Unique DIY Pallet Furniture for Small Spaces

Unique DIY Pallet Furniture for Small Spaces
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Turning Pallets into Unique Furniture Pieces

Old and used wooden pallets can find new life when upcycled into charming DIY furniture projects. With some simple tools, creativity, and pallet wood, you can make incredible pallet saver furniture perfect for small spaces or outdoor decor.

Gathering Materials: Finding and Prepping Pallets

Before beginning your build, you’ll need to source wooden pallets. Check local businesses, warehouses, and markets to inquire if they have any spare pallets. You’re looking for wooden pallets in good, sturdy condition. Avoid any with loose or rotten boards, protruding nails, or heavy damage.

Once you’ve gathered suitable pallets, prep them by taking them fully apart. Use a pry bar and hammer to detach the boards cleanly. Remove or hammer down any nails and sand the boards to smooth rough edges. Then give them a quick clean before using them for your upcycling project.

DIY Pallet Table Ideas

Tables make fantastic starter projects when working with repurposed pallets. They're beginner-friendly builds and suit small outdoor spaces beautifully. Some fun and functional DIY pallet table ideas include:

  • Pallet coffee table
  • Outdoor side table
  • Pallet sofa table
  • Pallet dining table
  • Pallet pub table

You can keep your pallet table simple by making a basic square or rectangular top supported by legs. Or get creative with the shape by doing a round, curved, or irregular design.

Building Pallet Furniture with Style

Applying some additional finishing touches elevates your upcycled pallet furniture from purely functional to stylishly unique. Consider these ideas:

  • Add cushions or decor: Place cushions, pillows, flowers, or other decor items on or around your pallet furniture to enhance visual appeal.
  • Incorporate lighting: Install lighting underneath or within your pallet projects to double as decor and illumination.
  • Mix and match: Combine both intact pallets and repurposed boards to create contrast and complete a cohesive look.
  • Add storage: When making pallet coffee tables, side tables, or benches, add bottom or side shelves for storage solutions.
  • Try multi-level designs: Stack pallets or boards in staggered layers for cool, modern designs.
  • Paint or stain: Refinish your projects with color, stains, wood finish to suit your tastes.

DIY Pallet Sofa Ideas for Small Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor sofa sets instantly make small patios, balconies, or porches more inviting. Instead of buying expensive outdoor sectionals, create your own gorgeous and affordable pallet sofa using upcycled materials.

Building the Base

First construct a sturdy base upon which to install your pallet boards. You can use intact pallets, four legs, cinderblocks, or landscape timbers to elevate your sofa above the ground. Arrange into a rectangle to determine desired sofa length.

For cushion support, secure plywood sheets cut to size across the top of your base. You can opt to hinge one side of the plywood to store cushions inside the sofa frame when not in use.

Adding Pallet Boards

Once your base is ready, position repurposed pallet wood boards side-by-side across the top. Allow slight overhang on the edges if desired. Use galvanized screws to secure boards to base frame beneath.

Sandwich boards together at seams using wood glue and screws to prevent gaps between them. Finish by sanding tops of boards to smooth any rough patches.

Cushions and Decor

No sofa is complete without plush cushions for comfort. Take measurements and sew cushion covers to size or purchase ready-made cushions. Use weather-resistant fabrics like canvas, polyester, acrylic or olefin for durability.

Add side tables, pillows, blankets, and decor items to create a cozy lounge space. You can paint or stencil the pallet wood to match other outdoor decor too. Install lighting for evening enjoyment.

Unique Pallet Furniture Ideas

If you’re feeling adventurous, pallets can transform into all sorts of non-traditional furniture too. Let your imagination run wild!

Pallet Swing Chair

A pallet swing made from wood boards and rope hangs beautifully from trees, patios, or stands. Affix strong rope to both sides of your finished pallet seat to suspend it.

Pallet Daybed

Pallets arranged into an open-ended rectangle or square work splendidly as a daybed frame. Top with a mattress and comfy pillows for an afternoon nap spot or extra guest bed.

Pallet Bar

For parties and gatherings, a DIY pallet bar makes a big statement. Upcycle pallets into a serving surface and facia. Include exterior paint, decorative hardware, shelving, and lighting.

Pallet Planters

Make vertical pallet planter boxes to cultivate herbs, flowers, succulents, or veggies in your garden. Affix box frames to posts or fences at comfortable working heights.

With leftover cut wood pieces, you can create charming signs and decor items to embellish your pallet projects too.

The Benefits of Pallet Furniture DIY Projects

Upcycling wooden pallets breathes new life into old, discarded materials headed for the landfill. Some key advantages of furnishing with pallet wood include:

  • Sustainability - You reuse and repurpose wood destined for waste.
  • Cost savings - Sourcing free pallets is very affordable compared to buying new furniture.
  • Customization - Crafting your own furniture allows for personalized sizes, shapes, colors.
  • Added value - The furniture you produce has artistic, decorative value.
  • Creativity - Designing and building your own pieces sparks innovation.

So put those readily available pallets to use for your next easy weekend DIY project. The only limit is your imagination!


Where can I find used pallets for free?

Check with local warehouses, stores, markets, and distribution companies to ask if they have spare wooden pallets available for free pickup.

What kind of pallets should I use for furniture?

See if you can get heat treated (marked HT) pallets rather than chemically treated ones (marked MB). HT pallets are safer to work with and indoor use.

Can pallet furniture hold heavy weight or be load bearing?

Yes, certain types of pallet furniture like tables, benches, beds can support weight when properly reinforced. Use sturdy support beams and secure joints.

How do I make the pallet wood splinter-proof?

Sand all pallet boards, use wood glue on connecting surfaces, and apply polyurethane finish to seal the wood from moisture and prevent splinters from forming.

Is pallet wood furniture able to withstand outdoor conditions?

Yes, but proper waterproofing is key. Use outdoor rated wood stain, weather resistant fabric coverings, and keep away from direct ground contact.

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