Gloves for Large Hands: Finding the Perfect Fit for Big Mitts

Gloves for Large Hands: Finding the Perfect Fit for Big Mitts
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Finding the Perfect Fit: Gloves for Large Hands

For those blessed with big mitts, finding well-fitting gloves can be a struggle. When your hands are larger than average, many standard gloves leave your fingers cramped and constrained. But having gloves that are too big comes with its own set of problems - loose fingers lead to reduced dexterity and a lack of tactile sensitivity.

Luckily, there are options available for those with large hands who want gloves that fit comfortably and allow full freedom of movement. Here are some tips for finding the perfect pair of gloves when you've got big paws.

Measuring Your Hand Size

The first step is to accurately measure the size of your hands. While most gloves use general size charts like small, medium and large, these often don't work well for those on the outer edges of the sizing spectrum. For a precise measurement:

  • Use a soft measuring tape to wrap around the widest part of your dominant hand, usually right above the knuckles. This will give you your hand circumference.
  • Measure from the tip of your longest finger to the base of your palm. This is your hand length.
  • Measure across the widest part of your palm, which is called the hand breadth.

Once you know these three measurements, you'll have detailed dimensions to help find well-fitting gloves. Record the numbers for easy reference when shopping.

Trying On Gloves Before Buying

Rather than relying on a glove's general size chart, always try it on before buying whenever possible. Even gloves specifically made for large hands can vary quite a bit in terms of fit and comfort.

When trying on a pair of gloves, check for these signs of good fit:

  • Your palm and fingers fit smoothly into the glove without tightness or pressure points.
  • Your fingertips line up with the ends of the glove fingers with a little bit of room to spare - no more than 1/4 inch.
  • The glove palm and back panel align with your hand without sagging or pulling uncomfortably.
  • Any velcro, elastic or adjustable wrist strap is comfortable and secure when fastened.
  • The glove allows free movement of your fingers and hand without restriction.

A glove that checks all these boxes is likely to be a winner. Try out different sizes, brands and styles to find your perfect match.

Shopping for Large Glove Sizes

Once you know your measurements, keep an eye out for gloves offering expanded sizing for big hands. Features to look for include:

  • Extended sizing: Many glove brands now offer up to 4X or 5X for hand circumference.
  • Tall or long options: Gloves labeled "tall" or "long" provide extra length for lengthy fingers.
  • Wide palms and fingers: Look for gloves described as "wide palm" or "full finger" for extra width.
  • Stretch fabrics: Spandex blends add flexibility to accommodate larger hands.

Leather work gloves, winter gloves and some specialized sports gloves now come in oversized options to suit big mitts. Check manufacturers' size charts and read product details to find gloves made to fit large hands.

Trying Specialty Big & Tall Stores

For everyday gloves like dress gloves or warm winter gloves, don't forget to check big and tall specialty clothing stores. Many carry extended sizes of common glove styles to suit their larger customers. Stores like Destination XL or online retailers that stock extended sizes are good resources.

While availability of oversized gloves used to be limited, most manufacturers now recognize the need for sizes that fit big hands comfortably. With some dedicated searching using your precise hand measurements, you're likely to find well-fitting gloves to keep your big mitts cozy.

Tips for Buying Big & Tall Gloves

Finding gloves in sizes to fit large hands takes some extra effort, but the right pair makes all the difference in comfort and performance. Here are some top tips for big & tall glove shopping success:

Know Your Measurements

As with any big & tall clothing purchase, precise hand measurements are key. Wrap a soft tape measure around the widest part of your hand, the palm breadth, and longest finger to identify your unique glove needs.

Read Size Charts Carefully

Pay close attention to manufacturers' size charts instead of relying on general glove sizes like S/M/L. Look for expanded circumference, extra length and widened palm/finger dimensions.

prioritize Wider Palms and Fingers

Ample palm and finger room ensures a good fit across your entire hand - tight fingers strain movement. Seek out gloves labeled "full finger" or "wide palm".

Look for Extra Stretch

Spandex-blended gloves add flexibility and accommodate swelling during activity. Stretch materials combined with large dimensions make for comfy big gloves.

Try Before Buying

Always test out gloves in person whenever possible. This ensures proper length through the fingers and across the palm before purchasing.

Scope Out Specialty Big & Tall Stores

Retailers specializing in oversized apparel often carry a great selection of everyday and athletic gloves in sizes for large hands.

With some savvy shopping using these insider tips, those with big hands can stay comfortable and keep dexterity while wearing gloves specially sized for larger mitts.

Gloves to Suit Large Hands

Having big hands has its advantages in terms of power and grip strength. But it can also make finding well-fitting gloves a frustrating experience. Here are some of the best glove options for large hands:

Mechanix Wear Large M-Pact Covert

With extra room through the fingers and palms, Mechanix Work's M-Pact gloves offer enhanced maneuverability for work or tactical use. The seamless single-layer construction maximizes flexibility.

Copper Compression Arthritis Gloves

These form-fitting compression gloves by Copper Compression come in XL and XXL sizes with extended length fingers to accommodate very large hands. Seamless construction adds comfort.

ThermoBall Eco Long Gloves by The North Face

With PrimaLoft ThermoBall technology and extra length, these gloves offer superior warmth and coverage for big hands. A cinch cord provides an adjustable fit.

Ironclad Large HD Utility Gloves

Ironclad's HD utility gloves come in size XL with an expanded palm and ThermFlex liner for warmth. Tough leather construction suits heavy work.

Wells Lamont UltraSoft Jersey Work Gloves

The relaxed fit and stretch jersey fabric accommodate big hands comfortably. Textured grip and touchscreen compatibility add convenience.

For ample finger room, a smooth non-binding palm, and enhanced flexibility, these gloves stand out from the crowd. Give your big mitts the spacious, comfy fit they deserve.

Gloves for Large Hands: Conclusion

Having disproportionately large hands can make finding properly fitted gloves an exercise in frustration. But by accurately measuring hand dimensions, understanding size charts, and seeking out specialty retailers and brands, big-handed folk can source gloves tailored for comfort and dexterity.

Prioritizing ample palm width, finger length and stretch fabrics are key. With the expanding market of big & tall glove sizes, those with substantial mitts no longer have to settle for pinched fingers or loose wrists.

Taking the time to find gloves specifically sized for large hands pays dividends in protection, performance and comfort during work and recreation. So give your big paws some love and get handwear sized just for you - no more strained digits or awkward looseness ruining your grip. With the right gloves, big hands can handle whatever comes their way.


How do I measure my hand size for gloves?

Use a soft measuring tape to wrap around the widest part of your hand, measure from fingertip to palm base for length, and measure across the palm breadth. This will give you the dimensions to find well-fitting gloves.

Where can I find gloves in large sizes?

Look for gloves offering expanded sizing, tall/long options, wide palm/fingers, and stretch fabrics. Check manufacturers' size charts closely. Big & tall specialty apparel stores often carry oversized gloves.

What features should I look for in big & tall gloves?

Prioritize gloves with wide palms, full/long fingers, and stretch fabric blends. Size charts with expanded circumferences, extra length, and wider dimensions suit big hands best.

Will gloves specially sized for large hands cost more?

Not necessarily. While some specialty gloves carry a premium, mainstream brands now recognize the need for expanded sizing. With some diligent shopping, you can find extra roomy gloves at very reasonable prices.

What kinds of gloves come in oversized options?

Work gloves, winter gloves, tactical gloves, compression gloves, and more are now available in sizes suiting big hands. Even touchscreen-compatible gloves come in large sizes for those with substantial mitts.

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