Introducing the Birddog Blues Band: Blending Vintage and Modern Americana

Introducing the Birddog Blues Band: Blending Vintage and Modern Americana
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Introducing the Birddog Blues Band

The birddog blues band is an up and coming folk, blues and roots music group making waves in the Americana scene. Led by singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Birddog, the band blends piano, banjo, guitar, harmonica and mandolin to create their signature retro yet modern sound. Birddog's gravelly vocals and introspective lyrics paired with the band's enthusiasm for genre-blending is winning over audiences around the country.

Birddog's Humble Beginnings

Birddog, born Bradley Doggett, grew up in rural Virginia. He was surrounded by the sounds of classic country, blues, gospel and bluegrass from a young age. Birddog started taking piano lessons at age 8 and quickly became enthralled with music. By high school he had taught himself to play guitar, banjo, mandolin and harmonica. He joined his first band at 16, playing piano and singing lead vocals.

After high school, Birddog moved to Nashville to pursue music full-time. He played numerous gigs as a solo pianist and guitarist on Lower Broadway before forming the birddog blues band in 2019. The band started out as a trio with Birddog on piano and vocals, Jamie Runion on guitar and banjo, and Hank Dawg on upright bass. They played dive bars and honky tonks, slowly earning a following with their throwback sound and high energy performances.

Developing Their Signature Style

The birddog blues band self-released their debut album "Howlin' at the Moon" in 2020. The album highlighted Birddog's prowess as a songwriter and ability to blur genre lines. Songs like "Whiskey Ain't Workin'" and "Ramblin' Blues" blended bluesy piano riffs with folksy acoustic guitar. Meanwhile "Delta Sunrise" showed Birddog's country and bluegrass influences.

The band expanded for their 2021 sophomore album "Backwoods & Banjos" adding John Rivers on fiddle and Kara Jayne on backing vocals and mandolin. This allowed them to further develop their retro-modern Americana approach. Songs like "Hillbilly Love Song" were old-time country numbers, while tracks such as "Southern Moon" took on a more contemporary folk-rock feel.

Breakout Success

The birddog blues band's third album "American Bandstand" in 2022 earned them widespread critical acclaim and dramatically grew their fanbase. The piano and banjo driven single "Travelin' Shoes" scored significant radio play. While songs like "Whiskey, Women and Wild Nights" highlighted the band's raucous live energy. American Bandstand peaked at #2 on the Billboard Americana/Folk Albums chart.

The success of American Bandstand led to the birddog blues band landing opening slots on tours with Americana heavyweights like Jason Isbell, Tyler Childers and Old Crow Medicine Show in 2022 and 2023. They captivated audiences with Birddog's charismatic stage presence and their seamless fusion of roots music styles. Their on-stage chemistry and improvisational jams left crowds wanting more.

The Future is Bright

As the birddog blues band looks ahead to the future, they are focused on continuing to organically grow their fanbase. They plan to embark on their first headlining tour in mid-2023 to support their next studio album expected later this year. Judging by their upward trajectory, Birddog and the band have all the ingredients to become Americana's next big breakout act.

With his gravelly soulful voice, piano virtuosity and ability to write relatable roots music bangers, Birddog is a star on the rise. The birddog blues band sets themselves apart with their loose, fun energy and exploration of multiple Americana styles. Fans of artists like The Lumineers, Billy Strings and Chris Stapleton will find a lot to love with this upstart group.

The birddog blues band's authentic sound and raucous live shows have already won them a passionate grassroots following. As they continue to fuse genres and serve up both foot-stomping barn burners and heart-wrenching ballads, the best may be yet to come for this little band with big talent.


How did the birddog blues band get started?

The birddog blues band was formed in 2019 by singer-songwriter Birddog along with guitarist Jamie Runion and bassist Hank Dawg. Birddog had moved to Nashville after high school to pursue music full-time and started the band after years of playing solo gigs on Lower Broadway.

What instruments does Birddog play?

Birddog is a multi-instrumentalist who plays piano, guitar, banjo, mandolin and harmonica. His piano and banjo skills are especially on display with the birddog blues band, driving their live shows.

What genres does the band blend together?

The birddog blues band mixes elements of blues, classic country, folk, bluegrass, gospel and more. Their sound combines vintage and modern Americana influences.

How would you describe the band's live shows?

Their live shows are high energy with impressive musicianship and improvisational jams. Birddog's stage presence coupled with their chemistry has earned them a reputation for fun, foot-stomping performances.

What does the future hold for the band?

With a growing fanbase and critical acclaim, the birddog blues band is poised for a breakout in the Americana scene. They plan to tour and release new music, continuing to organically build their audience.

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