60 Days In Returns August 18 with an Eye-Opening New Season

60 Days In Returns August 18 with an Eye-Opening New Season
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The Countdown is On for the New Season of 60 Days In

The hit reality show 60 Days In is returning for an all new season on August 18th at 9pm on A&E. Fans are eagerly counting down the days until they can see the new cast of participants enter the jail undercover and try to survive two months behind bars.

For those unfamiliar with the show, 60 Days In sends law-abiding citizens undercover into correctional facilities across the country for 60 days. The participants pose as prisoners living among the general population to help expose flaws in the criminal justice system and effects of incarceration. It is a raw, intense look into life in jail.

When Does the New Season of 60 Days In Start?

The new season of 60 Days In officially premieres on Thursday, August 18th at 9pm Eastern/8pm Central on A&E. Mark your calendars and set your DVRs, because you won't want to miss the premiere.

This season was filmed at the Etowah County Detention Center in Alabama. The Etowah County Sheriff's Office requested the show's producers send participants undercover to investigate concerns of contraband and drugs within the facility.

Who Are the New Participants?

As with past seasons, the new class of 60 Days In participants come from all walks of life. The seven participants pose as inmates and experience the struggles of life behind bars. The new participants include:

  • Brooke, a police officer from New Jersey
  • Vince, a bounty hunter from Michigan
  • Melissa, a private investigator from California
  • Chris, a US Marine from Kentucky
  • DiAundr√©, an entrepreneur from Florida
  • Tami, a martial arts instructor from California
  • David, a counselor from Georgia

These seven strangers must band together, watch each other's backs, and try not to blow their cover during their two month stint in the slammer.

What Can Viewers Expect This Season?

If this season is anything like past ones, viewers can expect two tense, emotional months as they journey along with the participants. We'll witness the dangers of jail life through their eyes.

Contraband inside the jail is definitely a hot issue this season. But that's not the only problem. The new class will uncover staffing issues and stabbings while living among the general population. It will be a dramatic, eye-opening experience that shows the importance of criminal justice reform.

Beyond the serious revelations, 60 Days In also shows plenty of conflict between inmates. Alliances form, enemies emerge, and tensions inevitably boil over. We'll see both the good and bad of human nature inside a pressurized jail environment.

Why Tune In?

There are so many reasons to watch the new season of 60 Days In:

  • See ordinary people placed in extraordinary circumstances
  • Gain inside perspective on the criminal justice system
  • Watch as participants try to survive and maintain their cover
  • Witness intense, raw interactions between inmates
  • Understand the impacts of incarceration on mental health
  • Appreciate the dangers and difficulties within jails

Viewers won't find a more realistic, unfiltered look behind bars than this show. It captures issues in jails that often go unseen by the general public. 60 Days In truly gives a voice to inmates and reveals flaws in the system.

How to Watch

There are several ways for fans to watch the new season premiere on August 18th:

  • A&E Channel - Tune in at 9pm Eastern/8pm Central
  • A&E App - Stream it live or watch later on your mobile device
  • A&E Website - Stream the new episode online
  • Hulu - Watch the new episode the next day with a subscription
  • Sling TV - Stream A&E live or record it on your DVR
  • YouTube TV - Stream it live or access the recording later

Don't risk missing the intense new episodes this season. Be sure to watch 60 Days In on A&E, streaming online, or utilizing a live TV streaming service. It's a gritty, thought-provoking show that gives unprecedented access into life behind bars.

60 Days In Allows Everyday People to Expose Jail Flaws

60 Days In is not your average reality TV show. It's a bold social experiment that sends ordinary citizens undercover in jails across the country. By living among the general population for two months, participants can expose flaws in the criminal justice system that often go unnoticed.

Why Send Innocent People to Jail?

The 60 Days In participants are not hardened criminals. They are everyday people willing to put their lives on hold and risk their safety to experience incarceration firsthand. So why does the show send law-abiding citizens to jail?

The answer is that they can provide a perspective that the jail staff cannot. Participants are able to interact with inmates, witness daily life, and uncover issues in a way that jail employees cannot.

From contraband to gangs to mental health crises, participants have revealed shocking conditions and incidents that were unknown to jail staff. Their insider view prompts change and reforms.

Is It Safe?

