Anniversary Gifts & Flowers in Romantic San Francisco | Traditions & Ideas

Anniversary Gifts & Flowers in Romantic San Francisco | Traditions & Ideas
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The History of Anniversary Flowers & Gifts in San Francisco

San Francisco has long been known as one of the most romantic cities in the world. With sweeping views of the San Francisco Bay, cable cars climbing up and down hills, and beautiful Victorian architecture, the city provides a lovely backdrop for celebrating relationship milestones like anniversaries.

Finding the perfect anniversary flowers or gifts in San Francisco has been a tradition for generations of couples. Local San Francisco florists and gift shops have been helping lovers mark their special occasions with thoughtful bouquets, plants, candies, jewelry and more for over 100 years.

Anniversary Traditions in Early 20th Century San Francisco

In the early 1900s, the San Francisco Bay Area was still developing rapidly. As more people moved to the West Coast looking for economic opportunities, the city became a hub for artists, writers, entrepreneurs, immigrants, and more. San Francisco developed a reputation for open-mindedness, creativity, and romanticism.

During this era, major anniversary gifts included paper for first anniversaries, cotton for second anniversaries, leather for third anniversaries, linen for fourth anniversaries, and wood for fifth anniversaries. Popular San Francisco anniversary flowers included roses, lilies, tulips, daisies, carnations, and orchids.

Anniversary Customs Mid-Century

By the 1950s and 1960s, San Francisco had become an epicenter for social change and new ideas. The Beat Generation called San Francisco home, the 1967 Summer of Love showcased hippie culture in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, and the LGBTQ+ community began organizing more visibly for their rights.

The era also featured its fair share of hopeful romantics. Husbands and wives would exchange the traditional metal, cotton, pottery, and electrical gadgets on milestone years. They would also present each other with classic anniversary flowers like red roses or pretty mixed bouquets from their local florists when they went out for a night on the town to celebrate.

Modern Trends for Anniversary Celebrations

These days, couples celebrating their anniversary in San Francisco have more options than ever when it comes to remembering their special day. Traditional yearly gifts by anniversary now go all the way up to 60 years rather than stopping at a dozen.

Some 21st century anniversary ideas popular in San Francisco include symbols like clocks, appliances, silverware sets, sculptures, diamonds, watches, gold jewelry, porcelain dishes, diamond jewelry, silver hollowware, pearl necklaces, and more. But not everyone wants a material object.

Many modern San Francisco couples prefer heartfelt, sustainable gifts for anniversaries instead. This could mean planting a tree, printing a cherished photo in a lovely frame made from recycled materials, or donating to a charity they both care deeply about. And classic flower favorites like roses and calla lilies still make for fabulous San Francisco anniversary gifts.

Where to Find Anniversary Flowers & Gifts in San Francisco

Part of what makes San Francisco such an incredible place to celebrate love is its abundance of small businesses that help you create unforgettable moments. This includes fantastic florists, gift shops, jewelers, chocolate shops, and more.

Hayes Valley

Hayes Valley is a trendy central San Francisco neighborhood known for boutiques, art galleries, cafes, and foodie destinations. The area exploded in popularity after the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake damaged structures on the Central Freeway, leading to its removal.

Today Hayes Valley offers outstanding options for gifts like customized perfumes, unique home décor, small-batch spirits, local crafts, statement jewelry, and beautiful bouquets, making it an ideal hunting ground for one-of-a-kind San Francisco anniversary presents.

Union Square

Union Square has been San Francisco’s shopping district for over a century. Surrounded by the city’s downtown towers, Union Square offers world-class shopping in iconic department stores. But it also houses dozens of family-owned small businesses.

In addition to major retailers, couples can find heartfelt anniversary flowers and gifts including personalized photo albums, luxury chocolates, rare wines, custom artwork, hotel packages for future staycations, and custom jewelry at Union Square boutiques.

The Mission District

The vibrant Mission District south of Market Street remains true to its artistic roots as part of the Latinx community. Anniversary shoppers can support minority-owned businesses while finding fabulous local gifts and delivery options for stunning floral arrangements from Mission District florists.

Fun, creative finds here include one-of-a-kind home goods, screen printed apparel and totes, artisanal baked goods, DIY workshops, non-traditional bouquet options with exotic blooms, and handmade selection like pottery and leather goods for non-floral San Francisco anniversary presents.

Gift Ideas for Every Anniversary Milestone

Trying to figure out the perfect way to surprise your San Francisco sweetheart this anniversary? Look no further for inspiration!

First Anniversary Gifts

Most couples keep the celebration simple the very first year. Nice options include paper tickets to a favorite musician’s upcoming show, a customized map of places you visited together on your first dates, or a decadent paper packet filled with gourmet hot chocolate to enjoy.

10th Anniversary Gifts

A decade together calls for luxury! Treat your partner to Tiffany & Co engraved silver jewelry or schedule couples massages at the Ritz-Carlton. Have a florist deliver a gorgeous anniversary bouquet in an engraved vase for an extra special touch.

25th Anniversary Gifts

After a quarter century of marriage, it’s time to pull out all the stops! Book your sweetie first class plane tickets to their dream destination, surprise them with tickets to a Broadway musical or luxury car test drive, or plan a vow renewal ceremony surrounded by loved ones.

Celebrating With Flowers in the City By the Bay

San Francisco offers no shortage of incredible spots to pop in to pick up extraordinary anniversary flowers, food, wine, desserts, and custom gifts with outstanding service. The city’s signature romantic atmosphere makes it the perfect place for wining, dining, strolling hand in hand, and commemorating all your magical memories together this year.


What are some popular anniversary flowers in San Francisco?

Classic anniversary flower choices popular in San Francisco include roses, lilies, tulips, daisies, carnations, and orchids. Many couples also give non-traditional bouquets with exotic or seasonal blooms.

Where can I find unique anniversary gifts in San Francisco?

Shopping areas like Hayes Valley, Union Square, and the Mission District offer fabulous spots to find one-of-a-kind and locally made anniversary presents from small businesses.

What does each wedding anniversary year symbolize?

Early anniversary years have traditional symbols like paper, cotton, leather, or wood. Later years feature materials like silver, gold, porcelain, diamonds, etc. Some couples now also plant trees or donate to charity.

What are good first anniversary gift ideas?

Most couples celebrate small for the first anniversary. Thoughtful paper gifts can include tickets to an event, a map of your first dates, or luxe paper products like cardstock or a packet of gourmet hot chocolate.

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