Satisfy Your Nostalgia Cravings with Starbucks' Secret Menu Lucky Charms Drink

Satisfy Your Nostalgia Cravings with Starbucks' Secret Menu Lucky Charms Drink
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Introducing the Magical Starbucks Lucky Charms Drink

Starbucks has done it again by unleashing its latest viral drink sensation - the Lucky Charms Frappuccino! This deliciously Instagrammable creation has taken over social media feeds and captures the essence of the nostalgic childhood cereal we all know and love. Keep reading to learn all about the ingenious blend of flavors and textures that makes this drink absolutely spellbinding.

The Origins of the Lucky Charms Frappuccino

The Lucky Charms Frappuccino was birthed out of the creative minds of baristas and quickly exploded in popularity through TikTok and other platforms. While not officially on the Starbucks menu, customers have been custom ordering the drink and baristas have happily obliged. The recipe is simple - a vanilla bean Frappuccino blended together with the crunch and flavor from a packet of Lucky Charms cereal.

This secret menu drink has been dubbed the ultimate nostalgia trip for 90s kids and a perfect Instagram-worthy treat. The blend of the sweet vanilla bean Frappuccino pairs perfectly with the iconic taste of Lucky Charms we all grew up on. It's no wonder this drink has been gaining so much traction online!

What Makes the Lucky Charms Frap So Crave-worthy

There are several components that make the Lucky Charms Frappuccino so crave-worthy and Insta-fabulous:

  • The base vanilla bean Frappuccino is creamy, sweet, and ultra-refreshing - the perfect cool treat.
  • The addition of actual Lucky Charms cereal adds delightful bursts of flavor and texture, from the oaty cereal to the iconic marshmallows.
  • Visually, the drink is gorgeous with its light green hue and pops of bright cereal pieces suspended throughout. Major eye candy!
  • It's downright fun to sip on this Youth-filled drink, especially with the whimsical rainbow marshmallows in each sip.
  • Customizable with whipped cream to make it even more 'grammable and decadent.

When you combine all these elements, it's easy to see why coffee lovers and90s kids alike are head over heels for this viral Starbucks specialty.

How to Order the Coveted Lucky Charms Frap

To get your hands on this coveted Starbucks menu hack, follow these steps:

  1. Ask your barista for a vanilla bean Creme Frappuccino with the highest size you crave.
  2. Make sure to request it blended with Lucky Charms cereal - about 1-2 Tbsp is usually perfect.
  3. Customize it with whipped cream on top if you wish!
  4. Sit back, snap some Instagram pics, and enjoy the nostalgia trip!

Pro tip: bring your own little baggie of Lucky Charms to add in rather than hoping your Starbucks has it in stock. This drink is in such high demand that cereal supplies can run low when it gains traction on social media.

Taste Test and Review

When I got my hands on the coveted Lucky Charms Frap, I couldn't wait to dive in. My first sip was pure bliss! The creamy, frozen vanilla bean drink was like a milkshake with the perfect amount of sweetness. Every few sips, I got a nice crunch and burst of cereal flavor from the iconic marshmallow or oat pieces blended throughout.

True to its name, this drink brought back warm memories of enjoying a bowl of Lucky Charms as a kid. Except now, it's magically transformed into the perfect iced coffee treat! As I sipped through the layers of whipped cream, I felt like a kid again - but with a sophisticated, barista-crafted spin.

This drink truly delivers on texture, flavor, and visual appeal. I'd give it a solid 10/10 and it's no wonder it's blowing up online! Whether you're a 90s kid looking for some nostalgia or someone who loves unique coffee drinks, the Lucky Charms Frap is a must-try.

Whip Up the Magic at Home Too!

Don't live near a Starbucks or just want to save a few bucks? No worries - you can recreate this drink at home too! Simply blend together ice, milk, vanilla extract, sweetener if desired, and a handful of Lucky Charms. Top with whipped cream and enjoy the magic from your own kitchen.

You may not get the same barista finesse, but it'll still satisfy that craving for a deliciously nostalgic treat. Get creative and come up with your own cereal cream combinations too. The options are endless!

An Instagrammable Treat Like No Other

Starbucks has done it again with another craze-worthy concoction! Their secret menu Lucky Charms Frappuccino is delightfully Instagrammable and gives customers a major dose of nostalgia with each colorful sip. With its creamy vanilla base blended with crunchy cereal pieces, it's no wonder this drink has seduced coffee lovers and 90s kids alike.

So next time you need a youthful pick-me-up and a treat that looks as good as it tastes, order up this magic in a cup. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a Lucky Charms Frap with my name on it calling my name!


What exactly is in the Lucky Charms Frappuccino?

The Lucky Charms Frap consists of a vanilla bean Frappuccino base blended together with Lucky Charms cereal pieces - usually about 1-2 Tbsp worth of cereal.

Do all Starbucks locations make this drink?

No, the Lucky Charms Frap is not an official menu item. You have to specially request it as a "secret menu" drink. Not all locations or baristas will be familiar with making it.

Is this drink vegan or dairy-free?

Unfortunately no, since it contains both milk and cream from the Frappuccino base, plus milk from the Lucky Charms cereal. A non-dairy milk could possibly be subbed in.

Can kids enjoy this drink too?

Absolutely! The Lucky Charms Frap will bring out the kid in all of us. Just opt for a smaller size or less pumps of syrup for younger kids.

Do I need to bring my own Lucky Charms cereal?

It's a good idea to bring a little baggie of cereal, in case your location is out of stock. But most Starbucks have Lucky Charms on hand due to popular demand for this drink.

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