Ken's Choice Dahlia: A Stunning Flower Worth Waiting For

Ken's Choice Dahlia: A Stunning Flower Worth Waiting For
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An Introduction to Ken's Choice Dahlia

For many gardeners, dahlias are a beloved late summer flower that brings vibrant colors and gorgeous shapes to the landscape. One particularly stunning variety that is sure to catch your eye is called Ken's Choice dahlia.

A Bit of Background on This Striking Flower

Ken's Choice dahlia is classified as a decorative dahlia, meaning it has full, double flowers with broad, slightly flattened petals. The blooms can grow up to 8 inches across, showcasing rich shades of pink, purple, red, yellow, or white depending on the cultivar.

This long-blooming perennial was hybridized by a talented plantsman named Ken Tilt in the United Kingdom. It has since gone on to win numerous awards for its outstanding performance and beauty in the garden.

Growing Conditions for Ken's Choice Dahlias

Though their flowers are delicate looking, Ken's Choice dahlias are actually quite tough plants. Here are some key tips for getting them established:

  • Site them in full sun and in well-draining soil enriched with compost or manure.
  • Wait until after the last spring frost to plant tubers or potted starts outdoors.
  • Give them plenty of room, spacing plants 12-24 inches apart depending on variety.
  • Provide even moisture, especially during dry spells, and fertilize plants monthly.
  • Stake tall cultivars to prevent toppling and protect from wind damage.

Being Patient for Those First Blooms

One common frustration gardeners have with Ken's Choice dahlias (and most other dahlias for that matter) is how long they seem to take until producing that first flush of flowers. But there's good reason for this.

The tubers and young plants focus energy on establishing a solid root system and foliage growth before sending up bloom stalks. This means you need to be patient with your dahlias during those first few months in the ground. But the payoff will be worth it!

The Spectacular Payoff of Dahlia Blooms

If you can wait out those initial months of green growth and resist the urge to over-feed your Ken's Choice dahlias, they will reward your patience abundantly.

Come mid to late summer, mature plants will be totally loaded withflowers. The blooms emerge on straight, sturdy stalks above the foliage, showing off their fully double form and bright, saturated colors.

Deadheading for Even More Flowers

As with many other flowering plants, deadheading faded blooms is crucial for keeping Ken's Choice dahlias going strong. This simple practice redirects the plant's energy into generating more buds instead of setting seed.

To deadhead, simply pinch or snip off spent flowers just above a set of healthy leaves lower on the stalk. Make clean cuts with sterilized pruners to avoid transmitting disease.

Other Care Tips to Maximize Blooms

Here are a few more maintenance tips to help your Ken's Choice dahlias put out their best floral display:

  • Provide supplemental fertilization, especially if blooms seem small.
  • Water at the base of plants to keep tubers/roots moist and healthy.
  • Stake tall cultivars properly to prevent damage during storms.
  • Watch for pest and disease issues and address them promptly.
  • As frost approaches, carefully dig up tubers for winter storage.

With good growing conditions and proper care, these dahlias will bloom prolifically from midsummer into fall. The color and vibrancy they add to any garden make them extra rewarding for patient gardeners.

Come Join the Fun of #Gardening!

Part of the joy of flowers like Ken's Choice dahlias is sharing their beauty with fellow gardening enthusiasts on social media. Tag your photos so everyone can enjoy these gorgeous blooms!

Following hashtags like #garden, #gardening101, #gardeningtips and #dahlias connects you to an inspirational community passionate about plants. We can swap advice about our successes and troubles, motivating one another to try new things.

Seeing others' flower pictures fuels our dreams for what's possible in our own landscape. And your garden pics might just inspire another gardener to plant vibrant Ken's Choice dahlias this coming season!


What are the recommended growing conditions for Ken's Choice dahlias?

Ken's Choice dahlias need full sun exposure and well-draining soil enriched with organic matter like compost. Provide consistent moisture through the growing season, fertilize plants monthly, and stake taller varieties for support against wind/storms. Space plants 12-24 inches apart depending on mature size.

Why don't my dahlias bloom right after planting?

It's very common for Ken's Choice dahlias and other dahlias to take a while before blooming. They first focus energy on establishing foliage and a healthy tuber/root system. Be patient, provide proper care, and your flowers will emerge mid to late summer after plants mature.

How can I maximize blooms on my Ken's Choice dahlia plants?

Deadheading spent flowers, providing supplemental fertilizer if blooms seem small, maintaining even soil moisture, staking tall varieties properly, monitoring for pests/disease, and carefully digging up tubers before winter are all key tips for keeping plants flowering prolifically from midsummer into fall.

Where can I view and share photos of Ken's Choice dahlias?

Check social media sites like Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook using hashtags like #dahlias, #gardening and #flowers to find stunning pics of Ken's Choice dahlias from fellow gardeners. Share photos of your own blooms to inspire others!

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