Deliciously Sweet Snowberry Cherry Tomatoes - The Ultimate Gardening Guide

Deliciously Sweet Snowberry Cherry Tomatoes - The Ultimate Gardening Guide
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Delicious Snowberry Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are a delicious snack all on their own, but have you tried growing and cooking with snowberry cherry tomatoes? These unique tomatoes have a creamy white exterior streaked with red, resembling freshly fallen snow. Beyond just their looks, snowberry cherry tomatoes have an exceptionally sweet flavor packed into their small size.

All About Snowberry Tomatoes

Snowberry cherry tomatoes (Solanum lycopersium 'Snowberry') get their name from the white variegation on their skin. While most cherry tomato varieties have a consistently red exterior, snowberry tomatoes have white streaks and splotches covering about 75% of their surface area.

These heirloom tomatoes were first bred to achieve their distinctive coloring. The interior of snowberry cherry tomatoes remains the traditional red you expect from most tomatoes. However, when you slice one open, the red inner flesh provides stark visual contrast with the white mottled skin.

How Snowberry Tomatoes Taste

These special tomatoes were bred with flavor in mind. Underneath that unique white exterior lies exceptionally sweet tomato flesh. With a brix level of 9-10, snowberry tomatoes contain higher sugar levels than most store-bought tomatoes.

When allowed to fully ripen on the vine in peak summer weather conditions, snowberry cherry tomatoes achieve ultimate sweetness. Gardeners report the flavor stands out even compared to other sweeter heirloom tomato varieties.

The sugar and acidity is very balanced, yielding a rich umami depth without tartness. Expect concentrated tomato essence in every juicy bite.

Growing Conditions

Because snowberry is an heirloom tomato variety untreated with any chemicals or genetic modifications, flavor quality greatly depends on optimal growing conditions.

Here are some tips for getting the most sweetness and visual appeal out of snowberry cherry tomato plants in your garden:

Full Sun & Warm Weather

Tomato plants thrive best in full sunlight conditions with 8+ hours of direct sun exposure daily. Like most tomatoes, snowberries require consistently warm weather throughout the growing season.

Daytime temperatures of 75-85° F and ample moisture produce the highest quality and visually appealing tomatoes. Extreme heat over 90°F can cause blossoms to drop.

Well Draining Soil

Tomatoes require soil with a neutral pH around 6.0-6.5. Acidic soil below pH 6 will prevent proper nutrient absorption. Ensure the planting area has loose, crumbly soil texture to allow for water drainage.

If planting in containers, use a tomato planting mix amended with compost or aged manure. The pot should have several drainage holes at the base.

Even Watering

Tomato plants are very susceptible to soil moisture extremes. Overwatering increases risk of fungus and rot, but underwatering leads to blossom drop. Provide plants 1-2" of water weekly with drip irrigation for full flavor production.

A layer of mulch around the base of the plant helps maintain consistent soil moisture. Avoid watering foliage, as excess moisture promotes fungal disease development.

How to Harvest Snowberry Cherry Tomatoes

Once green tomatoes emerge on fully formed vines, hold off picking until skins show pink/red color change. Fully mature red (maroon for black cherry tomatoes) indicates peak readiness. The small fruits should easily detach from the vine when gently twisted.

Harvest snowberry cherry tomatoes as they ripen throughout the summer. Check plants daily once fruiting starts, selectively choosing ripe tomatoes while leaving any green ones to continue developing. Store freshly picked tomatoes at room temperature out of direct sunlight.

Expect impressive yields from these vigorous indeterminate vines. Each plant can produce dozens to hundreds of sweet cherry tomatoes in a full growing season!

Cooking with Snowberry Tomatoes

The exceptionally sweet flavor and small size makes snowberry tomatoes perfect for snacking straight off the vine. But their versatility also shines for many cooked dishes:

Snowberry Salad Toppings

Slice snowberry tomatoes in half to top leafy green salads or grain bowls. The red interior provides a striking pop of color against the cream skin. For parties, skewer them on frilly toothpicks for a fun appetizer.

Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

Roasting concentrates the rich flavor of any tomato. Toss halved snowberry tomatoes in olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic, and herbs. Roast at 400°F for 15 minutes for a sweet oven-dried treat.

Snowberry Tomato Sauce

For homemade tomato sauce, sauté some sliced snowberry tomatoes in olive oil before simmering and pureeing. Excellent on pasta, pizza, bruschetta, or with grilled meats.

The eye-catching white streaks remain visible even when cooked down into sauce. Snowberry tomatoes create stunning pan sauces for seared pork chops or chicken breasts.

So there's a comprehensive guide on growing and cooking with snowberry cherry tomatoes! Let me know if you would like me to modify or add anything.


Why are snowberry tomatoes white and red?

Snowberry tomatoes have been specially bred to have a white variegated skin with red streaks. This unique mottled coloration is purely cosmetic and does not affect the flavor or interior flesh, which remains red like a normal cherry tomato.

Are snowberry tomatoes good for cooking?

Yes! The exceptionally sweet and concentrated flavor makes snowberry cherry tomatoes excellent for roasting, sautéing into sauces, baking into tarts, and more. Their small size and pretty two-tone skin also makes them beautiful raw garnishes.

What is the sweetest cherry tomato?

Snowberry cherry tomatoes are considered one of the sweetest varieties, with a brix rating around 9-10. Their sugar content is higher than most store-bought tomatoes. Other notoriously sweet cherry tomatoes include Sun Gold, Sweet 100s, and Black Cherry.

Can I grow snowberry tomatoes in containers?

Absolutely! Snowberry tomato plants thrive when grown in patio containers or hanging baskets. Use a potting mix made for tomatoes with extra perlite or vermiculite to ensure good drainage. Site containers in full sun.

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