Understanding Your Rights Under HVAC Lemon Laws

Understanding Your Rights Under HVAC Lemon Laws
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Understanding HVAC Lemon Laws and Your Rights

Investing in a new HVAC system for your home is no small purchase. High-quality heating and cooling equipment can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 depending on the size of your house and the type of system you select. This major investment is one that most homeowners expect to last 15-20 years or more. However, sometimes things don't go as planned and serious problems arise unexpectedly with a new HVAC system. When an HVAC unit turns out to be defective, homeowners may have protections under state lemon laws.

What are HVAC Lemon Laws?

Lemon laws are statutes that provide legal rights and protections for consumers who purchase defective products, including cars, RVs, appliances and in some cases, HVAC equipment. Lemon laws vary by state but generally require the manufacturer to replace, repair or refund a product if it meets certain criteria for being classified as a "lemon."

For an HVAC system to qualify under a state's lemon law, it typically needs to meet requirements such as:

  • The unit is still within the manufacturer's warranty period
  • There have been multiple failed attempts by the manufacturer to repair the defect
  • The problem causes a significant loss of heating or cooling performance
  • The defect has existed since the time of purchase (not from damage/ improper use)

Common HVAC Problems Covered by Lemon Laws

Some examples of serious HVAC defects that could potentially be covered under lemon laws include:

  • Compressor failure
  • Coil leaks or failures
  • Fan motor breakdowns
  • Control board malfunctions
  • Sensor malfunctions impacting performance
  • Excessive noise/vibration issues

Minor issues like a clogged filter, refrigerant leak repairs or thermostat adjustments would not meet lemon law defect criteria in most states. The problems need to substantially impact the HVAC system's ability to deliver heating or cooling.

Attempting Repairs Before Resorting to Lemon Laws

Before taking legal action under lemon laws, homeowners should always start by communicating promptly with the HVAC manufacturer about any defects. Reputable brands want the chance to make things right. They will typically send out a local technician to inspect and attempt repairs on a problematic HVAC unit that is still under warranty.

Giving the Manufacturer Adequate Repair Attempts

If the first service call does not resolve your HVAC issues, be sure to contact the manufacturer right away to request a follow-up visit. Get all failed repairs and technician visits clearly documented in writing. This evidence will be necessary later to demonstrate you gave the manufacturer adequate opportunity to fix defects impacting your HVAC unit's performance.

Seeking Peer Support During HVAC Disputes

Social media groups can provide helpful peer perspectives if you believe the manufacturer is giving you the runaround on necessary HVAC repairs. Connect with other homeowners who have dealt with lemon law situations involving the same HVAC brand. Their experiences and advice may prove useful while deciding how to move forward in getting your issues fully addressed.

When to Consider Legal Action Under Lemon Laws

If the HVAC manufacturer has made three or more unsuccessful attempts at repairs on your defective system, it may be time to have a lemon law attorney review your case. An experienced lawyer can analyze the repair documentation and advise you on the best path forward for recouping your investment, whether it involves lemon law mediation, arbitration, or civil lawsuits.

State-Level Differences in HVAC Lemon Laws

Protections offered by lemon laws vary considerably at the state level, which underscores the value of consulting local lemon law counsel. For example, certain states have a lemon law specifically covering HVAC units and major home appliances, while others lump these products under their general motor vehicle lemon laws.

There are also differences among states in defect criteria, manufacturer obligations, and the remedies available to consumers for lemon HVAC products. An attorney well-versed in your own state's statutes can explain how the laws apply to and protect your interests.

Partnering With a Lemon Law Attorney

The legal process involved in lemon law cases can seem complex and intimidating for homeowners dealing with a defective HVAC unit. Having an attorney as your advocate makes the process far more manageable. They handle communicating with manufacturers, filing paperwork, documenting your case, and advising the best path toward maximum financial recovery.

Attorneys with deep experience in lemon laws may also be more effective at bringing pressure to bear on manufacturers and facilitating settlements or awards. Partnering with legal counsel experienced in HVAC disputes levels the playing field and improves outcomes for consumers invested in resolving problems with their lemon HVAC equipment.


What qualifies an HVAC unit as a "lemon" under lemon laws?

An HVAC system generally has to meet requirements like: still being under warranty, multiple failed repair attempts by the manufacturer, defects substantially impacting performance, and issues existing since original purchase.

Can I take legal action immediately if my new HVAC unit breaks?

No, you first need to promptly notify the manufacturer about defects and give their technicians adequate attempts to fix covered issues before resorting to lemon laws.

What remedies are available under HVAC lemon laws?

Possible remedies include replacement with a new unit, a full refund of the purchase price, partial refunds covering repair costs, or compensation for warranty extension costs.

Do I need a lemon law attorney to have a case?

Hiring a qualified lemon law attorney to handle your claim greatly improves the chances of success and maximizing compensation, but some homeowners do successfully self-file.

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