Easy Half-Up Twist Hairstyle Tutorial for Beginners

Easy Half-Up Twist Hairstyle Tutorial for Beginners
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The half-up twist hairstyle is a gorgeous yet easy way to elevate your look for any occasion. This elegant twisted front section flatters all face shapes and works with all hair types and lengths. Learn how to create this versatile updo step-by-step even if you’re new to styling hair.

Why the Half-Up Twist is a Great Everyday or Special Event Hairstyle

The half updos category encompasses all hairstyles where the top front section of hair is pulled back in some way, while leaving the rest of the hair down. This creates a flattering mix of polished and carefree that works for casual everyday wear or dressy events.

Specifically, the half-up twist puts a sophisticated spin on the basic half updo by incorporating a twisted front section. This adds visual interest, texture and dimension. It’s the perfect halfway point between leaving your hair completely down and pulling it entirely up.

There are many reasons this half up, half down ‘do makes for an easy yet eye-catching style:

Universally Flattering for All Face Shapes

Half up hairstyles complement all face shapes by softening features and drawing the eye upwards. The half down hair provides framing while the pulled up section elegantly showcases your facial structure.

Suits All Hair Lengths and Textures

Short, medium length or long – the half up twist can work for any cut that’s long enough to pull into a tiny pony. It looks great with stick straight hair, soft waves or tight curls.

Elegant Style for Any Occasion

Dress up the twist’s chic simplicity by accenting with pins or flowers for formal events like weddings and black-tie affairs. Or wear it casual with jeans and a tee for brunch or a concert. Its versatility makes it a great go-to.

So Easy to Do Yourself

You don’t need advanced skills to fashion this style yourself at home. As you’ll learn, it's easy by grabbing two front sections, crossing and twisting them, then securing in back. Voila!

Step-By-Step Half-Up Twist Hairstyle Tutorial

Follow these simple steps to easily create a polished half up twist on your own hair:

Prep Hair by Brushing and Applying Product

Start with brushed, smooth hair to make twisting and pulling back neat and easy. Apply any prep products you desire beforehand as well to cut down on flyaways.

A heat protectant spray is smart if you’ll be using any hot tools. Some mousse, gel or curl cream can also amp up texture and hold.

Separate Out Front Sections

Identify the front portion of hair you want pulled into the twist updo (likely a couple inches back from your hairline to avoid too severe a part).

Grab an inch-wide, horizontal parting and split it into two even sections. Make sure you have enough hair to twist – around one inch per section.

Cross and Twist Sections

Take the section closest to your face and cross it over the one behind it to create an “X”.

Begin twisting them away from your face and downwards. Make sure to twist in the same direction for consistency throughout the length.

Add Hair to Bottom Strand as You Twist

As you keep twisting down, grab more hair only from underneath and add it into the bottom twisted section only to cover the elastic band.

Leave the top strand as is without adding in more hair to keep the twist clean. Continuing twisting until you reach the base of your ears.

Secure Twist Base with Elastic

When you’ve reached your ears, finish off by wrapping the ends of the twist around its base or simply putting on a tiny clear elastic to hold it in place.

Make sure it’s snug so you don’t lose the definition of the twist.

Tips for Getting the Look Right

Use these pro tips to take your half-up twist from basic to beautiful:

Add Accessories for Polish

Mini butterfly clips, sparkling pins and pearl embellishments are pretty ways to accent. Weave decorative strings through the twist or pin into the base.

Amp Up Texture

Backcomb or tease crowns and ends for sexy volume and dimension. Twist separate any tight curls first with product for definition.

Upgrade Hold with Strong Hairspray

Once your twist is set, mist all over with a firm hold hairspray to lock in the style and prevent wispies. Reapply as needed.

Try Incorporating Braids

For extra flair, try a fishtail or lace braid working into the twist instead of regular twisting. Pancake it bigger as another idea.

How to Finish Off the Overall Look

You have a few options when it comes to handling the hair left out underneath the twist:

Leave Loose with Soft Waves

Embrace your natural texture whether it be straight, wavy or super curly. Let it cascade freely for an effortless vibe.

Curl the Bottom Section

Amp up the contrast between the sleek twist and looser waves or curls underneath. Just don’t overdo the curling iron heat.

Straighten for Sleekness

If you want an ultra polished finish, break out the flat iron to get poker straight locks. Use a heat protectant and watch the temperature.

Incorporate Additional Braiding

For a unique twist, pun intended, try a fishtail braid, waterfall braid or another intricate braiding pattern with the remaining hair.

Elevate Your Look with This Classy Twist

As you can see, the half up twist offers elegance and versatility perfect for dressing up or down. Following the easy steps above allows anyone to fashion this ageless look that flatters all faces.

So grab some hair elastics and pins, turn up your favorite pump up playlist, and start twisting your way to hairstyling fabulousness!

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