Create Stunning Custom Hall Trees for Your Home's Entryway Storage & Decor

Create Stunning Custom Hall Trees for Your Home's Entryway Storage & Decor
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The Beauty of Custom Hall Trees for Any Home

A hallway can often be an overlooked space in a home, simply viewed as a passageway to get from one room to another. However, the right hall tree or storage bench can transform an empty hallway into a beautiful, functional part of your home decor.

What is a Hall Tree?

A hall tree, sometimes called a hall tree bench, is typically placed near the entrance of a home to provide storage and display space. Hall trees have hooks, shelves, cabinets and seating to organize and store household items while also creating an eye-catching display.

Traditionally, hall trees were used to hold coats, hats, umbrellas, gloves and scarves during the winter months. However, modern custom hall trees can include features like baskets, drawers and open shelves to store shoes, mail, bags, pet leashes and more as well.

Benefits of a Custom Hall Tree

While you can purchase standard hall trees from most furniture stores, having one custom built offers several advantages:

  • Matches your home's style: Custom hall trees are designed specifically for your home, with features, colors, materials and sizes tailored to perfectly match your space and decor.

  • Maximizes storage: You can customize the interior storage options based on your family's unique needs, with designated spaces for coats, shoes, bags and daily essentials.

  • Multi-functional design: Along with storage for household items, custom hall trees may incorporate seating, display shelves, drawers, charging stations and other functional elements you choose.

  • High-quality materials: From the wood type to hardware and finishing touches, custom hall trees use quality materials built to last for generations.

Popular Custom Hall Tree Design Features

Some top design features commonly requested for custom hall tree projects include:

Built-In Bench Seating

Bench seating at the base of a hall tree provides a useful spot to take shoes on and off. Built-in benches with storage areas underneath are especially popular for small entryways with limited floor space.

Plenty of Hooks

Sturdy hooks at various heights provide hanging room for coats, hats, pet leashes and bags for every family member. Opt for hooks in a finish that matches the rest of the hall tree design.

Specific Storage Spaces

Designate specific spaces for storing shoes, umbrellas, gloves, mail and frequently used items. This keeps everything organized and easily accessible.

Charging Station

Incorporate electrical outlets, USB ports or wireless phone charging into the hall tree design. This keeps devices powered up and ready to go when heading out the door.

Display Shelves

Open shelves, glass cabinets and other display areas allow you to style the hall tree with decorative pieces or mementos in keeping with your home’s look.

Custom Hall Tree Design Tips

When planning a custom hall tree, keep the following tips in mind:

Measure Your Space Carefully

To determine the ideal hall tree size and shape, measure the wall area where you plan to place it. Be sure to account for traffic flow through the hallway and entry doors. Keep a ruler or tape measure handy during the design phase to validate spatial details.

Incorporate Storage You’ll Actually Use

Assess how your household uses the hallway and what you come home with on a daily basis. Then incorporate customized storage hooks, shelves, drawers, cabinets and more based on those needs. Multi-purpose storage ensures your hall tree stays useful over time.

Select Durable, Easy-Care Materials

Opt for wood types like oak or maple that resist scratches and daily wear-and-tear. Include features like sealed cabinets and wipeable bench cushions for easy upkeep. Hardware should have protective finishes as well in high traffic areas.

Accent with Decorative Touches

Style open shelves or top areas of the hall tree with decorative baskets, artwork or floral arrangements. Layer in rugs, lighting and wall trim to complement the hall tree design.

Incorporate Seating If Space Allows

Bench seating maximizes function and style in an entryway hall tree. But if space is truly limited, focus solely on upright storage hooks, shelves and spaces tailored to your family’s needs.

Ideas for Custom Hall Trees

With flexible custom designs, hall trees can take almost any shape to suit your home. Some popular style ideas include:

Rustic Wood Hall Trees

Knotty pine, reclaimed barn wood or a mix of natural wood tones make a welcoming rustic statement. Include antique-inspired hardware, woven baskets and a live edge mantel-style shelf on top.

Bright and Airy Cottage Hall Trees

A white or weathered wood hall tree feels light and airy, with beadboard backings, painted accents and wire storage baskets. Add crystal knobs, floral details and a pale bench cushion for cottage charm.

Modern and Sleek Hall Trees

Clean lines, combined with glass, metal and mirrored surfaces give this style contemporary appeal. Incorporate woven stool seating or acrylic shelves to continue the modern aesthetic.

Farmhouse Style Hall Trees

Reclaimed wood boards, substantial turned posts and vintage-style hooks and hardware bring farmhouse coziness to an entryway. Display favorite family photos in simple wood frames at eye level.

Tips for Installing Your Hall Tree

Once your custom hall tree arrives, follow these tips for proper installation:

  • Position it on a wall with studs for the most secure mounting. Wall anchors provide reinforcement in lathe and plaster walls.

  • Level the hall tree before marking drill points. Use a level tool on the top and sides.

  • Drill pilot holes in the wall studs, then insert wood screws or expanding wall anchors for stability.

  • Attach shelf brackets, hooks and hardware. Follow individual mounting instructions for these pieces.

  • Touch up nail holes with matching wood filler so they blend right in.

Get Inspired and Design Your Custom Hall Tree

With the ability to fully customize sizes, storage options and finishes, the design possibilities for hall trees truly are endless. Visit home improvement stores, designers and websites like Pinterest to discover inspiring images. Take note of favorite features and styles to inform the final design.

For professional design expertise and skilled craftsmanship, seek out reputable local woodworkers or carpentry contractors to bring your custom hall tree plans to life. Be prepared with room dimensions, the placement area and a vision for how you’d like the finished piece to look and function for your family. With some thoughtful planning upfront, you’ll soon be enjoying a showstopping focal point enhances both the form and function of your home’s entrance.


What are some good woods to use for a custom hall tree?

Oak, maple, walnut, and ash are all durable wood options that withstand everyday wear-and-tear. Opt for wood types and stains that coordinate with your existing trim and floors.

What safety precautions should I take when installing a hall tree?

Properly mount to wall studs for stability, use appropriate hardware for the wall type, check for level placement, and take care not to damage existing electrical or plumbing inside the walls.

How much space do I need for a hall tree with a bench?

Standard depth is around 18-24 inches, but measure your available floor area to customize bench width and layout. Account for opening doors and traffic flow through the hall.

Can I incorporate personalized details into my custom hall tree?

Absolutely! Add carved initials, family name signs, monograms, or even display personalized family photos. The design possibilities are endless.

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