Create Viral AI Videos in Just 109 Seconds

Create Viral AI Videos in Just 109 Seconds
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In today's world of social media and short attention spans, creating engaging video content quickly is key. With AI video creation tools, it's now possible to make high-quality, stylized videos in just 109 seconds. Keep reading to learn how.

What is AI Video Creation?

AI video creation utilizes artificial intelligence to automate part or all of the video production process. Some AI video creator tools allow you to generate an entire video from just a text prompt, while others can add effects and stylize an existing video with the click of a button.

By leveraging machine learning algorithms trained on millions of videos, AI video creators can produce unique, engaging footage without extensive manual editing. This makes it fast and easy for anyone to create stylish videos for social media in a matter of seconds.

Benefits of AI Video Creation

  • Saves time - No need for filming, editing, adding effects manually
  • Accessible to beginners - No professional editing skills required
  • Customizable - Tweak prompts and settings to achieve desired style
  • Viral potential - Interesting effects quickly capture audience attention

Creating a 109 Second AI Video

Let's look at how you can leverage AI video creation tools to make a stylized 109 second video for social media.

Choose an AI Video Creator

There are a variety of AI video creation platforms to explore, many with free versions. Some popular options include:

  • Wombo - Generates videos from text prompts
  • Runway - Applies effects and styles to existing videos
  • Vochi - Creates animated videos from text
  • Capcut - Editing app with AI creative effects

Consider the video output quality, effect options, price points, and ease of use to select the right AI tool for your needs.

Craft Your Prompt

If using a text-to-video generator, you'll need to provide a detailed text prompt. Get creative and descriptive with the wording to produce a unique, captivating video.

For example: "A close up of a girl with pink hair and neon makeup dancing energetically in a futuristic city, glitch effects and vaporwave music"

Tweak the Settings

Most AI video platforms allow customizing the video length, aspect ratio, quality, and more. For a 109 second video optimized for social media like TikTok or Instagram Reels, set the length to 1:49.

A 9:16 vertical aspect ratio also works well for mobile. Adjust any other available settings to achieve your desired stylized look.

Generate and Export

With your prompt crafted and settings adjusted, have the AI generate your 109 second video masterpiece! Once created, export it at the highest resolution possible for optimal quality.

Refine and Share

Review the AI-generated video and make any desired edits to refine it. Most tools allow some level of customization after initial creation. Finally, add any branding or text overlays and upload to your social platforms for the world to enjoy your 109 second AI video!

AI Video Ideas in 109 Seconds

With the power of artificial intelligence, your imagination is the only limit to the unique 109 second videos you can create. Here are some fun style ideas to try:

Glitch Effect

Add a trendy, futuristic glitch effect with flashes of color and distortion. Works great for dance videos or tech-related content.

Vaporwave Aesthetic

Give your video a retro 80s or 90s look with vibrant neon colors, 3D effects, and lo-fi electronic music.

Cinematic Animation

Make an animated lyric video or short film with a cinematic atmosphere and sweeping camera movements.

AI Art Landscapes

Use AI art generators like Midjourney to create stunning fantasy landscapes as backdrops.

Funny Character Videos

Generate a wacky animated narrative featuring funny cartoon characters for comedic effect.

Maximize Views with AI Video Hacks

Creating AI videos in 109 seconds provides engaging content, but you need views to grow your audience. Use these additional hacks:

Engaging Thumbnails

Make eye-catching thumbnails using bold text, color blocks, and imagery from the video. This entices viewers to click.

Trending Sounds

Add popular sounds and audio from trending challenges to make your video more discoverable.


Research relevant hashtags used by your target audience and include them in captions.


Collaborate with influencers in your niche to gain access to their followers and increase reach.

Start Creating with AI

Generating stylish, engaging videos in 109 seconds is now possible for any content creator with the help of AI. Follow these tips to quickly craft unique videos that capture audience attention on social media.

Explore prompt wording, customize your settings, add effects and overlays, and leverage other tools like collaborations and hashtags to maximize views. With consistent AI video creation, you can build a loyal following and grow your online presence.


What are the benefits of using AI video creation?

AI video creation can save time, is accessible to beginners, offers customizable video styles, and has viral potential due to its interesting effects.

What is the best AI video creator to use?

Some top options are Wombo, Runway, Vochi, and Capcut based on features, quality, price, and ease of use.

How can I make my AI video 109 seconds long?

Most AI video platforms allow you to customize the length. Simply set it to 1:49 to generate a 109 second video.

What makes an effective prompt for AI video generation?

Use descriptive and creative wording in your prompt. Provide details like visuals, music, mood, effects to get better results.

How can I get more views on my 109 second AI videos?

Make eye-catching thumbnails, use trending sounds, optimize hashtags, and collaborate with relevant influencers.

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