Make a Splash with Exciting Stand Up Paddle Boarding Tours on the Delta

Make a Splash with Exciting Stand Up Paddle Boarding Tours on the Delta
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A Gorgeous Playground Awaits in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta

The Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta spans across five counties, creating a lush, intricate network of waterways and channels waiting to be traversed the stand up paddle boarding way. Often called California's best kept secret, the freshwater Delta allows you to paddle in the shadows of beautiful bridges, take in the sights of the many islands and abundant wildlife, and feel immersed within nature just a quick drive from major cities like Stockton, Sacramento and the entire Bay Area.

Wildlife Encounters Paddle Board Style

As you make your way through the winding water channels, keep your eyes peeled for amazing Delta wildlife going about their business. Watch great blue herons smoothly glide by, ospreys dive for fish, egrets bask on branches, and kingfishers flash their brilliant feathers. If you’re lucky, you may even spot river otters frolicking or a beaver slapping its tail. The biodiversity is incredible and part of what makes the Delta such a distinctive paddle destination.

A Watery Playground Awaits Adventure Seekers

Whether you’re new to SUP or an experienced paddle boarder, the Delta serves up the perfect aquatic playground to test your skills. Navigate the maze-like channels, paddle through scenic marshlands, and stop to relax on sandy beaches only accessible from the water. Many areas are nicely sheltered from winds, creating ideal conditions to work on balance and take the SUP experience at your own pace under blue bird skies.

H20 Leads the Way to Delta SUP Fun

The passionate pros at H20 Excursions handle all the details so you can simply focus on having an awesome time on their top-of-the-line paddle boards designed for stability, speed and comfort. Their popular SUP excursions let you choose from options perfectly tailored to skill levels ranging from beginner to advanced.

Newbie Friendly Tours Build Confidence

Never tried stand up paddle boarding before? No worries! H20's professional guides love introducing newcomers to the sport by providing step-by-step instruction in a fun, safe environment. Their Sunrise Safari takes advantage of calm morning conditions perfect for getting acclimated while their relaxing Sunset Cruise lets you master balancing as the shadows stretch across the shimmering waters. You’ll be standing and paddling with ease in no time!

Take SUP Skills to the Next Level

Already have some solid paddle boarding experience under your belt? Kick it up a notch with H20's more advanced River Run touring longer distances on the Delta's small rivers and sloughs. This is a great way to keep improving technique while enjoying an awesome upper body workout. When you're ready for a bigger challenge, join the Open Water SUP Adventure to test skills in Peru Creek Cove's sparkling open waters.

Specialty Tours Amp Up the SUP Excitement

H20 serves up specialty tours that add even more fun to the whole stand up paddle boarding experience. Bring your favorite four-legged friend along for a tail-wagging good time on the Pups and Paddles Tour. At sunset, enjoy live music during the peaceful Paddle Jams Session. And why not tie the knot while balancing on a board with the unique SUP Wedding Package? The possibilities are endless!

Safety First LETS You Focus on Pure SUP Fun

You're in extremely capable hands with H20's seasoned Delta experts. They handle all the preparations and logistics, provide top-quality boards/paddles/PFDs, lead tours with insight and humor, and emphasize safety from start to finish. This lets you simply have fun and create memories to last a lifetime. Check the H20 website for updated COVID precautions as well.

Boards Designed for Optimal Performance

H20 Excursions' fleet of boards represent some of the best brands in the business specially crafted for stability, tracking, speed and comfort over long distances. Choose from options including amazed inflatables, performance race boards, yoga boards, even tandem boards for two! Well maintained, quality gear makes all the difference for an awesome experience on the water.

Essential Gear to Keep You Safe and Comfortable

H20 provides everything to make sure your tour goes off without a hitch. PFD life jackets keep you safe and cool. Special water shoes protect feet while allowing grip on the board. Mess kits hold keys/cell phones so they stay dry and secure. And dry bags keep personal items and clothes clean and accessible. With H20, you always come prepared!

Passionate Guides Enhance Every Tour

The guides at H20 don't just lead tours - they strive to create lasting memories and friendships out on the water! Their infectious enthusiasm and deep knowledge of Delta waters helps paddlers of all skill levels gain confidence, improve techniques, and simply have more fun. Safety remains the top concern but the playful banter and support makes it feel like you're paddling with old friends!

Create Lasting Memories with H20 SUP Tours

Ready for refreshing fun with a stand up paddle boarding adventure to remember? H20 Excursions paddle tours let friends, families, solo travelers and SUP enthusiasts experience the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta's natural splendor in a uniquely immersive way. Safely guided, well equipped, and affordable, H20 removes all hassles so you can make a splash paddling across glassy channels, taking in gorgeous sights, getting some exercise, and making memories that will last long after the last ripples fade.


Where exactly does H20 offer stand up paddle boarding tours?

H20 Excursions offers guided paddle boarding tours primarily in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta which spans across five counties near Stockton, Sacramento and the Bay Area of California.

What is provided on H20 SUP tours?

H20 Excursions supplies everything you need for a great time on their paddle board tours including boards, paddles, PFD life jackets, water shoes, dry bags, mess kits and more. Their knowledgeable guides handle all the logistics.

What is the cancellation/refund policy for SUP tours?

H20 Excursions requires 48 hours advance notice to cancel or reschedule a tour. Those giving proper notice can reschedule or receive a full refund. Without adequate notice, refunds may be reduced or not given.

Is prior experience required for H20's stand up paddle boarding tours?

No prior paddle boarding experience is required. H20 offers tours tailored for all levels from beginner to advanced. Their passionate guides provide instruction for newcomers to the sport to help them learn proper technique.

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