Pearl Envelopes: A Luxurious Way to Send Mail for Any Occasion

Pearl Envelopes: A Luxurious Way to Send Mail for Any Occasion
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The Beauty of Pearl Envelopes

Pearl envelopes have become an elegant way to send invitations, thank you notes, and even personal letters. The delicate sheen of a pearlized envelope catches the light, making even a simple white envelope look special. Using pearl envelopes elevates any correspondence and makes it feel luxurious.

What are Pearl Envelopes?

Pearl envelopes get their name from their pearly, iridescent finish. They are most commonly made from high quality paper coated with a pearlized coating made from calcium carbonate and dye. This gives the envelopes an almost opalescent shine. Light bounces off the surface, creating an eye-catching glow.

The paper tends to be thicker than standard printer paper, making it more durable. The pearlized coating also helps prevent ink from bleeding through the paper. Many pearl envelopes feature square flap closures that align when sealed. This gives them a clean, finished look.

When to Use Pearl Envelopes

Pearl envelopes elevate any piece of mail. Here are some popular ways to use them:

  • Wedding invitations
  • Thank you notes
  • Party invitations
  • Personal stationery
  • Love letters
  • Announcements

A pearl envelope instantly makes correspondence feel special. Recipients know time and care has been put into their mail when they receive it in a pearlized envelope.

Pearl Envelope Styles

While white pearl is the most common, pearl envelopes come in an array of colors and sizes. Here are some popular envelope styles:

  • White: Classic and elegant, white pearl envelopes work for any occasion.
  • Ivory: Has a vintage, romantic look perfect for weddings.
  • Blush: Pretty for baby showers, bridal showers, and celebrations.
  • Silver: Glamorous with an art deco vibe.
  • Gold: Luxurious for New Years Eve or fancy dinner parties.

Look for pearl envelopes sized for note cards, invitation suites, or letters. The most common sizes are A2, A6, and A7.

Sealing Pearl Envelopes Beautifully

To complete the elegant look, seal pearl envelopes with decorative wax seals. The contrast between the smooth envelope and embossed wax makes for beautiful mail.

Picking Wax Seals

Wax seals come as custom seals you press into wax yourself or as pre-made medallions. Custom seals allow you to pick unique designs that suit the occasion. Pre-made medallions offer effortless decoration. Choose options with:

  • Florals and lace for bridal events
  • Art deco symbols for parties
  • Monograms for personal stationery

Using Sealing Wax

After addressing your envelope, drip sealing wax along the flap and press your seal or medallion into the hot wax. Hold still until dry so the design sets cleanly. Red is the classic wax color but gold, rose gold, clear and different colors also make striking seals.

Alternatives to Wax

Pre-glued pearl sticker seals offer mess-free decoration without wax dripping. Select foil seals with floral motifs, knots, monograms and more. For the easiest seal, use a pearl return address sticker.

Going Above and Beyond with Decor

Take pearl envelopes to the next level by enhancing them with extra embellishments:

  • Add faux pearls and beads
  • Affix a wax seal monogram sticker
  • Tie on ribbons before sealing
  • Include loose dried flowers like lavender inside

With so many ways to customize, pearl envelopes make sending mail memorable. Surprise loved ones with a pearl envelope filled with flowers or notes. Watch their delight as they open the luminous envelope.


What are pearl envelopes made of?

Pearl envelopes are typically made from high quality paper coated in a pearlized solution containing calcium carbonate and dye. This gives them their signature pearly shine.

Can you write on pearl envelopes?

Yes, most pearl envelopes are safe to write on with pen or marker. Gel pens and sharpie markers work best since their ink is less likely to bleed through the thicker paper.

How do you seal pearl envelopes?

Beautiful wax seals complement pearl envelopes. Drip wax along the envelope flap and press a custom seal or pre-made medallion into it while still warm so the design sets.

What sizes do pearl envelopes come in?

Common pearl envelope sizes include A2, A6 and A7. Look for sizes fitted for invitation suites, note cards, letters, etc. based on your intended contents.

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