Luis Guillorme Went Undercover at MLB Store to Prank Mets Fans

Luis Guillorme Went Undercover at MLB Store to Prank Mets Fans
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The Hilarious Luis Guillorme Jersey Prank

New York Mets infielder Luis Guillorme recently went undercover as an employee at the MLB store to prank some unsuspecting shoppers. The lighthearted hidden camera segment has been popping up all over Mets fans' social media feeds with the hashtag #mets.

Guillorme's Undercover Mission

The Mets sent Guillorme on a top secret mission to operate the cash register at their flagship MLB store location. His goal was to interact with customers without blowing his cover to see if anyone would recognize him. Most shoppers had no idea the goofy store clerk ringing up their purchases was an actual MLB player!

Wearing an official MLB employee uniform, Guillorme looked convincing behind the counter. Few customers batting an eye as he scanned jerseys, caps, and tons of Mets gear. Guillorme employed some hijinks as he deliberately fumbled merchandise and made awkward small talk with shoppers.

Fooled by Their Own Player

In the hilarious video, Guillorme fools multiple groups of Mets fans. He asks them questions about their favorite players all while standing beside stacks of shirts emblazoned with his own name and number! Unsuspecting fans rave about Pete Alonso and others, but no one mentions Guillorme.

At one point, Guillorme holds up his own shirsey and asks a father and son if they have heard of the player. The dad squints at the name and replies "doesn't ring a bell!" Right in front of him is his team's utility star manning the register in disguise!

Big Reveal

After giggling behind the scenes, Guillorme finally reveals himself to some loyal rooters. Pulling off his MLB polo shirt to show his #13 Mets jersey, he shows the stunned fans they had been pranked by their own player!

"No way, that's crazy! I can't believe you work here for real!" one fan exclaims when Guillorme pulls off his wig and introduces himself.

The Shirt That Fooled Them All

The most hilarious moment comes when Guillorme picks up his own shirsey to ask customers if they want to buy it. The blue branded t-shirt has his name and number printed on the back, but the Mets supporters still don't catch on.

One fan remarks that he hasn't been following the team long enough to know Guillorme. With Luis literally holding out his own shirt, the man fails to make the connection and denies wanting to purchase it!

Shirsey Sales Skyrocket

While Guillorme's prank was done in fun, it seems to have boosted his shirsey sales for real. After seeing Guillorme box up his #13 shirts at the end to mail to his mother, the bit went viral across social platforms.

Suddenly his jersey started flying off the shelves both at CitiField and online at Guillorme himself had to admit even he wanted to buy one of the shirts after his amusing Store Clerk skit!

The Guillorme Brand Keeps Growing

First joining the Mets as a prospect in 2015, Luis Guillorme was relatively unknown early in his career stuck behind bigger name players. But after breakout performances as a utility guy the last couple seasons, Guillorme is becoming a fan favorite.

His reputation as a clutch performer earned him the nickname "Night Night" for sending opposing teams to bed. After his viral MLB Store bit, the Guillorme name is bigger than ever in Queens. His jersey and shirsey are must-have items for Mets fans thanks to his hilarious antics and gritty play.

Continued Mets Magic

Guillorme and his lighthearted prank is just one of countless fun moments for these likable Mets. With stars like Pete Alonso keeping things loose with his polar bear celebrations, the Mets capture the hearts of baseball fans.

After earning 101 wins and reaching the playoffs in 2022, the Mets enter 2023 with sky high expectations. Their winning culture allows personalities like Guillorme's to shine through. Expect more magic at CitiField and more Guillorme jerseys in the stands as the Mets look to capture that elusive World Series crown.


Who is Luis Guillorme?

Luis Guillorme is a utility player for the New York Mets. He broke into the majors in 2018 and is known as a solid defender at multiple infield positions.

What was Guillorme's MLB Shop prank?

Guillorme went undercover as a store clerk at the Mets' flagship MLB store location. He interacted with customers while wearing a disguise to see if anyone would recognize him as a player.

Did anyone realize it was actually Guillorme?

No, most fans did not realize the goofy clerk was Guillorme. Even when he held up his own jersey from behind the counter, shoppers failed to recognize him.

Why did Guillorme reveal himself in the end?

After pranking fans for a while, Guillorme eventually revealed who he actually was to a shocked group of Mets supporters. He wanted to see their surprised reactions once they learned his true identity.

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