Swain Beer Fest - A Celebration of Craft Beer Culture in the Smoky Mountains

Swain Beer Fest - A Celebration of Craft Beer Culture in the Smoky Mountains
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Introduction to the Swain Beer Fest

Beer festivals are celebrations of the craft, culture, and community surrounding beer. For beer lovers, a beer festival provides the perfect opportunity to come together and enjoy discovering new brews and connecting over their shared passion. One of the standout festivals for true beer aficionados is the annual Swain Beer Fest held in Swain County, North Carolina.

Overview of Swain Beer Fest

Taking place every August, the Swain Beer Fest is a hallmark summer event for residents of Swain County and visitors to the area. Nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains, Swain County is home to the picturesque town of Bryson City. The Swain Beer Fest takes advantage of the small town charm and mountainous landscape by holding the event outdoors along the Tuckasegee River in the heart of Bryson City.

The festival brings together 4 local breweries including Nantahala Brewing Company, Innovation Brewing, Currahee Brewing Company, and Bryson City Cork & Keg. These Western North Carolina breweries provide a variety of craft beers for attendees to taste and judge. Pouring more than 60 specialty brews, the event caters to true beer connoisseurs interested in experiencing the range of unique flavors from local brewmasters.

History of Swain Beer Fest

The Swain Beer Fest originated in 2012 as a modest gathering of breweries aimed at celebrating the craft beer culture growing in the region. It was such a success the first year that it quickly evolved into an annual tradition drawing beer fanatics from all across the Southeastern United States.

Over the past decade, the Swain Beer Fest has steadily grown in size and recognition. As the reputation of North Carolina’s booming beer scene spread, the festival began attracting more acclaimed breweries and larger crowds. Though it has transformed into a marquee beer festival over the years, the event has stayed true to its roots by remaining focused on regional breweries and craft offerings.

Beer Judging and Awards

In addition to providing great beer to attendees, the Swain Beer Fest also incorporates a playful spirit of competition. Breweries can enter their specialty beers to be judged in different style categories. Judges evaluate factors like aroma, appearance, taste, mouthfeel and overall impression to award gold, silver and bronze medals to the top beers.

The friendly competition adds an extra layer of excitement and civic pride to the event. Brewery teams eagerly await the award announcements, hoping their brew will be recognized. Winning a medal provides good exposure for the breweries and bragging rights until the next year’s festival.

Live Music and Entertainment

No beer festival would be complete without great entertainment to complement the brews. The Swain Beer Fest incorporates local bands and musicians to keep the party going all day long. Multiple acts provide live music on stages strategically set up around the festival grounds.

Attendees can groove to the tunes while sampling beers from the different brewery tents. The music provides atmosphere and energy to fuel the crowds as they explore the many beer varieties. Everything from bluegrass to funk to rock reverberates through the festival, keeping people on their feet.

Local Food Vendors

In addition to the beer offerings, the Swain Beer Fest features an array of tasty food vendors to help soak up some of the alcohol. Favorites like wood-fired pizza, giant pretzels, and food trucks dishing up tacos, barbecue and more are available on site.

The food selections give attendees the chance to refuel between beers or pair certain brews with complementary dishes. It also adds to the community feel by incorporating other local businesses and highlighting regional cuisine.

Tips for Attending Swain Beer Fest

For those thinking about attending the annual Swain Beer Fest, here are some tips to make sure you have an epic experience:

Secure tickets early

This festival attracts beer lovers from all over who are eager to get their hands on tickets. Prices are reasonable but availability is limited. Purchase tickets online as early as possible to ensure entrance.

Plan transportation

With numerous breweries pouring unlimited samples, make sure to arrange transportation rather than driving yourself. The festival atmosphere encourages responsible fun, so come with a plan for riding share or grabbing a taxi.

Come prepared

Bring sunscreen and proper footwear since the event takes place outdoors. Pack lightly so you can be hands-free to manage your beer samples. Consider bringing a refillable water bottle to stay hydrated under the summer sun.

Pace yourself

With over 60 beers to taste, it may be tempting to skip from brewery to brewery quickly filling your tasting glass. But take it slow and savor each new brew. Mark down favorites you might want to revisit before the day is done.

Talk to the brewers

The brewmasters are often pouring beers themselves at their booths. This is a great chance to go straight to the source with any brewing questions you might have about ingredients, process or inspiration behind a particular recipe.

Why Attend the Swain Beer Festival?

For craft beer lovers, attending the annual Swain Beer Fest is about more than drinking quality brews. It offers a chance to support local businesses and connect with others who share your passion. The stunning mountain setting paired with music, food and fellowship create an experience to remember.

Swain Beer Fest embodies the spirit of community - brewers collaborating to put their best beer forward, residents welcoming visitors with open arms, and strangers bonding instantly through a mutual love of innovative brews. If this sounds like a good time, then make plans to attend the next Swain Beer Festival for a taste of Western North Carolina craft beer culture.


When is the Swain Beer Fest held?

The Swain Beer Fest takes place every August in Bryson City, North Carolina. It is a summer tradition held annually on the banks of the Tuckasegee River.

What breweries participate in the festival?

The Swain Beer Fest features breweries from Western North Carolina including Nantahala Brewing Company, Innovation Brewing, Currahee Brewing Company, and Bryson City Cork & Keg among others.

How can I get tickets to the Swain Beer Fest?

Tickets to the Swain Beer Fest go on sale each spring. The best way to secure tickets is to purchase online early since the event often sells out. Prices are around $35-45 depending on when you buy.

Is the Swain Beer Fest family friendly?

While the festival does serve alcohol, well-behaved children are welcome to attend with parents during the daytime hours. Pets are also allowed on leashes.

What is there to do besides drink beer at the festival?

In addition to beer tasting, the Swain Beer Fest has live music performances on multiple stages, food trucks and vendors onsite, and games like cornhole to keep attendees entertained.

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