Transform Writing Tools into Dazzling Works of Art with Beadable Pens

Transform Writing Tools into Dazzling Works of Art with Beadable Pens
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The Joy of Creating Your Own Custom Beadable Pencils

If you're a crafter who loves adding sparkle and color to your projects, you've probably discovered the fun of beadable pens and pencils. These writing implements have a soft silicone body that allows you to slide beads and charms on and off with ease. The result is a totally customizable work of art that reflects your unique style.

Beadable pens first became popular years ago as novelty items. But thanks to social media, crafters have fallen in love with using them to accessorize planners, journals, and scrapbooks. With so many options for mixing and matching beads, the design possibilities are endless!

Why Gluing Beads is a Game Changer

When beadable pens first emerged, most people assumed the beads were meant to be movable and interchangeable. But crafters soon realized permanently gluing beads in place allowed for more intricate and professional looking designs.

Once you glue your beads, they'll stay in place forever. No more worrying about them sliding around and getting lost! Gluing also allows you to overlap beads and create stunning patterns. Your beadwork suddenly becomes much more durable and long-lasting.

Choosing the Right Adhesive

If you want to start gluing beads to your pens, use a flexible glue formulated for plastics. Good options include E6000, Gem Tac, or clear silicone. Avoid super glues which can crack over time. A flexible adhesive will move with the pen and hold up to bending.

Apply a small dot of glue in one spot and press the bead firmly against it for 30 seconds as it sets. Using a toothpick for precision glue application helps minimize messiness. Allow the glue several hours to fully cure before adding more beads.

Planning Your Design

Bead placement is easier when you have a plan. Sketch out some different options first. Pay attention to spacing, patterns, overlapping, and color combos. Figure out which areas will be left blank as negative space.

Start gluing beads at the top and work down in sections. Place larger focal beads first, then fill in with smaller accents. Let previously glued beads fully cure before moving on. If needed, use painter's tape to mark guide lines.

Embellishing with Charms and Jewels

Don't limit yourself to just beads! Tiny charms and jewels can add even more personal flair. Search for bargains on Etsy, eBay, and AliExpress. Pick themes like animals, fruit, stars, hearts, or flowers. Mix in some sparkly rhinestones too.

Mini metal charms tend to have their own built-in loops for attaching, making them easy to glue. For loose jewels, just add a dab of adhesive to the flat back and press into place. Let dry completely before using your pen.

Achieving Different Looks and Styles

Now that you understand the basics, it's time to explore the limitless design possibilities! Here are some popular looks you can easily achieve:

Eclectic Collage Vibes

Create a fun collage effect by overlapping all types of beads in different shapes, sizes, and materials. Combine bold colors and metallics with vintage looking buttons and cameos. The eclectic look has a hip, artsy feel.

Color Blocking

Blocking off sections with solid colors has a modern, graphic look. Use painter's tape to mark straight lines between color changes. Stick to a simple color scheme like black and white or primary colors for high impact.


Sticking to one single color palette can be chic and elegant. Try all pearl white, various shades of purple, or mix clear transparent beads with gray. Add interest with beads of different opacities, shapes, and sizes.


For an understated look, go minimal with clean spacing between beads to show lots of blank pen. Use matching beads in a subdued color like tan, brown, or navy blue. Simple yet sophisticated.

Caring for Your Beaded Pens

Once your beaded pen is complete, be mindful of how you handle and store it to keep it looking its best. Here are some care tips:

  • Avoid pulling or picking at the beads, as this can loosen the glue
  • Store pens horizontally in a protective case or pouch
  • Clean beads with a soft brush or cloth to remove dirt and oils
  • Spot clean silicone pen body as needed with a damp cloth
  • When not in use, keep pen in a cup on your desk, not rattling around in a bag

With proper care, your custom beadable pen will stay beautiful for a long time. Just avoid getting adhesive on the working pen parts so it continues to write smoothly.

Share Your Creations with Other Crafters

One of the best things about beaded pens is showing them off! Social media makes it easy to find a community of crafters who love beads as much as you do.

Post photos of your pens on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook groups, and anywhere else creative people congregate. Don't forget to use relevant hashtags like #beadedpens, #pencrafts, #beadwork, and others to help people find your work.

You can also look for fellow beadable pen fans locally and organize an in-person swap meet. Connecting with others who share your passion is so rewarding. And seeing everyone's unique designs is sure to inspire your next creation!


What are beadable pens made of?

Beadable pens have a flexible silicone body that allows beads to be slid on and off with ease. The nib and ink cartridge are standard pen components.

Where can I buy supplies for beadable pens?

Craft stores like Michaels and Joann's have beadable pens, beads, and adhesives. Online shops like Etsy and eBay also have great deals on bulk beads and charms.

How do I clean my beadable pens?

Use a soft dry brush or cloth to gently remove dirt and oils from beads. Spot clean the silicone body with a damp cloth as needed. Avoid submerging the entire pen in water.

Can beadable pens still write after adding beads?

Yes, as long as no glue gets into the tip or ink tube, gluing beads should not affect the pen's ability to write. Replace ink cartridge when needed.

How can I display my finished beadable pens?

Store pens horizontally in a pen cup or protective pouch. Display as art in shadow boxes, frames, or acrylic holders. Hang with removable adhesive hooks or magnets.

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