Finding Perfect Dining Chairs for Denver Homes - Tips & Ideas

Finding Perfect Dining Chairs for Denver Homes - Tips & Ideas
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Finding the Perfect Dining Chairs for Your Denver Home

When designing and decorating your dining space, one of the most important elements to consider is your dining chairs. The right chairs can elevate the aesthetic of your dining table and complete the look and feel of the entire room. If you live in Denver and are searching for stylish, high-quality dining chairs, read on for tips and ideas to help guide your purchase.

Consider Your Dining Space and Needs

Before beginning your dining chair search, take stock of your dining space. What size and shape is your table? Do you need armless chairs or options with arms? Take measurements to ensure any chairs you consider will fit comfortably around your table with enough room for people to get in and out of the chairs with ease. Also, how many chairs do you need? Know the exact number so you purchase enough chairs for all your diners.

Think about your needs in terms of comfort as well. Padded seats versus straight wood or metal? If you envision leisurely multi-course dinners that require hours sitting, padded chairs provide greater relaxation. Those with bad backs may also benefit from cushioned chairs that provide lumbar support.

The height of your table plays a role too. Standard dining chair seat height ranges between 18-20 inches. Counter height table? Opt for bar stools instead in a seat height between 24-30 inches.

Popular Dining Chair Styles

When browsing dining chairs in Denver, you’ll encounter endless options across a spectrum of styles. Narrow down choices by deciding what chair silhouette and materials fit your dining space best.

For contemporary spaces, plastic, metal, or wood chairs in glossy white or black lend a sleek, modern look. Upholstered chairs in vibrant hues also pair well with the clean lines of modern decor.

In transitional rooms, you can choose chairs with softer lines but still feature straight edges and only slight curves on the back or edges. Color palettes tend to balance neutrals with muted bold tones for an updated yet relaxed aesthetic.

Standard wooden dining chairs work well for traditional dining rooms. Look for rich finishes like cherry or mahogany wood paired with classic upholstered seat cushions. Carved details on the chair legs or frame provide additional old-world charm.

Those desiring a farmhouse vibe should consider painted wood chairs, often featuring distressed details. Woven wicker or rattan chairs also complement the casual country style.

Upholstered parsons chairs boast simple straight lines but with touches of softness from fabric upholstery. Their versatility allows them to blend well with any style you choose.

Bench seating offers a unique alternative for one side of the table, allowing more dining guests to fit around the table. Benches feature the same variety of upholstery and finish options as standard dining chairs.

Where to Shop for Dining Chairs in Denver

Denver offers no shortage of stores and boutiques to shop for dining chairs. Before visiting any retailer, browse their selection online first. Narrow down specific chair frames and fabrics you like to streamline your in-store experience.

If seeking high-end designer chairs, check out options from luxury home furnishings store Restoration Hardware’s Denver location. Their offerings include leather, custom upholstered, and hand carved wood chairs from classic to modern. Several floor models feature intricate details—examine them closely before making any final decisions.

For more moderately priced chairs across various styles, both West Elm and Crate + Barrel allow you to browse dozens of in-stock chairs at affordable price points. West Elm tends towards more modern and minimalist while Crate + Barrel carries transitional to traditional styles.

If you love hunting for unique secondhand finds, scour Denver’s antique stores and flea markets for vintage dining chairs. Reupholster seat cushions or refinish wood frames to reinvigorate old chairs into new conversation-worthy statement pieces.

Major big box retailers like IKEA and Ashley Furniture offer entire collections of dining chairs spanning the design spectrum. Shop their warehouse-sized showrooms in person or online. Both companies deliver chairs directly to your home.

For custom upholstered chairs made exactly to your fabric specifications, visit local Denver workshops like Europa Designs. Their skilled artisans craft chairs by hand from raw materials to finished product.

Key Features to Evaluate

Once you narrow down dining chair options that fit your style, inspect each chair to determine comfort, quality and durability.

Seat Depth and Height – Sit in display models with proper posture and note if your knees bend at a 90-degree angle and feet rest flat on the floor. Also see if any part of the chair frame digs into parts of your legs.

Seat Width – Measure from edge to edge of the chair’s widest part. Look for at least 20 inches wide to accommodate most body types comfortably.

Comfort – Remaining seated for several minutes, shift positions and lean back into the chair. Cushioning and shape should fully support your body without sagging or squishing.

Lumbar Support – Pay attention to how the chair back supports your lower spine. Proper lumbar support helps you avoid back pain, even during longer dinners.

Armrests – With arms relaxed at your sides, ensure wrists and forearms rest comfortably on arm pads without cutting into circulation or nerves.

Frame and Joints – Inspect under and behind chairs for secure joining, nails and screws. Frame should feel very stable with no wobbling or rocking.

Fabric and Finish – Rub areas like armrests and cushioning to check for pilling or snagging. Wood finishes shouldn’t feature cracks, scratches or peeling.

Weight Capacity – Average per chair is 225-300 lbs. If the combined weight of multiple heavier diners exceeds a chair's capacity, select heavier duty options rated for at least 400 lbs per chair.

Care and Maintenance

Proper care and cleaning preserves your dining chairs’ finish and upholstery to enhance longevity. Always check manufacturer’s care instructions but in general:

  • Vacuum loose debris from upholstered chairs frequently using a brush attachment.
  • Spot clean spills and stains on fabric immediately to avoid saturation into cushions.
  • Deep clean upholstery every year or two using a professional service familiar with dining chairs.
  • Dust wood chairs and frames regularly with a soft dry cloth.
  • Apply wood polish just a couple times per year to avoid buildup.
  • Wipe down leather and plastic chairs with warm water and mild soap as needed.
  • Avoid placing chairs in direct sunlight which can fade fabrics and dry out leather.
  • Consider chair glides to protect floors from scratches.
  • When moving chairs, lift properly by the frame, never drag across the floor.

Choosing the Ideal Dining Chairs

With some planning and evaluation ahead of time, you’ll discover beautiful dining chairs that check all your boxes for size, style, comfort and quality construction. Investing in the right chairs creates a comfortable gathering place for family meals and impressing dinner guests for years to come. Your dining space will become a favorite spot to enjoy fantastic food and even better conversation.

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