Planning a Multi-Generational Family Reunion at Stunning Bear Lake, Utah

Planning a Multi-Generational Family Reunion at Stunning Bear Lake, Utah
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Picking the Perfect Spot for Your Bear Lake Family Reunion

If your extended family is spread out across different states, planning a fun reunion where everyone can get together can be challenging. However finding the right location can bring cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents together to reconnect and make new memories. Bear Lake on the Utah/Idaho border offers beautiful scenery and endless activities, making it an ideal spot to host a multi-generational family reunion.

Stunning Natural Beauty

Known for its bright turquoise waters surrounded by forested mountains, Bear Lake is an exceptionally scenic location for families to gather together. The contrast of the colorful water against the greenery on shore makes for postcard worthy views and countless photo opportunities. Rent a boat, paddle board or kayak and see the lake's beauty from every angle. Don't forget your camera to document special moments with loved ones.

Accommodations for All Group Sizes

Finding lodging to fit your entire extended family can seem impossible, but Bear Lake offers accommodations ranging from hotels to condos to giant lakeside vacation rentals. Groups of 20 or 50 people or more can bunk together, while smaller family units can have their own rooms. Being altogether under one roof or within walking distance makes coordinated group activities and meals effortless.

Nearby Natural Wonders

While your Bear Lake reunion will undoubtedly center around fun times in and around the lake, this region of the Rockies has an abundance of stunning nature to explore together. Visit nearby Minnetonka Cave with its stalactites and stalagmites formed over thousands of years. Family hikes through lush Logan Canyon will offer spectacular views. The bold can cliff jump at Swan Falls. And garden lovers of all ages will enjoy the vibrant colors and scents of the American West Heritage Center's Sunken Gardens.

Making Memories Through Shared Activities

While simply enjoying each other's company may be enough for some families, having activities planned gives your reunion more opportunities for engagement between all attendees. Bear Lake offers many options for making memories together.

Exciting Lake Recreation

Playing in the turquoise waters of Bear Lake will undoubtedly be on the itinerary. Visitors can boat, jet ski, paddle board and swim till their hearts are content. Little cousins will love wading and building sandcastles along shore. Avid anglers can cast their lines for cutthroat trout and other regional fish. See who reigns supreme at stand-up paddleboard racing or other friendly family competitions.

Nearby Trails for All Fitness Levels

Bear Lake is surrounded by National Forest Lands with hundreds of miles of scenic trails perfect for group hikes. Take an easy lakeside stroll together, or challenge your adventurous family members to one of the more intense climbs up the steep slopes surrounding the lake. Pack a picnic lunch or cookout dinner to enjoy in the midst of nature after working up an appetite on the trails.

Local Attractions for More Family Fun

If you need a break from Bear Lake's waves, visit local attractions like Bear Lake Raspberry Days with its summer festival vibe. Grab uniquely western souvenirs for the whole family at Bear Lake Trading Post. Satisfy sweet cravings with fresh fudge and ice cream on Bear Lake Boulevard. And learn about pioneer history at the Bear Lake County Historical Museum located right on the shore.

Planning Your Ideal Bear Lake Family Reunion

Hosting an unforgettable multi-generational family reunion takes some strategic planning. If beautiful Bear Lake speaks to you as the perfect destination, here are some tips to make your event smooth sailing.

Set the Dates Strategically

Summer is peak tourist season at Bear Lake, so booking early is key if you want first pick of vacation rentals. But you may get more affordable rates and fewer crowds during the late spring and early fall shoulder seasons. Just confirm all ages can handle cooler weather.

Involve Family in Planning

Appoint family volunteers to research accommodations, plan activity options, manage RSVPs and coordinate meals. This gives everyone ownership in the reunion while reducing workload for you as the organizer. Set up a family Facebook page to loop in all generations during the planning process.

Create Custom Swag

Design custom t-shirts or hats featuring your surname, family reunion dates and iconic Bear Lake scenery. Not only does matching apparel make wrangling large groups easier, seeing everyone decked out in the same gear creates a sense of cohesion and pride. Add coordinating koozies, water bottles or beach towels to round out the collection.

With plentiful natural beauty, endless activities and room for your whole extended family to relax together, Bear Lake offers an idyllic backdrop for making memories at your next reunion. Start planning now and get ready to capture big smiles in front of those stunning turquoise vistas.


What is the best time of year to visit Bear Lake?

Summer is peak season with the warmest weather for water sports and activities. But late spring and early fall have fewer crowds and more affordable rates on accommodations.

What is there to do at Bear Lake besides water activities?

Nearby attractions include Minnetonka Cave, Logan Canyon, Swan Falls, and museums like the American West Heritage Center. There are also plenty of hiking trails, raspberry picking festivals, and shops along Bear Lake Boulevard.

What kind of lodging is available for large group reunions?

Options range from hotels and condos to giant vacation rentals right on the lake that can sleep 20+ people. Extended families can stay together under one roof or book separate smaller units within walking distance.

What should we do to make our reunion extra special?

Plan group activities like competitions, picnics and hikes to foster connections. Design custom swag like t-shirts or hats with your family name and reunion dates. And get the whole family involved in aspects of the planning process.

How early should we book lodging and activities?

As early as possible, especially for peak summer dates! Bear Lake is very popular in summer, so reserving vacation rentals and boats/kayaks well in advance ensures better availability and rates.

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