Volunteering to go undercover in jail is extremely dangerous. Participants must keep their cover stories straight twenty-four hours a day surrounded by criminals. If their real identities were discovered, they could face severe consequences.

To keep participants as safe as possible, the show's producers work closely with the jail staff. Participants are placed in general population housing but segregated from the most violent offenders. Additional counselors are on hand in case issues arise.

That said, jail can be unpredictable. In past seasons, participants have faced threats and attacks from fellow inmates. Viewers see the very real dangers of life behind bars.

What Have Participants Uncovered?

Infiltrating jails in this groundbreaking way has led to many shocking revelations over the seasons. Some of the biggest issues uncovered by 60 Days In participants include:

  • Widespread contraband and drug use in jails
  • Inadequate staffing levels
  • Mental health crises among inmates
  • Illegal activity and violence from gangs
  • Unsanitary living conditions
  • Flaws in the disciplinary system
  • Inhumane treatment from guards

These revelations allow jails to see their own weak spots and make reforms for the good of staff, inmates, and public safety.

Is the Criminal Justice System Flawed?

What 60 Days In reveals season after season is that our criminal justice system has many flaws that need addressing. Mass incarceration, mental health issues, abuse, and more run rampant in jails across America.

The failings of the system disproportionately affect marginalized groups like people of color and those in poverty. Meaningful reforms are needed at all levels, from policing to sentencing to conditions in jails.

By exposing these issues, 60 Days In is an agent of much-needed change. It gives a voice to inmates and prompts voters and officials to improve conditions in their local jails.

60 Days In Returns with Raw, Emotional Looks at Life Behind Bars

When 60 Days In returns this month, it promises to pack the usual emotional punch. Since its premiere in 2016, the show has given viewers an unprecedented look inside prisons and jails across the country.

Cameras capture the danger, despair, violence and isolation that mark life behind bars. But they also reveal moments of hope, redemption, and even humor.

Forming Bonds Between Strangers

A shared experience like incarceration can create deep bonds, even between complete strangers. On 60 Days In, participants are thrown together and must rely on each other to survive.

Season after season, we've seen unlikely friendships form as participants look out for and protect each other. They eat together, bunk together, resolve disputes together. The bonds seem stronger than those of people in the outside world.

Coping with Isolation

Loss of freedom and separation from loved ones takes a steep emotional toll on inmates. Participants often break down missing their family and friends on the outside. Letters from home can prompt an outpouring of tears.

Coping with isolation is clearly one of the hardest parts of incarceration. Cut off from society, everyday life, and human touch, inmates struggle to persevere.

Facing Danger

Putting yourself voluntarily in jail when you've done nothing wrong may seem incomprehensible. But season after season, 60 Days In participants willingly take the risk to expose problems.

Despite precautions, violence and danger still lurk around every corner. Past participants have been threatened, attacked, targeted by gangs, and more. Yet their will to carry on and complete the program remains strong.

Revealing Flaws

Beyond the personal struggles, we also see systemic flaws through the eyes of participants. Their first-hand experiences with contraband, fighting, poor conditions, inadequate staffing, and neglect reveal deep issues in need of reform.

The courage of participants to enter volatile jail environments gives officials, lawmakers, and voters a reality check. 60 Days In puts a face on those impacted by the imperfect system.

When the show returns this month, the new group of participants will embark on their own emotional rollercoaster. Their raw, eye-opening experiences will surely leave us once again recognizing the humanity within the incarcerated.


How does 60 Days In work?

60 Days In sends law-abiding citizens undercover as inmates into jails across the country for two months. The participants interact with real inmates and experience life behind bars to help expose flaws in the criminal justice system.

Is 60 Days In safe for participants?

Safety measures are taken, but there are always risks in going undercover in jail. Participants use fake identities and backstories and are segregated from the most dangerous inmates. However, threats and attacks sometimes occur.

Who are the participants this season?

The new participants include a police officer, bounty hunter, private investigator, Marine, entrepreneur, martial arts instructor, and counselor. They come from diverse backgrounds.

What kind of issues does the show uncover?

Past participants have exposed problems like contraband, gang violence, inadequate medical care, mental health crises, abusive guards, and more.

When and where can I watch the new season?

Season 6 premieres August 18 at 9pm Eastern on A&E. You can watch on TV or stream online on the A&E website, app, Hulu, or other streaming services.

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