Legendary Chevy Belmont Muscle Car - History and Profile of the Classic Belmont Package

Legendary Chevy Belmont Muscle Car - History and Profile of the Classic Belmont Package
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The Iconic Chevy Belmont - A Classic Muscle Car

The Chevrolet Belmont has cemented its place as one of the most iconic American muscle cars of all time. With its powerful V8 engine, aggressive styling, and race-inspired performance, the Chevy Belmont represents the peak of GM's muscle car era in the 1960s and 70s.

Unveiled in 1964 as an option package for the Chevy Impala, the Belmont featured a range of performance upgrades that transformed the sedate sedan into a pavement-rippling monster. Chevy offered the Belmont package on the Impala for just a few years, but its legacy lives on today among collectors and automotive enthusiasts.

The Origins of the Chevy Belmont

Chevrolet debuted the Belmont package midway through the 1964 model year, seeking to capitalize on the exploding muscle car craze. Buyers who selected the Belmont option got a host of upgrades over the standard Impala, focused on improved acceleration, braking, and cornering.

Mechanically, the Belmont package centered around a 327 cubic inch Turbo-Fire V8 pulsating with up to 375 horsepower. This new engine featured a higher 11:1 compression ratio, high-lift camshaft, and enlarged exhaust valves. Chevy paired the amped-up motor with a Muncie 4-speed manual transmission for lightning-quick gear changes.

The Belmont gained further performance improvements from heavy-duty front coil springs, thicker anti-roll bars, stiffer shocks, and a quick-ratio steering box. These enhancements gave the car much sharper handling reflexes to match the explosive power from the enhanced V8.

Aggressive Styling Matches Extreme Performance

Visually, the Belmont package gave the sedate Impala some serious attitude. Chevy stylists slathered on the chrome, with new front and rear bumpers, mesh grilles, and Belmont script badging. A blacked-out grille contrasted boldly with the chrome trim. At all four corners, Chevy bolted on 15-inch steel wheels with bright wheel covers.

Inside, the Belmont came equipped with Strato bucket seats, full carpeting, and a chunky Impala SS steering wheel. The interior was all business for driving hard. A full complement of gauges - including tachometer, oil pressure, and ammeter - gave drivers critical performance feedback.

Racing Heritage

The Belmont name was a nod to the Chevy Impala's racing pedigree, particularly the iconic Belmont Tunnel on the California coast. The winding 2.2 mile tunnel was part of the legendary Riverside International Raceway circuit, site of major races through the '50s and '60s.

Chevy Impala Super Sports had notched numerous wins at Riverside by the time the Belmont package debuted. Dan Gurney even drove an Impala SS to victory in a NASCAR Cup race at Riverside in 1963. The high-performance Belmont was a fitting tribute to the Impala's track record at the famous course.

A Coveted Collectible Today

Chevy's muscular Belmont was sold for just three model years, from 1964 to 1966. That short production run, combined with the performance upgrades, makes surviving Belmonts extremely rare and desirable today. It's believed that only a few thousand were ever built.

Finding an original, unmolested Belmont requires diligent searching and deep pockets. A restored Belmont in excellent condition can easily fetch 6 figures at auction. Even worn examples command premium pricing due to the iconic styling and V8 performance.

Owning a Belmont brings membership in an exclusive club. These classics are rarely seen at shows and cruise-ins compared to the far more abundant Chevelle SS and Camaro Z/28 models. The sight of a gleaming Belmont on the street still turns heads decades after the last one rolled off the assembly line.

The Belmont Lives on on the Modified Car Scene

The Belmont remains a highly popular platform for builders in the modified car community. The classic Impala body paired with the availability of robust aftermarket parts makes an ideal foundation for high-power customs.

Many builders start with a rusted out hulk, slicing off the rotted sheet metal and grafting on replacement panels. Billet grilles, smooth engine covers, and shaved door handles achieve the smoothed-out look. Wild colors like lemon yellow or lime green turn up the visual volume.

Under the hood, the original engine often gets yanked in favor of a modern crate motor. Popular swaps include GM LS-series V8s, Hemi Mopar powerplants, and even thundering big block engines from the '60s and '70s glory days. Electronic fuel injection and computerized ignition provide modern reliability and efficiency.

Performance gets amplified with tubbed rear wheel wells accommodating massive slicks, adjustable coilovers at all four corners, and four-link rear suspension. Wilwood brakes and hydro boost bring these monsters to a quick, drama-free stop. Inside, you'll find racing buckets, 5-point harnesses, and custom gauges to keep tabs on the beast.

While modified Belmont builds stray far from stock, they continue the tradition of outrageous performance these iconic cars represent. The classic Impala body never seems to go out of style.

The Chevy Belmont Remains an Automotive Legend

More than 50 years after its debut, the classic Chevy Belmont continues to capture the imagination of collectors, builders, and racing enthusiasts. Its menacing good looks, pavement-ripping performance, and storied history cement its status as one of America's greatest muscle machines.

For those lucky few who own a Belmont, it represents a crowning jewel in their collection. Even for mere mortals, catching a glimpse of these rare beasts on the street or at a show brings a smile. The Belmont stands out as one the most badass machines to ever roll out of Detroit, icons of a golden age of American muscle.


What years was the Chevy Belmont package available?

The Belmont package was only available for 1964 to 1966 model year Chevy Impalas. After 1966, Chevy no longer offered the Belmont.

How many Chevy Belmonts were produced?

It's believed that only a few thousand Belmont packages were produced during the 3 years it was available. Exact production numbers are unknown, but these cars are extremely rare today.

What engine came in the Belmont?

The Belmont package featured a high-performance 327 cubic inch V8 engine producing up to 375 horsepower. This motor had a special high-lift cam, enlarged valves, and 11:1 compression ratio.

What transmission was equipped in the Belmont?

Chevy paired the high-revving Belmont V8 with a Muncie 4-speed manual transmission. This allowed drivers to optimize each gear for maximum acceleration.

How much is a Belmont worth today?

Due to their rarity, an original Belmont in excellent restored condition can easily be worth over $100,000 today. Even worn examples command very high prices due to the desirability of these classics.

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