Angel Aura Agate Guide: Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses of Aura Quartz Crystals

Angel Aura Agate Guide: Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses of Aura Quartz Crystals
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What is Angel Aura Agate?

Angel aura agate is a beautiful and unique type of quartz crystal that has gained immense popularity in recent years. Sometimes referred to simply as aura agate, angel aura agate is known for its stunning rainbow colors that seem to shimmer and glow from within.

Natural agate formations are porous, which allows them to be treated with a metallic vapor that infuses tiny particles into the external layer. This treatment process brings out the striking iridescent rainbow hues for which aura agates are prized. The most common coatings used are gold, platinum, titanium or silver.

How Angel Aura Quartz is Created

To create angel aura stones, clear quartz crystals are super-heated in a vacuum chamber with precious metal vapors like silver or titanium. As the vapors are bonded to the crystal's surface, it develops a permanent sheen of vibrant rainbow colors.

No two angel aura stones are exactly alike - each one has its own unique color patterns and intensities. The stunning rainbow colors on the outside of the stones are what gives them the name "aura quartz". The metallic coatings allow the crystals to gently reflect light to produce flashes of brilliant spectral colors.

Difference Between Aura Quartz and Angel Aura Quartz

While the terms aura quartz and angel aura quartz are sometimes used interchangeably, angel aura is said to have a lighter, more opalescent sheen compared to standard aura quartz. The angelic moniker also comes from its high and delicate vibration.

Additionally, some believe that clear quartz crystals treated with silver or platinum specifically are what deserve the angel aura designation, while aura quartz can come from coatings of other metals like gold, titanium or copper.

Metaphysical Healing Properties

In crystal healing traditions, angel aura quartz is cherished for its intensely comforting and soothing energy. It has a very spiritual and protective vibe, and is believed to attract angelic beings.

Connections to Angels

As its name implies, angel aura quartz is closely connected with the angelic realm. The pure rainbow spectra on the outside of the crystals corresponds to the light in the higher crown chakras and upper echelons of spiritual evolution.

The angelic entities associated with these stones can provide guidance to help anyone communicating with the crystal. Meditating with angel aura allows greater access to angelic light which can infuse the body and fill it with feelings of serenity and security under angel wings.

Soothing Emotional Healer

This gently uplifting crystal has a comforting quality that emotionally balances the nervous system. The presence of precious metals on the surface clears emotional baggage and trauma to wash away pain, anger and fear.

By clearing lower vibrations from the emotional body, angel aura quartz anchors a state of inner peace, calm and deep contentment. This makes it an excellent crystal for anyone working through anxiety, depression, grief or loneliness.

Spiritual Protection

The rainbow sheen encasing angel aura agate forms an impermeable shield of light around the stone. Metaphysically, this protective layer serves as a barrier of divine light that deflects lower vibrations and negative energy.

By placing an angel aura quartz crystal over each of the seven chakras, it forms a protective grid of positive energy all around the physical and subtle bodies. This shield of vibrant rainbow light prevents penetrating negativity while allowing the angels' high-vibration energy to flow inward.

Angel Aura Quartz Benefits

There are many beneficial uses of angel aura agate in crystal work. This gentle stone nurtures and lifts the soul with its comforting angelic energy.

Balances Yin-Yang Energy

The perfect balance of masculine and feminine vibrations within angel aura quartz creates equilibrium between yin-yang polarities. Holding the stone promotes alignment of the mental, emotional and physical bodies by integrating left and right brain hemispheres.

Opens Higher Chakras

Angel aura quartz resonates powerfully with the crown and third eye chakras, imbuing them with currents of angelic light. This allows higher quantities of cosmic energy to flow into the upper chakras and down through the whole system.

As all seven chakras align and open, intuition and psychic sensibilities expand while conscious connection with the divine source is strengthened.

Manifestation and Abundance

The silver and rainbow coatings over angel aura agate create a powerful conduit for bringing desires and intentions into physical form. The crystals act almost like a cosmic radio antenna, tuning into angel broadcasts that allow divine manifestation support.

Meditating with these crystals during visualization practices amplifies outcomes by broadcasting intentions out through angelic realms. This ascended assistance makes manifestation faster and more abundant due to amplification from the angels themselves.

Astral Travel Helper

Working with angel aura quartz before astral projection or lucid dreaming helps facilitate conscious out-of-body travel. The crystals work mainly by stimulating the third eye to promote mental clarity while deeply relaxing the physical body.

By elevating consciousness and inducing relaxation, angel aura agate creates ideal conditions for the astral body to detach from physical form. Then the angels can guide conscious awareness to desired astral destinations.

How to Use Angel Aura Quartz

Here are some of the most effective ways to use angel aura agate:

Crystal Grids

Arranging multiple tumbled aura quartz crystals in geometric patterns amplifies and coheres their emissions. Sacred geometry grids can be created using angel aura crystals to purify energy over a wide area.

Try placing them in circular, pyramidal, rectangular, diamond or more unique formations by following intuitive guidance. Any grid will emit profound fields of protective, healing rainbow light.


Wearing angel aura quartz as jewelry like pendants, necklaces, bracelets, rings or earrings keeps the stone's energy close throughout the day. Tumbled crystals work well for jewelry as their smooth shape is comfortable next to the skin.

The constant contact allows a slow infusion of vibrational alignment, harmony and angelic layers into one's personal energy system, like a steady dose of liquid light.


Incorporating angel aura agate in meditation allows its high-vibration angelic guidance to flow freely into consciousness. Holding a crystal during meditation tunes the mind's frequencies to sync up with the stone's emissions.

This elevates consciousness up the planes into angelic domains of existence for profound experiences. It also initiates communication with one's guardian angels.

Chakra Healing Treatment

As a vibrational healer, angel aura quartz can balance and align all seven chakras through direct placement on the body. Its rainbow light permeates each chakra with positive energy to lift any stuck conditions rooted in that center.

Starting from the root, place an angel aura crystal directly on each chakra moving up to the crown. Let the stone sit on each area for a minute or more to allow its cleansing rainbow current to flow in.

Final Thoughts on Angel Aura Agate

With its dazzling rainbow colors and soothing angelic energy, it's easy to appreciate why angel aura quartz has become such a coveted crystal. Its touching message of divine peace, protection and guidance reaches deep into the soul to lift emotional burdens and set spirit free.

Yet despite its lofty vibrations, angel aura agate remains humble, earthy and filled with nurturing heart-light that embraces all seekers alike. This quintessential "angel stone" manifests heaven on earth wherever its rainbows shine!


What are angel aura quartz crystals?

Angel aura quartz crystals are natural quartz that has been permanently treated with precious metals like silver, gold or platinum to give them a shimmering, iridescent rainbow aura coating.

What chakras does angel aura agate activate?

The light, airy vibrations of angel aura agate mainly activate and align the crown and third eye chakras. This allows for vivid spiritual insights, intuition and connection with ascended energies and beings.

How can you tell real aura quartz?

Real natural aura quartz can be verified by the smooth, glossy and unbroken metallic coating covering the crystal. Fake aura quartz often has an uneven, bumpy or flaky metallic layer that rubs off easily. Genuine aura crystals also feel lighter than standard quartz.

Can you cleanse angel aura crystals?

Yes, angel aura quartz can be cleansed like other crystals. Soaking or rinsing with cool water is best as salt and heat may degrade the metallic angelic aura layer over time. Be gentle and avoid harsh chemical or ultrasonic cleaning methods.

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