Waterdrop Necklace Jewelry Guide - Styling Tips and Design Inspiration

Waterdrop Necklace Jewelry Guide - Styling Tips and Design Inspiration
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The Beauty of Waterdrop Necklace Designs

Waterdrop necklaces have become an increasingly popular jewelry trend in recent years. The teardrop or raindrop shape contains an intricate beauty reminiscent of natural water formations and droplets, leading to visually striking accessory pieces.

What is a Waterdrop Necklace?

A waterdrop necklace features a pendant in the distinctive shape of a water droplet. The teardrop pendant is longer than it is wide, with a rounded bottom and pointed top meant to evoke the look of a drop of water or dew forming on a surface.

Waterdrop pendants come in a variety of sizes and materials, from small delicate pendants to large statement pieces. The shaping of the metal creates a glimmering surface that catches and reflects light beautifully. Many waterdrop necklace designs also incorporate additional embellishments for extra sparkle and visual interest.

Stones and Crystals in Waterdrop Pendants

A popular trend is featuring crystals and gemstones within the waterdrop pendant. Stones like crystal quartz or blue topaz align nicely with the water motif. Their transparency, shine, cuts, and natural formations aesthetically complement the liquid inspiration.

Icy blue topaz, in particular, makes a great addition to a silver or white gold waterdrop necklace. The cool tone calls to mind images of a serene mountain spring or frozen icicle. Combining the blue gem's natural shape inside the pendant embraces the water inspiration even further for a eye catching accessory.

Crafting Process of Waterdrop Necklaces

Creating a waterdrop necklace by hand requires precision, skill, and an artistic eye. The process starts with shaping the desired metal - often sterling silver or gold - into the distinctive teardrop form. This can be done in various ways, such as careful molding, carving, or laser cutting.

Once the basic pendant shape is completed, additional embellishments and finishing touches are added. Stones may be set within the pendant or metalworked texture can be tooled onto the surface to catch the light. The pendant is then attached to the selected chain option to complete the necklace.

Where to Buy Waterdrop Necklaces

The growing popularity of waterdrop necklaces means more jewelers and artisans are offering their own handcrafted designs. In many cases you can buy waterdrop necklaces directly from the artists through their websites or social media pages. This allows you to support small businesses while getting a unique, custom accessory.

Boutiques, galleries, craft fairs, and specialty jewelry stores also carry selections of waterdrop necklaces. Big retailers may offer more mass-produced fashion necklaces broadly inspired by the waterdrop look as well. Purchasing handmade pendants directly from artists remains the best avenue to get an original piece.

Styling Tips for Waterdrop Necklaces

The flowing, fluid shape of a waterdrop pendant pairs beautifully with both casual everyday outfits and dressy occasion looks. The versatile design suits a range of personal styles.

Casual Waterdrop Necklace Looks

For casual wear, layer a dainty waterdrop necklace over a simple t-shirt or tank. Contrast the delicate pendant against the casual top for visual interest. Longer pendants work well with the plunging necklines of off-the-shoulder blouses as well.

Let the pendant be the focal point above a neutral solid colored top. Avoid overly busy prints or dense layers of other jewelry. Keep the rest of the look simple to allow the waterdrop shape to shine.

Dressing Up Waterdrop Necklaces

For formal or glamorous occasions, choose a statement waterdrop necklace with substantial size and embellishments. Complement with an elegant dress or well-tailored blazer.

Large pendants make excellent focal points above lower cut necklines. The vertical orientation draws the eye, making it appear as part of the dress or top itself. Crystal-accented gold or silver waterdrops stand out beautifully against dark jewel-toned fabrics.

Showcasing Waterdrop Necklaces

To draw attention to a waterdrop pendant necklace, wear hair up. An updo shows off the neckline completely. Pull back any strands that would cover the décolletage or hide part of the chain.

Similarly, skip scarves or collars in favor of open shirt necklines when highlighting a waterdrop necklace. Any fabric or accessories near the neck compete visually with the pendant. Keep the area clean for maximum impact.

Caring for your Waterdrop Necklace

With proper care and maintenance, a quality handcrafted waterdrop necklace will remain beautiful for years. Follow these tips to safely clean and store your pendant.

Cleaning Waterdrop Pendants

Use a gentle jewelry polishing cloth to buff away dirt and oils. This helps restore shine and luster over time. For stuck-on debris, dip the pendant in warm soapy water then scrub gently with a small brush.

Take care with gemstones, only use soft cloths to polish, no liquids. Specific stone cleaning kits are also available. Harsh chemicals can damage or dissolve softer gems.

Waterdrop Necklace Storage

Keep pendants in a dedicated jewelry box or fabric pouch when not wearing. This protects the shape from scratches or dents during storage. Use anti-tarnish strips in storage boxes to help prevent discoloration.

For necklaces with fragile chain clasps, lightly loop chains or fasten a small clasp before storage. This takes pressure off the small closure pieces to help prevent breakage when resting.

Treat your handcrafted waterdrop necklace with care and it will maintain its inspiring, fluid beauty for everyday wear or special occasions.


What metals are commonly used for waterdrop pendants?

Sterling silver and gold are most common. Silver provides an affordable option, while gold offers a more luxe feel. Platinum or white gold give a modern look. Rose gold pairs beautifully with pastel gems for a romantic vibe.

What length chain is best for a waterdrop pendant?

16 to 20 inches is preferred for most waterdrop necklace designs. This allows the pendant to hang nicely around the collar bone area. Longer 30 inch chains work for layering. Choker length 14 inches can suit small, minimalist waterdrops.

What outfit accessories work well with a waterdrop necklace?

Avoid bulky statement necklaces or scarves. Keep the neckline clean and open to showcase the pendant. Small stud earrings balance without competing. Forformal night looks, opt for an updo to accentuate the shoulders and draw attention to the fluid neckline.

Can you wear a waterdrop necklace daily?

While delicate crystal-accented options may be best for occasional wear, many waterdrop pendants work beautifully for everyday layering. Avoid submerging in water or exposing to chemicals. When cared for properly, simpler silver or gold waterdrop necklaces handle regular wear.

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