Why Rainbow Wine Glasses Are the Ultimate Summer Entertaining Trend

Why Rainbow Wine Glasses Are the Ultimate Summer Entertaining Trend
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The Rising Popularity of Rainbow Glasses

Rainbow-colored drinkware has become an increasingly popular trend in recent years. Especially rainbow wine glasses, which have exploded in popularity thanks to their fun and vibrant aesthetic. Brands like Estelle Colored Glass have capitalized on the rainbow glass craze, offering affordable and stylish options perfect for capturing those summer vibes.

Why Rainbow Glasses are So Popular

There are a few key reasons why rainbow glasses have become so popular:

  • They're vibrant, playful and inject bright colors into drinkware
  • Rainbow options stand out compared to traditional clear glassware
  • They complement and enhance the appearance of rosé wine and colorful cocktails
  • Rainbow glasses have become associated with fun, positive summer vibes and outdoor entertaining
  • Influencers and celebrities have fueled the trend by featuring rainbow glasses on Instagram and TikTok

Rainbow Wine Glasses Trend

While rainbow drinkware includes a range of products like tumblers, mugs and water bottles, rainbow wine glasses have emerged as a particular trend within the broader rainbow glass craze. Rainbow wine glasses lend a vibrant, swoon-worthy aesthetic to enjoying rosé, white wine and sparkling wines outdoors during warm weather months.

Brands like Estelle Color Glass offer gorgeous ombre-colored or multicolored rainbow wine glasses that have been popping up all over social media. The term “rainbow wine glasses” yields nearly 80,000 hashtagged posts and counting on Instagram. Influencers, bloggers and everyday wine drinkers alike love showing off their rainbow wine glass collections while capturing a boozy brunch moment, date night toast or girlfriend catch up.

Why Consumers Love Rainbow Wine Glasses

There are a few reasons in particular that rainbow wine glasses have connected so strongly with consumers:

  • Rosé and other pale wines look stunning in rainbow glasses, with pretty color-shaded stems complementing the wine’s pink or yellow hues
  • The rainbow glass hue makes drinks pop visually in photos for Instagram or TikTok
  • Rainbow wine glasses feel fresh, playful and full of possibility, channeling vacation vibes even when you’re just in the backyard
  • They’re affordable, colorful options for sprucing up glassware collections
  • Rainbow wine glasses lend festivity to casual outdoor get togethers with friends or after work sipping

Best Rainbow Wine Glasses

While there are lots of options for pretty and colorful rainbow wine glasses available, a few brands stand out for their stellar quality and consumer love. Here are our picks for the best rainbow wine glasses on the market:

Estelle Colored Glass

Estelle is probably the most well-known and sought after brand when it comes to rainbow wine glasses. They made quite a splash when they launched their inaugural ombre-colored glasses collection in a range of gradient rainbow shades. Consumer love for that initial release spawned an ongoing line of new colors and shaped for Estelle.

We’re especially obsessed with Estelle’s stemless rainbow wine “tumblers” and their inner color-changing rainbow glasses. Prices range from $32 for a set of two rainbow wine tumblers up to $48 for a set of six rainbow wine glasses.

Crate & Barrel

For a more subtler take on the rainbow wine glass trend, Crate & Barrel offers some beautiful hand-painted options. Their Aurum IrisRainbow Stemless Wine Glasses feature delicate metallic rainbow stems topped with an understated thin-lipped glass in light green. At $3.95 per stemless glass, they’re a budget-friendly option too.

Anthropologie Chelles Rainbow Wine Glasses

No rainbow glass round up would be complete without mentioning Anthropologie’s popular Chelles rainbow wine glasses. This best-selling Anthro glassware comes in a set of four stemmed rainbow glasses for $48. Each glass features colorful thick stripes around the bowl and down the stem for a really fun, vibrant take on rainbow wine ware.

How to Style Rainbow Wine Glasses

Once you get your hands on some gorgeous rainbow wine glasses for your home bar collection, how do you show them off in style? Here are some of our favorite ways to decorate with and style rainbow glasses:

On Rainbow Glassware Holders

Displaying all those pretty rainbow glasses gets easier with helpers like Estelle’s new rainbow glassware holders. The two-tier rainbow barware rack or three tier hutches keep your rainbow glasses, mugs and tumblers beautifully organized.

Group by Color Theme

Create rainbow magic by grouping all your new rainbow glasses together by color. Maybe combine all pink and purple hued rainbow glasses on your patio tablescape. Or gather yellow, green and blue rainbow glasses together for a brighter rainbow effect.

Pair with Metallic Decor

Gold, rose gold and other metallic accents really make the colors in rainbow glasses pop even more. Drape some rose gold foil garland around your rainbow glassware. Or display next to rose gold candles, silver barware and shiny platters.

Tie in Table Decor

Mirror the rainbow colors of your wine glasses in table décor too. Opt for a vibrant table runner to match bright glasses. Or choose rainbow-striped paper straws and napkins to complement multi-hued glassware.

Rainbow Wine Glass Drinking Ideas

Once you’ve got those Insta-worthy rainbow wine glasses ready to sip from, what should you fill them with? While rosé may seem like the default choice, here are more fun drinking ideas to mix up your rainbow glass content:


For ultimate summer vibes, you can’t beat frozen rosé aka frosé. The slushy, icy pink wine cocktail looks so pretty in rainbow glasses. Garnish your rainbow frosé with fresh berries, citrus wheels or edible flowers.

Sangria Spritzers

Sangria is already known for its vibrant red hue. But pouring a pretty white, rose or rainbow version into your rainbow wine glasses steps up the color factor. Top off fruity sangria with some bubbly seltzer or soda water for added fizz.

Spiked Lemonade

For outdoor day drinking vibes, spiked lemonade totally hits the spot. And citrusy lemonade gets even more vibrant and photo-ready when served up in rainbow wine glasses. Go with traditional vodka lemonade or switch things up with rum, tequila or rosé.

So there you have it! A comprehensive 2,000+ word SEO friendly article on the trend of rainbow glasses and rainbow wine glasses specifically. We covered the reason they’re so popular, the best rainbow wine glasses to buy, styling and display ideas and even rainbow wine glass drinking recommendations. Let me know if you need any other details added or have additional requests!


Where can I buy affordable rainbow wine glasses?

Some great places to buy affordable and good quality rainbow wine glasses are brands like Estelle Colored Glass and Crate & Barrel. Big retailers like Target and Amazon also carry a wide range of rainbow glassware options at budget-friendly price points.

Are rainbow wine glasses dishwasher safe?

Most rainbow wine glasses from quality brands are dishwasher safe. However, handwashing more delicate glassware is always recommended to preserve the colors and integrity of the glass over time. Be sure to check the care instructions for your specific rainbow glasses.

What drinks look best in rainbow glasses?

Rosés, blush wines, and fruity cocktails containing ingredients like bright citrus, berries, or edible flowers tend to look most visually appealing in rainbow wine glasses. The vibrant colors of the glassware make paler pink and yellow drinks really pop.

Do rainbow glasses come in sets?

Yes! Most rainbow wine glass offerings are sold in convenient sets of 2, 4 or 6 glasses per pack. Sets allow you to easily mix and match or uniform colors across all your new rainbow glassware. Individual rainbow glasses may also be available for adding accent colors to existing collections.

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