Mariposa Candle Holders - A Beautiful Home Decor Accent for All Styles

Mariposa Candle Holders - A Beautiful Home Decor Accent for All Styles
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The Beauty and Symbolism of Mariposa Candle Holders

Butterflies have long captured the fascination and imaginations of people across cultures. Their metamorphosis from caterpillar to winged insect represents transformation, change, and new beginnings. Butterflies are associated with the soul, rebirth, hope, and new life. Their vibrant colors and delicate nature evoke a sense of joy and lightness.

It's no wonder butterfly motifs have become popular for home decor, jewelry, and other objects we surround ourselves with. Using butterfly-themed items in our living spaces allows us to infuse our environments with the uplifting energy and symbolism of these creatures. One such decorative item that has become trendy are mariposa candle holders.

What Are Mariposa Candle Holders?

Mariposa is the Spanish word for "butterfly," and mariposa candle holders feature butterfly shapes and designs. These holders are crafted from materials like metal, ceramic, glass, and resin. They typically have compartments to hold tealight or taper candles, with cutouts or sculpted butterfly silhouettes.

Mariposa candle holders come in tabletop and wall-mounted versions. Tabletop holders often have multiple branches or tiered levels to hold several candles. Wall sconces usually have a backplate shaped like butterfly wings, with metal arms extending out to hold the candles.

The Popularity of Mariposa Candle Holders

In recent years, mariposa candle holders have become a popular home decor accent piece. Their popularity can be attributed to a few factors:

  • Butterfly motifs align with boho, vintage, cottagecore, and farmhouse design styles.
  • They evoke a sense of springtime and renewal.
  • Their delicate nature contrasts with and softens otherwise neutral home decor.
  • The flickering candles create a warm, cozy ambiance.
  • They work for any room in the house - living room, bedroom, bathroom, patio, etc.

Mariposa candle holders are versatile pieces that add a touch of nature-inspired beauty to any space. The candles inside create a calming glow, while the butterfly shapes remind us of growth, change, and lightness.

Where to Find Mariposa Candle Holders

There are many places to find a wide selection of mariposa candle holders to suit any decor style:

  • Home Goods Stores: Stores like HomeGoods, Tuesday Morning, and At Home carry affordable butterfly-themed candle holders and home decor.
  • Bath and Body Works: This popular home fragrance store sells mariposa candle holders that complement their 3-wick candles and fragrances.
  • Anthropologie: Known for boho-chic style, Anthropologie offers intricately designed metal mariposa candle holders and wall sconces.
  • World Market: World Market or Cost Plus World Market has a vast collection of mariposa candle holders in styles from modern to vintage.
  • West Elm and Pottery Barn: These stores offer mid-century modern and minimalist mariposa holders made of materials like ceramic and glass.
  • Etsy: The handmade marketplace has thousands of mariposa candle holders in every color and material imaginable, sold by independent artisans.

For the largest selection, your best bet may be searching online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. Specialty home decor stores and boutiques also typically carry at least a few mariposa-style candle holders.

Tips for Decorating With Mariposa Holders

When decorating with butterfly candle holders, there are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Group multiples together for a big impact, or use a single holder as an accent piece.
  • Match the style to your decor - vintage for shabby chic, minimalist for modern, etc.
  • Use holders in similar color families for a cohesive look.
  • Layer holders of varying heights and shapes for visual interest.
  • Place holders on console tables, mantels, shelves, side tables or wall mount.
  • Incorporate natural elements like flowers, greenery, wood tones, and woven textures.
  • Select candles in complementary scents and colors.
  • Use both electric and real candles for convenience and ambiance.
  • Light the candles to create a warm, welcoming glow in any space.

Follow your unique personal style when deciding how to arrange and display your mariposa candle holders. There are so many creative possibilities with these decor items!

Mariposa Candle Holders for Different Decor Styles

One of the great aspects of mariposa candle holders is their versatility. The butterfly holders can work with all different design aesthetics. Here are some popular interior decor styles and examples of how mariposa holders would look:

Rustic Farmhouse

The natural, vintage feel of farmhouse decor is perfectly complemented by mariposa holders made from materials like wood, wrought iron, and distressed ceramic. A multi-tiered iron branch holder with ivory candles has timeworn farmhouse charm. Wooden holders with a simplistic butterfly silhouette and hemp wick candles also fit this style well.

Modern and Minimalist

Sleek, sculptural mariposa holders in polished stone, matte ceramic or glass give a modern, minimalist edge. Geometric shapes, crisp lines and neutral hues help the holders stand out while still fitting this pared-down style. Use slim taper candles or modern flameless LED lights.

Bohemian and Eclectic

For boho spaces rich with texture and global finds, mariposa holders displaying a free-spirited vibe are key. Opt for ornate metal holders with swirling filigree accents, or colorful mosaic glass holders with an artisanal look. Use candles in jewel tones and place holders on velvet, embroidered linens or macrame hangings.

