream model before entering the adult industry.

Her Foray into Pornography

Virgo Peridot made her porn debut in 2013 at the age of 21. She has said in interviews that she was intrigued and excited by the world of porn and wanted to explore her sexuality on camera. Her curvaceous figure, pretty face and kinky attitude made her an instant hit among fans.

Some of the notable companies Peridot has worked with include Evil Angel, Bang Bros, Hard X, Elegant Angel and Jules Jordan Video. She quickly carved a niche for herself as a talented performer of anal and interracial scenes.

Notable Works

Virgo Peridot is best known for her anal, interracial and taboo performances. Some of her most notable films include:

  • Virgo Peridot Gets Her Phat Ass Stretched (for Hard X)
  • Virgo Peridot's Big Wet Butt Gets Fucked (for Bang Bros)
  • Interracial Ass Masters (for Jules Jordan)
  • Anal Swinger Orgy (for Evil Angel)
  • My New Black Stepdaddy (for Dogfart)

These performances captured her uninhibited sexuality and kinky attitude, attracting a dedicated fan following. Virgo does not shy away from any hardcore sex acts on camera.

Virgo Peridot's Adult Film Career

In a short span of just a few years, Virgo Peridot has already performed in over 100 adult films. She prides herself on her versatility - ranging from bondage and double penetration to girl-girl scenes.

Some of the notable achievements of her porn career so far include:

  • Being nominated for Best New Starlet at the 2016 AVN Awards
  • Appearing on the box covers of many best-selling movies like Anal Buffet 11, Big Wet Asses 23, Up My Booty 2 etc.
  • Being named one of the top 10 hottest pornstars by Maxim magazine
  • Winning the Fan Award at the 2016 AVN Awards
  • Being nominated for several awards at AVN and XBIZ each year since her debut

Besides performing, Virgo has also directed a few adult films for Evil Angel's producer Jonni Darkko. This displays her interest in being involved in all aspects of porn movie production.

Notable Attributes

So what makes Virgo Peridot stand out as a pornstar?

  • Her curvy figure - Virgo has natural 36DD breasts and a big 50 inch booty
  • Her enthusiasm for taboo and hardcore sex acts
  • Her ability to squirt during intense orgasms
  • Her kinky dirty talk and commanding screen presence
  • Her fun, playful and occasionally submissive sexual energy on camera

These attributes make her one of the most sought after performers in the industry today.

Virgo Peridot's Popularity

Virgo Peridot has amassed a huge following among porn fans in a short period of time. Some key facts about her popularity:

  • 670k followers on Instagram
  • 29.3k followers on Twitter
  • Regular appearances at fan conventions and award shows
  • Features in several lists of the hottest pornstars
  • High demand for scenes featuring her
  • Strong sales for movies starring her

Besides her film work, Virgo keeps her fans engaged through active social media outreach. She posts teasing photos and BTS clips, and also promotes her exclusive content.

Why Fans Love Virgo

Here are some of the key reasons for Virgo Peridot's widespread popularity:

  • Her stunning natural curves and voluptuous body
  • Her raw sexual energy and enthusiasm for fetish/taboo scenes
  • Her friendly, fun-loving personality on social media
  • Her diversity - ranging from anal scenes to girl-girl performances
  • Her squirting ability and intense orgasms on film
  • Her tight relationship with fans through interactions

Fans are attracted to her unique look and openness to experimentation on camera. She comes across as an authentic individual who is confident in her sexuality.


In conclusion, Virgo Peridot is a rising star of the adult industry. She has earned significant popularity due to her curvaceous natural physique, her enthusiasm for hardcore/taboo scenes, and her friendly relationship with fans. Peridot has managed to establish herself as a talented and in-demand performer. With her diversity, on-screen charisma and business savvy, Peridot seems poised for even greater success in the porn world in the years to come.


How did Virgo Peridot get started in porn?

Virgo Peridot made her porn debut in 2013 at age 21. She was intrigued by the adult industry and wanted to explore her sexuality on camera. Her curvy figure and enthusiasm made her popular right from her first scenes.

What type of porn scenes is Virgo Peridot known for?

Virgo is best known for her anal, interracial and taboo performances. She has an energetic and kinky approach to hardcore sex acts on camera.

What awards has Virgo Peridot won?

Some of Virgo's notable adult film awards include the Fan Award at AVN 2016, several nominations for AVN & XBIZ awards, and Maxim's Top 10 Hottest Pornstars list.

Why do fans love Virgo Peridot?

Fans are attracted to Virgo's natural curves, enthusiasm for hardcore sex, friendly attitude and diversity ranging from anal to girl-girl scenes. She has an authentic personality.

What makes Virgo Peridot stand out?

Virgo stands out due to her 36DDD curves, squirting ability, commanding screen presence and openness to experiment with fetish/taboo concepts on camera.

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