The Invasion of UFO Hoodies in Streetwear Fashion Trends

The Invasion of UFO Hoodies in Streetwear Fashion Trends
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The Rise of UFO Hoodies in Streetwear Fashion

UFO hoodies with alien and spaceship designs have become an unexpected fashion trend in recent years. While Sci-Fi themes have had a long history intertwined with streetwear, UFO hoodies stand out for their often brightly-colored cosmic graphics and quirky nods to pop culture. So how did this alien invasion quietly conquer streetwear closets and Instagram feeds?

UFO Hoodies Tap Into Y2K Nostalgia

Much of the appeal of UFO hoodies ties into a rising nostalgia for 90s and early 2000s pop culture. The types of flashy spaceship prints and little green aliens decorating these hoodies recall the kinds of vibrant graphics that covered souvenirs and toys of decades past. For Millennials and Gen Zers especially, these playful images trigger fond childhood memories.

By screenprinting these retro graphics onto hoodies, streetwear brands are able to tap into this Y2K nostalgia that has strongly resurged. Pairing a colorful alien graphic with an otherwise plain hoodie gives off both vintage amusement park vibes and a postmodern irony. This allows UFO hoodies to straddle the line between tongue-in-cheek humor and childhood joy.

Influencers Propelled UFO Hoodies to Popularity

Like many fashion trends, the craze around UFO hoodies largely came out of influencer marketing. As celebrities and popular social media figures began wearing bold alien-adorned hoodies, fans quickly hopped aboard the cosmic bandwagon.

The influential label Vetements helped spark this interstellar movement when it debuted its UFO hoodie back in 2016. Featuring a small green alien embroidered mid-chest, the oversized hoodie made waves among celebs and hypebeasts. This set the stage for other brands to experiment with their own takes on alien streetwear.

DIY Culture Adds to the UFO Hoodie Hype

Another aspect driving the popularity of UFO hoodies is a thriving culture of DIY clothing customization and embellishment. Crafty young DIYers realized that plain hoodies made the perfect canvas for adding eye-catching touches like ironed-on aliens, spaceship appliques, or even hand-painted astro landscapes.

By personalizing mass-produced hoodies, DIYers enable anyone to make their own unique spin-off of a Vetements-esque UFO hoodie. This makes the intergalactic streetwear trend accessible and participatory for all. The endless variations possible also help UFO hoodies feel like a fresh and modern fashion craze.

UFO Hoodies Allow Creative Self-Expression

Ultimately, UFO hoodies have struck a chord because they allow for creativity and self-expression. The alien graphics let wearers telegraph interests in things like sci-fi movies or video games in an subtly showy way. UFO hoodies announce that someone has an off-beat, playful spirit without having to say a word.

Combining a staple wardrobe item like a hoodie with quirky alien visuals perfectly encapsulates a prevailing ethos: standing out while fitting in. For youth looking to subtly broadcast uniqueness or to connect with others through shared pop culture touchstones, UFO hoodies let them feel they've found their intergalactic tribe.

Notable UFO Hoodie Releases

While countless brands now offer UFO hoodies, a handful of releases have been particularly buzzed-about in streetwear circles:

Vetements Staff UFO Hoodie

The OG UFO hoodie that ignited a movement, this oversized blue hoodie featured an small green embroidered alien over the left breast. Released in 2016, it signaled that quirky 90s nostalgia was ready for a high fashion makeover.

Revenge x Storm Area 51 Hoodie

A collaboration between streetwear brand Revenge and Travis Scott’s Cactus Jack label, this black hoodie featured retro Sci-Fi graphics and text styled after infamous US military base Area 51. The phrase “Wish You Were Here” underscored the cheeky pop culture reference.

Chinatown Market Smiley UFO Hoodie

Released in 2019 amidst surging interest in UFO hoodies, this pink oversized hoodie featured Chinatown Market’s popular smiley face piloting a retro silver flying saucer. The tongue-in-cheek graphic and playful color embodied the ironic exuberance of streetwear’s interstellar obsession.

The Future of UFO Hoodies

For the moment, UFO hoodies show no signs of abducting streetwear enthusiasts and whisking away to some far corner of last year’s trends. If anything, their popularity continues to soar higher.

More mainstream brands like UNIQLO and ZARA entering the UFO hoodie game signals that the intergalactic look may have more than fleeting hypebeast appeal. As long as pop culture stays stocked with movies, shows, and more keeping alien visitations in our collective consciousness, UFO hoodies seem primed to remain wardrobe staples for streetwear fans.

So get ready to see Little Green Men popping up on hoodies everywhere you look. Because in the universe of fashion trends, right now space creatures are exceeding escape velocity.


Why have UFO hoodies become so popular recently?

UFO hoodies tap into a growing nostalgia for colorful and playful 90s/Y2K aesthetics. Their quirky graphics offer both ironic retro appeal and childlike amusement. Celebrities and influencers have also propelled UFO hoodies into wider fame.

Where did the first popular UFO hoodie come from?

The OG UFO hoodie that ignited demand was released in 2016 by the brand Vetements. Their oversized blue hoodie featured a small green embroidered alien and immediately got attention from hypebeasts and high fashion circles.

Who are UFO hoodies popular with?

UFO hoodies have been broadly adopted by streetwear fans and hypebeasts, especially among younger Millennial and Gen Z demographics. Their blend of novelty and staple clothing allows for mass appeal.

What makes UFO hoodies unique from other graphic hoodies?

While graphic hoodies are common, UFO hoodie stand out for tapping into very specific Y2K nostalgia. The spaceships and aliens feel like a fresh spin on graphic hoodies. They also lend themselves incredibly well to DIY customization and embellishment.

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