How To Make Tumbler Wraps

How To Make Tumbler Wraps
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Ever wondered how to revamp a tumbler that didn't turn out as you expected? Tumbler wraps are the perfect solution to rejuvenate them into desirable masterpieces. Discussed in this guide is an easy process of creating tumbler wraps, courtesy of Ed from BrightSide Vinyl.

How To Make Tumbler Wraps

What Are Tumbler Wraps?

Tumbler wraps serve as clever cover-ups for your sublimation tumblers that may not have come out as planned. Many options are available in glossy, matte, and clear translucent finishes. This enables you to choose according to your preference or theme.

Applying Your Tumbler Wraps

Start by removing the backing off your transfer and placing it flat on your work table. For this tutorial, we will be doing a wet application. Lightly mist your transfer and tumbler with water - this helps in the adjustment and positioning of the wrap.

How To Line Up Your Tumbler Wraps

The next step is to line up your prepared transfer wrap. Start by setting it right on your tumbler at a suitable position. A pro-tip here is to spray the outside of the wrap after placement, aiding in its seamless application.

Securing Your Tumbler Wraps

You now need to press the wrap onto the tumbler surface firmly, ensuring it sticks neatly and removes any water from behind. Wrap it all around the tumbler, securing it firmly. Voila! You now have an exquisitely wrapped tumbler.


Creating tumbler wraps is a simple yet effective way of giving your tumblers a second chance. With a splash of creativity and the steps above, you can pull off this DIY like a pro. Stay tuned for more exceptional tips and tricks.

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