Office Space for Lease at 14241 Firestone Blvd Suite 400 La Mirada CA

Office Space for Lease at 14241 Firestone Blvd Suite 400 La Mirada CA
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Overview of 14241 Firestone Blvd Suite 400 La Mirada CA 90638

14241 Firestone Blvd Suite 400 in La Mirada, CA is an ideal location for businesses looking to set up shop or expand their operations in the Los Angeles metro area. This office space provides many advantages that make it an attractive option for companies across various industries.

La Mirada itself is situated just southeast of Los Angeles, right along the 5 Freeway corridor that runs through Orange County. This provides easy access to much of the Southern California population, as it is centrally located between the major economic hubs of Los Angeles and Orange County.

The specific office suite located at 14241 Firestone Blvd Suite 400 contains approximately 5,706 square feet of rentable space. It offers an efficient layout for leasing, with a mix of private offices and open workspaces. There is also a kitchen area for staff use.

Some of the major highlights of this executive office space include:

Excellent Location in La Mirada

As mentioned, the location right off the 5 Freeway makes this space extremely accessible to much of the metro region. It is just a few minute drive to Downtown La Mirada, providing conveniences like restaurants, shops, and other businesses nearby.

It is also less than 15 miles away from major economic centers like Downtown Los Angeles, Orange County, Long Beach, and more. For businesses that serve customers or have operations spread throughout the metro, this office suite allows easy access to your markets.

Central Position Between Key Southern California Cities

In addition to be situated just outside Los Angeles, the office space at 14241 Firestone Blvd Suite 400 sits nearly equidistant between other major SoCal cities like Long Beach and Santa Ana. This allows you to tap into talent and resources from across the region.

Within a 30 mile radius, the area has access to around 2.5 million working professionals. So whether you are looking to hire top talent or gain new customers/clients, this location gives you a central position to key markets.

Excellent Highway Access

A major advantage of this office space is the direct access to Interstate 5, which runs along the West Coast from Mexico to Canada. Locally, it connects Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and more.

From 14241 Firestone Blvd, you can directly access both the northbound and southbound lanes of I-5 within minutes. This makes travel extremely efficient when meeting clients, visiting job sites, or accessing the ports, airports and other infrastructure.

Abundant Amenities Nearby

Despite the convenient highway access, the surrounding neighborhood is well-developed with plenty of amenities for employees.

Within walking distance there are options for dining, banking, gas stations, pharmacies, and other everyday conveniences. For office necessities, there are nearby FedEx and UPS stores.

The La Mirada Theatre, La Mirada Regional Aquatics Center, Splash! La Mirada Regional Aquatics Center, and Neff Park offer excellent lunchtime escapes or after-work activities as well.

Access to Metro Los Angeles Resources

While La Mirada provides a comfortable suburban community, Downtown Los Angeles is just a short drive away. This opens up endless opportunities in terms of business partnerships, networking, recruitment, arts/culture, dining and more.

Downtown LA also provides connection points for travel including Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and Union Station. This gives convenient access to business travel needs.

Key Details on 14241 Firestone Blvd Suite 400

Some of the key details on the available space at 14241 Firestone Blvd Suite 400 include:

  • 5,706 rentable square feet
  • Mix of private offices and open workspaces
  • Suite can accommodate 25+ employees
  • On-site kitchen area provided
  • High speed internet capabilities
  • Access to shared conference rooms
  • On-site parking available
  • Professionally maintained building with regular upkeep

This provides the flexibility for companies to create their ideal office footprint. The private offices allow for executives and high-level staff. Meanwhile, the open workspaces are great for collaboration, team meetings, and general operations.

With room for 25+ employees, it offers expansion capabilities as well. Overall, it is an efficient and productive workspace in the heart of Los Angeles metro's southeast communities.

Ideal Businesses for This Location

Given the excellent positioning between Los Angeles and Orange County, there are many business types that would thrive with office space at 14241 Firestone Blvd Suite 400.

Here are some of the ideal operations for this location:

Logistics and Transportation Companies

For any businesses involved in logistics, distribution, shipping, transportation, and more, this area provides a strategic advantage. It is located close to the port systems of Long Beach and Los Angeles, as well as connecting to rail lines and air cargo hubs.

The I-5 and I-105 Freeways also converge just north of La Mirada, allowing efficient trucking operations throughout Southern California.

Business and Professional Services

With access to the resources of Los Angeles and Orange County, this is an ideal spot for professional services firms. This includes legal, accounting, consulting, staffing, IT services, marketing agencies, and more. You can easily serve clients throughout the metro while enjoying La Mirada's lower costs.

Healthcare and Medical Offices

Healthcare providers like doctors' offices, dental clinics, physical therapy practices, and other medical services will find the location convenient for patients. It provides central access from across Los Angeles and Orange County.

Financial and Insurance Services

For financial planners, investment advisors, insurance agencies, lenders, and other financial service providers, this location allows you to reach metro consumers. The suite provides an professional environment to meet clients.

Light Assembly, Manufacturing, and Engineering

Light industrial companies involved in assembly, fabrication, manufacturing, engineering, and R&D can also utilize the convenient highway access and resources here. It is easier to transport materials, access talent, and distribute products.

Demographic Profile of La Mirada, CA

Taking a closer look at La Mirada itself can provide insights into the type of community, workforce, and overall environment in which 14241 Firestone Blvd Suite 400 is situated.

Here is an overview of key La Mirada demographic data:

  • Population - 48,527 residents
  • Median Age - 36.1 years
  • Median Household Income - $81,287
  • Education - 55.7% of adults have some college or degree
  • Housing - Mostly single family homes, with median home value around $550k
  • Employment - Top industries are Education, Health Care, Retail, and Manufacturing

This shows that La Mirada consists of established middle-class communities, with solid educational levels and incomes. For businesses locating here, it provides a stable environment and skilled workforce to recruit from.

The presence of major industries like manufacturing and healthcare also give opportunities for business partnerships and B2B relationships.

LA Metro Area Demographic Overview

Looking more broadly at the metro region accessible from the office space on Firestone Blvd provides more insights.

The Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim metro area has around 13 million residents. It is culturally diverse with large Hispanic, Asian, and immigrant populations.

While incomes and education levels can vary greatly across neighborhoods, the region is home to many of the world's largest companies in key industries like tech, entertainment, aerospace, finance, trade, healthcare, and more.

For businesses located in La Mirada, this provides access to the metro's deep talent pools, business partnerships, cultural amenities, and overall economic energy.

Contact Information for Leasing 14241 Firestone Blvd Suite 400

Businesses interested in leasing office space at 14241 Firestone Blvd Suite 400 in La Mirada can get in touch with leasing representatives for tours and further information.

Contact us today to learn more about availability and schedule a tour of this excellent executive suite located just outside Los Angeles in Orange County.

Phone: (123) 456-7890



14241 Firestone Blvd

Suite 100

La Mirada, CA 90638


What is the square footage available?

There is approximately 5,706 square feet available at 14241 Firestone Blvd Suite 400. This provides space for 25+ employees.

What amenities are included?

The suite includes a kitchen area, access to shared conference rooms, high speed internet capabilities, and on-site parking.

How close is the nearest airport?

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is located approximately 20 miles away, providing easy air travel access.

What industries are best suited for this location?

Ideal businesses include logistics, professional services, healthcare, financial services, light manufacturing, and engineering firms.

What is the leasing process?

Contact the leasing representatives to schedule a tour. They can provide pricing and discuss lease terms to find the right solutions.

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