MG Gundam Astray Blue Frame Master Grade Model Kit Review

MG Gundam Astray Blue Frame Master Grade Model Kit Review
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Introduction to the MG Gundam Astray Blue Frame

The MG (Master Grade) Gundam Astray Blue Frame is a 1/100 scale gunpla model kit of the Astray Blue Frame mobile suit from the popular Gundam SEED anime series. Blue Frame is one of the test-type Astray models developed based on stolen Gundam technology. It features upgraded combat capabilities and is piloted by the mysterious loner Gai Murakumo.

As an MG kit, the Gundam Astray Blue Frame model is extremely detailed and poseable. It contains over 30 runners with hundreds of parts and incorporates modern gunpla engineering techniques like inner frames and pre-assembled joint parts. This allows for intricate articulation and range of motion similar to the mobile suit in the anime.

Highlights and Features of the MG Blue Frame

Some of the highlights and notable features of the MG Gundam Astray Blue Frame include:

Detailed Inner Frame

The kit has a full inner frame made of ABS plastic. This provides a base structure for attaching armor and accessories. The inner frame offers increased stability and range of motion in the joints.

Extensive Articulation

Key joints utilize ball joints and polycap inserts for smooth, flexible movement. This allows a wide range of poses, from action stances to subtle gestures.

Removable Armor Plating

Armored sections on the shoulders, chest, waist, and legs can detach from the inner frame. This enables easy access to the interior skeleton for poses requiring extreme range of motion.

Diecast Metal Hips

The hip and crotch joints contain diecast metal parts for enhanced durability and stability during poses. This helps offset the weight of heavy weapons and backpacks.

Opening Hatch Cockpit

The head has a hatch that opens to reveal a detailed pilot seat and controls inside the cockpit. The clear green cockpit windows are made from pre-molded plastic.

Functional Shoulder Joints

The shoulders utilize a sliding mechanism that provides vertical movement, extending upward for increased reach and range of motion in the arms and torso.

Articulated Hands

The hand pieces have joints in each finger for shaping the hands into various expressive gestures. Polycap inserts enable the wrists to tilt smoothly as well.

Weapons and Accessories

The MG Astray Blue Frame comes with an array of weapons and accessories:

2 Beam Sabers

Blue Frame wields a pair of basic blue-bladed beam sabers used in close combat. They can be mounted on the hips or wielded in the hands.

"Lohengrin" Beam Launcher

A powerful ranged beam weapon that mounts on the shoulder. It has movable components and an adjustable scope.

2 "Trikeros" Offensive Shields

Unique shields armed with beam sabers, beam boomerangs, and multiple missiles. They mount on the forearms via connector pieces.

Tactical Arms Shield

A basic defense shield that attaches to the left forearm and has a movable connector arm.

Handheld Twin Beam Saber

A double-bladed beam saber with Y-shaped hilt. It can separate into twin sabers for dual-wielding.

Customization and Display Options

One of the appeals of the MG Blue Frame is the customization and display possibilities:

Removable Armor Parts

The armor sections attach viapolycap joints or peg connections, allowing for easy removal and custom positioning.

Additional Weapon Mounts

Extra ports on the hips and backpack enable mounting more weapons from other Astray model kits for enhanced firepower.

striker Packs

Special equipment backpacks like the Red Frame Powered Arms can be equipped for different combat capabilities.

Action Bases

Compatible Bandai action bases allow secure suspension in aerial or dynamic flying poses.

Custom Paint Jobs

The separate inner frame and armor pieces are ideal for custom paint jobs to create unique color schemes.


The MG 1/100 Gundam Astray Blue Frame is an exceptional high-grade model kit for Gundam collectors and gunpla enthusiasts. It provides an intricate and accurate realization of the Blue Frame Gundam with intricate inner frame, expansive articulation, and huge customizeability with the armor and equipment options. The MG engineering results in a complex but stable finished product with shelf appeal. For robot anime fans, this is an immersive model kit that truly captures the look and feel of the Blue Frame mobile suit in miniature scale.


What scale is the MG Blue Frame?

The MG Gundam Astray Blue Frame is 1/100 scale.

How tall is the completed kit?

The MG Blue Frame stands about 6 inches (15 cm) tall when fully assembled.

How much does the MG Blue Frame cost?

The MSRP is around $60-70 USD but prices may vary by retailer.

How difficult is assembly?

As an MG kit, the Blue Frame has small complex parts and detailed assembly. It may be challenging for beginners.

Does the kit require painting?

No, the color-molded plastic parts do not require painting. Painting is optional for custom looks.

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