The Benefits of Handwriting on Dry Erase Boards for Learning

The Benefits of Handwriting on Dry Erase Boards for Learning
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The Benefits of Handwriting on Dry Erase Boards

Dry erase boards provide the perfect canvas for practicing handwriting skills. With the recent resurgence in handwriting popularity and the continuous research showing the cognitive benefits of writing by hand, using dry erase boards is an excellent way to nurture handwriting development.

Building Handwriting Skills

Writing by hand helps strengthen motor skills and hand-eye coordination which are essential for proper letter and number formation. The smooth surface of a dry erase board provides just the right amount of friction to control a dry erase marker across the board. Children can trace letter forms and progress to writing sight words, spelling words, and math problems as their fine motor skills develop.

Adults can also utilize dry erase boards to continue developing legible handwriting. The temporary nature of dry erase ink makes practicing cursive or improving penmanship less daunting with easy erasing of missteps or imperfections. Dry erase markers glide across the surface allowing writers to focus on rhythm, spacing, and sizing of letter forms.

Retaining Information Better

Handwriting engages parts of the brain that typing does not by integrating vision, touch, and motion to record information. Research indicates that the physical act of writing aids memorization of concepts. Writing sight words, mathematical equations, or scientific formulas by hand requires focused attention and deeper processing leading to better retention.

Using a dry erase board takes this one step further by allowing erasing and rewriting of information. The ability to erase and rewrite strengthens the memory even more each time a concept is handwritten. Students can practice facts or terminology repeatedly to cement learning.

Enhancing Creativity

The blank canvas of a dry erase board presents creative possibilities limited only by the imagination. Unstructured creativity develops both independent thinking and problem solving abilities. Dry erase boards encourage playful expression without fear of permanent mistakes and create space for innovation.

Drawings, word art, brainstorming lists, graphic organizers, and visual thinking charts can cover every inch of these boards. Colored dry erase markers make visual thinking even more dynamic to ignite creative juices and make learning more fun along the way!

Choosing the Best Dry Erase Board

With the rise of modern technology and online learning


What are the benefits of handwriting on dry erase boards?

Dry erase boards are beneficial for developing handwriting skills through tracing letters and writing sight words to improve fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and penmanship. The ability to erase and rewrite also helps with better memorization and retention when physically working through math problems or scientific concepts. Dry erase boards also foster creativity and visual thinking strategies.

What size dry erase board is best?

The ideal dry erase board size depends on your intended use. Small lap-sized 9”x12” boards are great for individual use among children or journaling. Larger wall mounted panels around 4ft x 6ft allow more space for multiple students to collaborate on group brainstorming and visual thinking techniques. Consider available space and number of users.

How do you properly care for a dry erase board?

Proper dry erase board care involves cleaning frequently with dry erase spray or alcohol to prevent marker ghosting, only using bold-tipped dry erase markers instead of permanent markers, replacing old eraser pads for the best erasability, and storing either horizontally or vertically with a cover to prevent fading, scratches, or dust buildup.

Do dry erase markers damage glass boards?

High-quality tempered glass dry erase boards are designed specifically for use with dry erase markers without concern for damage. Always use broad-tipped low odor dry erase markers to prevent scratching and follow cleaning directions to prevent ghosting residue. Avoid abrasive erasers or cleaners which could scratch some glass surfaces over time with repeated use.

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