Kenyan Necklace Culture: Traditions, Contemporary Designs

Kenyan Necklace Culture: Traditions, Contemporary Designs
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The Rich History of Necklaces in Kenyan Culture

Necklaces have long played an important cultural role across the diverse ethnic groups of Kenya. From the elaborate beaded collars of the Maasai tribe to the intricate gold chains favored by the coastal Swahili people, necklaces are more than just decorative accessories in Kenyan society. They convey meaning and status, connect wearers to their heritage, and mark milestones and rites of passage.

Traditional Beaded Necklaces of the Maasai

One of the most iconic necklaces associated with Kenya is the colorful beaded collar necklace worn by Maasai men and women. Maasai beadwork is easily recognizable by its bright red, blue, yellow, and white beads, often arranged in geometric patterns. These necklaces carry deep cultural symbolism for the Maasai.

Young Maasai girls receive their first beaded necklace, given by their mothers, during an important coming-of-age ceremony called Enkipaata. The number of necklaces a Maasai woman wears indicates her age and status within her community. Elaborately beaded bridal collars are a key part of Maasai wedding rituals.

Coastal Swahili Gold and Coral Jewelry

On the Kenyan coast, in cities like Mombasa, Malindi, and Lamu, you'll see a distinctly different jewelry aesthetic. Coastal jewelry draws influences from Arabia, India, and even as far as Venice. Intricate gold necklaces set with pearls, coral beads, amber, and gemstones are common.

These necklaces connect coastal Kenyans to their rich Swahili heritage as an Indian Ocean trading culture. Many designs feature Islamic architectural motifs like arches and minarets. Some feature small Quranic verses enclosed in glass capsules as pendants. Gold necklaces are often gifted at Swahili wedding ceremonies.

Modern and Contemporary Kenyan Necklace Designs

Today in Kenya, it's not just about traditional beads and gold. Modern minimalist necklaces made from leather, wood, bone, and brass mix old and new. Kenyan designers are also creating contemporary statement necklaces made from unexpected recycled materials.

Locally Sourced Natural Materials

Modern Kenyan necklace designers are finding innovative ways to incorporate natural materials into their minimalist designs. Giraffe bone pendants, ostrich egg shell beads, carved ebony wood elements, and trade beads add organic texture. Natural materials connect to cultural heritage while sleek, contemporary shapes appeal to modern tastes.

Upcycled and Recycled Materials

Other designers are pioneering sustainable jewelry in Kenya made from recycled materials. Necklaces woven from old telephone wires, magazines, plastic waste, brass coins, and even bullet casings make strong environmental and social impact statements. These unique recycled necklaces appeal to eco-conscious Kenyan youth looking to make a difference.

Where to Shop for Necklaces in Kenya

Visitors looking to bring home an authentic Kenyan necklace have many options across the country. Here are some of the best places to buy traditional, contemporary, and upcycled Kenyan necklaces:

Maasai Market in Nairobi

For a wide selection of handicrafts from all over Kenya, visit the Maasai Market. This open-air market features dozens of stalls carrying genuine Maasai beadwork, jewelry, carvings, textiles, and more. Prices are affordable and vendors are eager to share about their culture and products.

Workshop in Karen

This fair-trade boutique in the Karen neighborhood of Nairobi carries jewelry, ceramics, textiles and more from over 100 Kenyan artisans. Their curated collection focuses on high-quality, ethically made handicrafts with contemporary appeal.

Mombasa Old Town

In the winding streets of Mombasa's Old Town, Swahili jewelry shops offer gold and coral necklaces with coastal Indian Ocean influences. You can also commission custom necklace designs here. Prices are generally lower than Nairobi but don't forget to bargain!

So next time you're traveling in Kenya or shopping for African inspired jewelry online, consider bringing home a special Kenyan necklace. You'll own a small piece of the country's culture, support local artisans, and make a fashion forward statement wherever you go.


What materials are traditional Maasai necklaces made from?

Maasai necklaces feature brightly colored glass beads strung together, often in red, blue, yellow and white arranged in geometric patterns. The beads are separated by small metal spacers.

Why do Swahili women wear elaborate gold necklaces?

Intricate gold necklaces are a core part of Swahili women's traditional outfits and jewelry. Gold jewelry was a symbol of wealth and status. These designs are often passed down or gifted at weddings.

Where can visitors buy unique recycled jewelry in Nairobi?

Check out the fair trade boutique Workshop in Karen, Nairobi which sources jewelry from women's groups around Kenya. Their collection includes necklaces made from telephone wires, brass coins, magazines, and bullet casings.

What is the best place to buy Maasai beadwork?

Visit the Maasai Market in Nairobi which brings together vendors and handicraft cooperatives from around Kenya. You can find high-quality authentic Maasai jewelry here, with good prices and opportunities to interact with sellers.

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