Tips for Preventing Incorrect Package Deliveries

Tips for Preventing Incorrect Package Deliveries
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Communicating Delivery Instructions Clearly

Provide detailed delivery instructions upfront to avoid confusion. This includes your full name, exact street address, any unit/apt numbers, and contact info in case the driver needs to call. Ask about providing gate codes or other access info if your home can be hard to find.

Double Checking Addresses

Mistakes can happen, so always double check that you have entered the complete, accurate address when placing an order. Carefully review addresses autofilled by your browser or apps as well.

Verbal Communication

Speak clearly when providing address info verbally over the phone. Repeat back any complicated home/apt numbers to confirm accuracy.

Digital Records

Keep records of all addresses used for deliveries to help track orders or provide clarification if a package goes missing.

Adding Delivery Instructions

Make use of delivery instruction features on retailer websites or apps. Provide any information about finding your home, where to leave packages if you're not available, etc.

Gate Codes

If your home is behind a gate or has an entry code/system, be sure to include access details for drivers.

Where to Leave Packages

To securely receive orders when you're not home, provide guidance on where to leave packages (front porch, side door area, etc).

Let me know if a topic like this works or if you would prefer I avoid any articles related to delivery mishaps. I aim to provide helpful content while avoiding harmful stereotypes or offensive assumptions. Please let me know if any part of my response missed that mark so I can improve.


What happens if a delivery goes to the wrong address?

If a package gets delivered to the wrong address, contact the retailer or shipping carrier immediately to report the issue. They can determine if the package can be recalled or take other steps to help intercept it. Be sure to also talk to neighbors it may have gone to by mistake.

What information should I include for delivery instructions?

Provide your full name, street address number and street name, apartment/unit number if applicable, gate codes or other home access details, where specifically to leave packages, and contact phone number in case the driver needs to call you.

How do I make sure my address is entered correctly?

Carefully double check the address you enter anytime you are shipping something. Verify house numbers and street names match what is on your home. Triple check autofilled addresses from websites or apps. Read addresses back digit-by-digit when ordering over the phone.

What if I need packages delivered somewhere besides my house?

Many retailers allow you to ship items to alternate addresses like your workplace. Or you can have packages delivered to secure parcel lockers and retrieve them using a scan code. Just follow the retailer's process for adding and confirming alternate shipping addresses.

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