French Country Cottage

The light and feminine charm of French country decor pairs perfectly with the whimsy of mariposa holders. Look for ceramic holders in soft pastels with details like flowers and scallops. Distressed metal sconces and colored glass holders also complement this style’s romantic ambiance. Include plenty of candles for that cozy cottage glow.

Coastal Decor

Bring the sights and sounds of the ocean into your home with mariposa holders in materials like weathered driftwood, sea glass, and whitewashed ceramic. Cool toned blues, greens and neutrals echo the colors of the water and sand. For literal coastal appeal, look for holders shaped like starfish, seashells, whale tails, and sailboats.

Glitz and Glam

For some shimmer and shine, choose mariposa holders made from materials like mirrored glass, chrome, iridescent crystal, and glittering resin. Go for bolder shapes and metallics to really amp up the drama and opulence. Multi-tiered holders allow for even more visual dazzle. Use candles in jewel tones or metallics to complete the look.

As you can see, mariposa candle holders can complement and enhance an array of design aesthetics. They are a go-to accessory for injecting any space with a touch of nature's beauty and warm, inviting light.

Making Your Own DIY Mariposa Candle Holders

Don't want to buy mariposa candle holders? Try your hand at crafting your own using some simple DIY tricks. Making your own holders allows you to customize the shape, size, color and style. It also gives you a fun new project to work on as you decorate your home.

Here are some ideas for do-it-yourself mariposa holders:

Melted Crayon Butterflies

For this kid-friendly project, peel the paper off old crayons and place crayon pieces in silicone molds shaped like butterflies. Bake the molds to melt the crayons together. Remove from molds and glue felt bottoms to the butterfly shapes. Place tea lights inside the holders you created out of recycled crayons!

Stamped Clay Holders

Roll out air-dry terracotta or polymer clay and use butterfly-shaped rubber stamps or cookie cutters to imprint designs. Use a toothpick or skewer to poke holes for the candles, then bake or air-dry the clay. Paint your stamped butterfly clay holders in any colors and designs. Add felt pads or hang with ribbon.

Decoupaged Candle Jars

Take plain glass jars and use decoupage glue or mod podge to adhere tissue paper, napkins, or scrapbook paper with butterfly prints to the outside of the jars. You can leave some of the glass peeking through for a stained glass effect. Add battery-operated flameless candles for a quick and easy mariposa holder.

Repurposed Vintage Finds

Keep an eye out for unique items at flea markets, antique shops and garage sales that can be repurposed into mariposa candle holders. Old silver platters mounted on the wall create instant sconces. Mismatched vintage teacups filled with pillars or votives become sweet tabletop butterfly motifs. The possibilities are endless!

Dollar stores are also great for finding cheap containers to transform into holders. Spray paint old frames, vases or lanterns to give them a makeover. Use your imagination and you can turn almost anything into a charming homemade mariposa candle holder!

Brighten Up Any Space with Mariposa Candle Holders

Butterfly-shaped mariposa candle holders are a gorgeous way to add a touch of nature, artistry, and warm lighting to any room. Their delicate beauty and positive symbolism uplift the spaces we inhabit. Mariposa holders complement all decor styles, from vintage to modern. You can find an abundance of styles to purchase, or make custom DIY versions.

Group mariposa holders together for a dazzling candle display that evokes springtime renewal and tranquility. Use holders in similar colors for a cohesive look, or mix and match for eclectic charm. Place holders on shelves, console tables, sideboards and mantels, or hang as wall sconces. The candlelight creates a welcoming glow wherever you decide to arrange these lovely accents.

Embrace the transformative power of butterflies and bring a bit of their magic into your home. Let mariposa candle holders brighten up your living spaces with their elegant, nature-inspired style and warm, flickering light.


What are mariposa candle holders?

Mariposa candle holders feature butterfly shapes and designs. The holders are made from materials like metal, ceramic, glass, and resin and have compartments to hold tealight or taper candles.

Where can I buy mariposa candle holders?

You can find mariposa candle holders at stores like HomeGoods, Anthropologie, Bath and Body Works, Etsy, and World Market. Online retailers like Amazon and eBay also carry a wide selection.

What are some tips for decorating with mariposa holders?

Tips include grouping multiples together, matching their style to your decor, layering different heights, incorporating natural elements, placing them on shelves/tables/walls, and using complementary candle colors and scents.

Can I make my own DIY mariposa holders?

Yes, you can make your own holders! Ideas include melted crayon butterflies, stamped clay holders, decoupaged jars, and repurposing vintage finds from flea markets or thrift stores.

Do mariposa holders work in any room?

Yes, mariposa holders can work in any room like living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and patios. Choose holder styles and colors to match your existing decor.

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