Express Your Pride with DIY Harnesses | Build Your Own for 2021

Express Your Pride with DIY Harnesses | Build Your Own for 2021
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Expressing Yourself Through Pride Harnesses

In recent years, Pride celebrations have seen more and more creative expressions of LGBTQIA+ identity. From colorful flags to sparkling makeup looks, attendees pull out all the stops. One popular trend that combines style and symbolism is homemade Pride harnesses.

What Are Pride Harnesses?

Pride harnesses are accessories worn by LGBTQIA+ people and allies during Pride month events. They typically consist of straps crossing the chest, shoulders, and back in rainbow colors or other Pride flags. These harnesses allow the wearer to proudly display their identity or support.

Harnesses have long been used in LGBTQIA+ circles to celebrate kink and BDSM sexuality. The Pride spin on this accessory represents claiming pride in these identities that have historically been stigmatized. The brightly colored straps send a bold message of refusing to hide or be ashamed.

Reasons To Create Your Own

Building your own Pride harness is popular for several key reasons:

  • It allows complete customization to match your style.
  • The DIY process can hold symbolic meaning for embracing your identity.
  • It makes for an eye-catching centerpiece to any Pride outfit.
  • You can repurpose materials and be cost effective.

Many attendees who build a Pride harness describe the process as transformative. Each strap represents claiming pride in another aspect of themselves. Selecting meaningful materials and colors feels empowering.

How To Make Your Own Pride Harness

Gather Your Materials

Almost anything can become harness strap material, so look around your home or visit a craft store. Some popular choices include:

  • Ribbons
  • Fabric strips
  • Cords
  • Twine or rope
  • Wrapping paper
  • Leather straps
  • Old belts

Choose materials that allow you to incorporate meaningful colors and decorate to your taste. Glitter, studs, lace, flowers, and all kinds of embellishments can elevate your harness.

Plan The Design

Sketch out what you envision before starting to fabricate. Consider how you’ll secure the straps in back:

  • Tie straps together
  • Use buckles
  • Attach to an anchor belt or waist strap
  • Connect to a T-bar going across shoulders

The possibilities are endless when handmaking. Take inspiration from harnesses you’ve seen, but invent something symbolic of self-love and authenticity.

Assembly Strategies

These basic techniques ensure clean finishings:

  • Hem edges of fabric straps
  • Wrap ends of rope/cord in tape
  • Glue gun any embellishments
  • Reinforce stitching on leather/belts

Bend wire inside ribbon straps to help them hold shape across the body. And test arrangements before permanently attaching pieces together.

Rock Your Creation With Pride

The most meaningful part comes when debuting your homemade Pride harness. Whether at Pride parades, dance parties, drag shows, or elsewhere – own it!

Strike poses to show it off from all angles. Snap pics to remember the looks on peoples’ faces when they admire your bold accessory. And most importantly, soak up the rush of self-love and liberation each strap represents.

Pride Harness Inspiration

Check out these eye-catching Pride harness examples others have created:

Rainbow Suspender Style

Multi-layered straps in ROYGBIV ribbons rainbow across the chest in this vibrant suspender-reminiscent design:

[Image description]

Lace & Leather Statement

This harness mixes feminine lace with bold leather waist belts secured by an anchor chain in back:

[Image description]

Subtle Sparkling Accent

Woven glittery cord and jewels accent simple ribbons crossing the shoulders and wrapping the arms:

[Image description]

Final Thoughts

Homemade Pride harnesses let your imagination run wild in celebrating LGBTQIA+ identities. Decorate to showcase your personal pride. The process can feel liberating as you embrace making visible what society has pressured to hide.

Show off your harness at Pride events or wherever you want to take a stand. Let its symbolism remind you and the crowd that love is love – and all of us deserve to live authentically without shame or judgment.


Why do people wear harnesses to Pride events?

Pride harnesses allow LGBTQIA+ people and allies to proudly display symbols of their identity or support. The rainbow colors and bold style make a statement that they refuse to hide and are claiming self-love.

What materials can I use to make a homemade harness?

You can repurpose many household items into harness straps, like ribbons, fabric, rope, belts, etc. Choose materials in your identity's color scheme and decorate with glitter, studs, or other embellishments.

How do I attach the harness straps together?

Options for securing straps include tying knots, using buckles, attaching to a waist belt, or connecting to a shoulder T-bar. Test arrangements before permanently gluing or stitching pieces together.

Where is the best place to show off my harness?

Debut your homemade harness at Pride parades, festivals, parties, drag events, and anywhere you want to take a stand for LGBTQIA+ visibility and authentic living without judgment.

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