Spooky Fun: How to Plan the Ultimate Boogie Camping Trip

Spooky Fun: How to Plan the Ultimate Boogie Camping Trip
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Embracing Your Inner Oogie Boogie: A Guide to Fun and Spooky Camping

As soon as the leaves start changing color and the air turns crisp, minds turn toward the Halloween season. There's no better way to get in the spirit of All Hallows' Eve than taking your love of all things creepy and kooky outdoors with a camping trip filled with activities and decor to channel your inner Oogie Boogie. Keep reading for ideas to plan the ultimate boogie camping adventure!

Picking the Perfect Campsite

To set the mood for a delightfully dark camping trip, choose a campground that naturally lends itself to a spooky vibe. Look for sites with plenty of trees that will be striking with fall foliage but also cast creepy shadows once the sun goes down. Bonus points for spots near "haunted" places like abandoned buildings or local legend locations. Just make sure to pick a safe, sanctioned camping area so your frightful fun doesn't go too far.

Decorating Your Camp

Once you've settled on an ideally eerie campsite, it's time to deck it out! Bring along Halloween décor to make your camp visually transport you to Halloween Town. Some ideas:

  • Carve jack-o'-lanterns with fun or frightening faces to place around the campfire
  • Hang string lights with purple or orange bulbs to cast a spooky glow after sunset
  • Use scene setters or wall clings like spiderwebs, bats, or ghosts to transform tents and tables
  • Scatter creepy cloth, leaves, branches or corn stalks on surfaces and around camping areas
  • Set up a prop cauldron, broomsticks, or inflatable characters like a ghost or witch

You can also make DIY décor like paper bats, black cat silhouettes, or eerie eyes to hang from tree branches or tents. And don’t forget the quintessential camping mascot – set up an Oogie Boogie inflatable or statue to really bring the Nightmare Before Christmas vibes!

Creepy Campfire Activities

Of course, boogie camping isn't complete without some spooky entertainment around the campfire at night. Get your group together to tell ghost stories, making them as chilling as possible! Or do a Halloween movie night outside by setting up a screen and projector to watch classic fright flicks.

For some quick campfire fun, teach your crew to do a creepy shadow puppet show with hands and flashlights projecting onto tents or trees. You can also tell campfire riddles or jokes with a dark twist.

And you simply must sing scary camp songs! Classics like "The Hearse Song," "The Worms Crawl In," and "The Ghost of John" are a must. Or adapt tunes like "The Wheels on the Bus" with Halloween lyrics.

Terrifying Outdoor Games

In addition to campfire fun, there are lots of terrifying twists you can put on classic outdoor games to embrace your inner Oogie Boogie all day long:

  • Flashlight Tag: Regular flashlights are home base; one player has a red flashlight and is "it."
  • Mummy Wrap: Split into teams and see who can most quickly wrap a teammate like a mummy using toilet paper.
  • Witch Hat Ring Toss: Toss rings onto stakes decorated like witch hats.
  • Halloween Cornhole: Paint cornhole boards to resemble Jack Skellington's face and use beanbags that look like eyeballs.
  • Monster Hunt: Hide Halloween plush creatures around camp for kids to find.
  • Spooky Obstacle Course: Set up an obstacle course with creepy inflatables to climb over and through.

Eerie Eats and Treats

You can't have a fully festive boogie bash without fitting food and drinks! Think creepy culinary delights you can make at camp:

  • Mummy hot dogs
  • Halloween s'mores with orange marshmallows and spooky shaped graham crackers
  • Dirt pudding with gummy worms
  • Pumpkin chili or pumpkin soup cooked over the campfire
  • Spider cider with floating plastic spiders
  • Spooky slime gelatin cups
  • Bug juice in a cauldron to ladle out

And of course, don't forget Halloween candy and treats! No boogie bash is complete without chocolate eyeballs, skeleton lollipops, creepy gummy bugs, and more.

Costumes and Makeup

Finally, arguably the most iconic part of any Halloween celebration is dressing up! Make your campout extra spooky by having everyone come in costume. Go all out with full character getups or do easy theme-appropriate attire like these ideas:

  • Oogie Boogie – Burlap sack outfit with felt eyes and mouth
  • Jack Skellington – Black suit with skeleton face makeup
  • Mummy – White bandages wrapped around body
  • Zombie – Ripped clothing with bloody face makeup
  • Witch – Long black dress and pointed hat
  • Vampire – Black cape with bloody fangs

From makeup to masks, go ghastly and ghoulish to take your campover the top. Remember, the creepier the better on a boogie camping trip!

Have a Howling Good Time

When that Halloween spirit hits, take your love of all things spooky to new heights by planning a boogie camping trip. With terrifying tents, creepy campfire gatherings, and eerie activities galore, you and your crew will make memories to last until next Halloween. Just be sure to pack your courage along with your camping gear, because there's no telling just how spooky your excursion could get! Let your hair down, embrace your inner Oogie Boogie, and get ready for a delightfully dark outdoor adventure.


What kind of location is best for boogie camping?

Look for campgrounds with plenty of trees and natural ambience that will lend itself well to a spooky vibe, especially at night. Bonus if it's near a location tied to local legends or folklore.

What are some good activities for a boogie camping trip?

Great activities include telling ghost stories and singing creepy campfire songs, playing outdoor games like flashlight tag and mummy wrap races, and doing Halloween-themed crafts and science experiments.

Should I actually try to scare people on a boogie trip?

Be cautious with super scary pranks or frights, especially for younger campers. Focus more on festive and fun creepy vibes vs actually trying to terrorize people.

What food and drinks work well for a boogie bash?

Spooky treats like dirt pudding, pumpkin soup, spider cider, monster s'mores, and eyeball candies. Also bring Halloween-themed utensils and plates.

What are some easy costume ideas for boogie camping?

Mummies, vampires, zombies, and witches are great options you can create with basic wardrobe pieces and makeup. Or go as your favorite Halloween movie character.

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