Keep Lobsters Safe During Shipping with Proper Boxes & Packing

Keep Lobsters Safe During Shipping with Proper Boxes & Packing
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Keeping Lobsters Safe and Secure During Shipping

Transporting live lobsters across long distances can be a challenging endeavor. As a highly perishable delicacy, lobsters require special care and handling to ensure they arrive at their destination healthy, undamaged, and most importantly, alive. This is where a quality lobster shipping box becomes essential.

The Importance of Proper Packaging

Lobsters are very sensitive to poor shipping conditions. They can easily become stressed, damaged, or even die if not packed correctly. This makes having the right shipping container absolutely vital. Lobster shipping boxes are specifically designed to:

  • Withstand the handling rigor of transport
  • Maintain cool internal temperatures
  • Allow for water and oxygen circulation
  • Prevent lobsters from damaging each other

Using an unsuitable box places precious cargo at risk and can negatively impact both customer satisfaction and business reputation.

What to Look for in a Lobster Shipping Box

When selecting a shipping box for lobsters, key features to evaluate include:

  • Strength - Thick, durable walls that won't collapse under other packages
  • Insulation - Maintains cool interior without freezing contents
  • Ventilation - Allows oxygen flow to prevent suffocation
  • Waterproof - Stops melting ice from damaging box
  • Food-safe - Made from non-toxic and odorless materials
  • Size - Fitscontents securely without crowding

Finding a box that checks all these boxes (no pun intended) gives lobsters the best chance of arriving safe and healthy.

Packing Recommendations

Once the right lobster shipping box is selected, proper packing techniques further support live delivery:

  • Line bottom with absorbent pads to soak up moisture
  • Individually wrap lobsters in insulating material
  • Arrange lobsters in single layer to prevent crushing injuries
  • Fill in gaps with freezer/gel packs as needed
  • Seal box securely to avoid leaks/spills

Taking the time to carefully pack lobsters shows care and consideration for their well-being. It also demonstrates a commitment to delivering only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients to customers.

Transporting Lobsters Across State Lines

When shipping lobsters to buyers located in another state, additional measures should be taken to ensure legality and success:

  • Verify recipient state's import regulations
  • Obtain proper licenses and shipping credentials
  • Label box prominently with live seafood warnings
  • Ship overnight/expedited services
  • Alert recipient of incoming delivery needs
  • Insure package financially in case of loss

Coordinating these logistics in advance helps avoid legal issues or shipping delays that could jeopardize lobsters. Most reputable seafood suppliers have experience navigating interstate shipping protocols as well.

Why Proper Shipping Is Non-Negotiable

Some food suppliers may try cutting corners when boxing lobsters for shipping, but this compromises both lobster vitality and brand trust. Investing in high-quality, purpose-built lobster shipping boxes and adhering to best packing methods ensures that these incredible crustaceans arrive intact and thriving.

Given lobsters' exceptional value and notoriously finicky handling requirements, taking their shipping needs seriously demonstrates a dedication to excellence that discerning buyers recognize and appreciate.


What temperature should a lobster shipping box maintain?

Ideally a lobster shipping box should keep contents between 38-45°F. Freezing temperatures could shock and kill lobsters while excess heat speeds up metabolism and perishability.

Can you ship lobsters internationally?

Shipping lobsters internationally involves clearing customs checks, rules on allowable species, and strict documentation laws in both origin and destination countries. Hiring an experienced importer/exporter facilitates the process.

How long can live lobsters survive in a shipping box?

Properly packed shipping boxes with gel packs can keep live lobsters healthy for 24-48 hours. Opting for overnight/expedited delivery gives lobsters the greatest preservation possible.

What is the maximum number of lobsters to pack per box?

Lobster shipping box capacity depends on size but general guidelines are:

  • Small box: 8-12 lobsters
  • Medium box: 16-20 lobsters
  • Large box: 24-30 lobsters
Avoid overcrowding as it causes damage and mortality.

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