The Rose K-Pop Group Officially Launches Custom Lightstick

The Rose K-Pop Group Officially Launches Custom Lightstick
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The Evolution of Rose Lightsticks

K-pop groups are known for having passionate fanbases that rally behind their favorite idols. An iconic part of K-pop fandom culture is the group's official lightstick - a unique light-up accessory that fans proudly wave at concerts and events to show their support. One group that is quickly building a dedicated global following is The Rose, who debuted in 2017 and gained attention for their soulful vocals and talented instrumental skills.

The Announcement of an Official Lightstick

After years of steadily growing popularity, The Rose excited fans in 2022 when they announced they would finally be releasing an official fan lightstick. For a relatively young group, this milestone cemented their status as an established act with a fandom to call their own. The #TheRose and #TheRoseLightstick hashtags filled with eager fans speculating what the lightstick would look like and brainstorming creative features it could have.

The Meaning Behind the Design

In early 2023, The Rose company Realslow officially unveiled the design for the group's official lightstick. Keeping with the group's name, it features a sleek black handle designed to look like a rose stem. The top has gentle layers of red and pink petals surrounding a dome that lights up in the group's signature colors of red and white. The elegant floral design pays homage to the group's name and fandom, called Black Roses.

High-Demand and Sell-outs

As soon as the official lightstick was available for pre-order, fans jumped at the chance to secure one of the very first The Rose lightsticks. Presales sold out swiftly, confirming the high demand. Once they officially launched sales, stores struggled to keep up with orders flooding in from fans all over the world, ranging from nearby Asian countries to the western world. Multiple production runs have swiftly sold out within minutes, leaving hopeful buyers refreshing store pages.

Rave Early Reviews

The first batch of lightsticks have finally landed in the hands of eager fans, who have been sharing glowing early reviews across social media. Fans are praising the quality craftsmanship of the heavy duty acrylic lightstick, with its sleek custom-designed handle and LED lighting dome. Early video reviews on YouTube and TikTok show fans demonstrating the bright, vibrant lighting modes. The colors shine beautifully in concert venue lighting, making it easy to spot fellow Black Roses in the crowd.

Creative Customizations

Fans are also having fun customizing their lightsticks to make them even more unique. Some fans have added glitter, ribbons, keychains, and other embellishments that match their own personal style. Others have painted the white handle or attached decorative decals. Creative Black Roses have even choreographed synchronized lightstick dance routines to the group's songs, bringing a new flair to their concert experiences.

Boosting Fan Culture and Connections

Importantly, The Rose lightstick is also serving its purpose of bringing fans together and letting them express their passion for the band. Fans have noted the joy of spotting fellow Black Roses at festivals and concerts thanks to the iconic lightsticks standing out in the crowds. Fan-organized events are also incorporating the roses to strengthen bonds between supporters.

The Future Looks Bright

As The Rose continues gaining popularity around the globe, their official lightstick has cemented itself as an icon of the growing Black Rose fandom. Future tours and concerts will likely see seas of glowing red and pink roses swaying to the beat in sold-out venues everywhere from South Korea to Europe and the Americas. The passionate fanbase and sleek lightstick design has established The Rose as a rising force in the K-pop industry.

With devoted Black Roses standing behind them, The Rose seem poised to thrive for years to come. Their official fanlight has given supporters a unifying symbol to rally around in style while cheering on vocalist Woosung, guitarist Dojoon, bassist Jaehyeong, and drummer Hajoon to even greater heights.


What does The Rose's lightstick look like?

The Rose's official lightstick features a black handle designed to resemble a rose stem. The lighting dome has gentle layers of pink and red petals with an LED light that shines red and white - the band's signature colors.

Where can I buy The Rose lightstick?

The Rose lightstick is available for purchase on official band and label stores. Stores stocking it often sell out quickly due to high demand, so check back often if it shows unavailable.

What are some ways fans customize the lightstick?

Fans decorate their lightsticks with ribbons, glitter, paint, keychains, and more to match their personal style. Some also choreograph synchronized lightstick dances to the band's songs.

Why did The Rose wait years to release an official lightstick?

As a relatively young band, The Rose waited several years after their debut to release a lightstick, a milestone for K-pop groups with established fandoms. The years of demand built eager excitement among fans.

What is the The Rose fan club name?

The official fan club name for fans of The Rose is "Black Roses." The lightstick's color and rose design pay tribute to this fan club name.

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