Funko Pop's New Little Prince Figure Available for Pre-Order

Funko Pop's New Little Prince Figure Available for Pre-Order
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The Story Behind Funko's The Little Prince Pop Figure

Funko recently announced their newest Pop figure based on the beloved children's book The Little Prince. Ever since the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry book was published in 1943, the story of the little prince who travels across planets and meets a pilot stranded in the desert has captured the hearts and imaginations of generations of readers around the world.

With its simple yet profound messages about love, loss, and what's truly important in life, The Little Prince continues to resonate with both children and adults today. It's been translated into over 250 languages, making it one of the most translated books of all time.

The Timeless Appeal of The Little Prince

So what exactly is it about The Little Prince that has made it stand the test of time? At its core, the book explores universal themes like friendship, wonder, and viewing the world through the mind of a child. The little prince himself symbolizes innocence and curiosity as he travels from his tiny home planet to Earth.

Along the way, he meets a diversity of adults who have lost their childlike sense of imagination. His conversations with the narrator, the pilot, bring out poignant observations about human nature and serve as gentle reminders of what's most meaningful in life according to children.

Pop Culture Representations Over the Years

Over the past eight decades, The Little Prince's message and characters have been reimagined in various pop culture mediums. There have been stage musical adaptations, an animated TV series, a French-Italian live action movie, graphic novels, and the 2015 English film directed by Mark Osborne.

Featuring voice talents like Jeff Bridges, Rachel McAdams, and Paul Rudd, this most recent movie uses innovative stop-motion animation and computer graphics to bring Saint-Exupéry’s original drawings from the book to life on the big screen for 21st century audiences.

The Making of Funko's Little Prince Figure

And now Funko Pop is adding its signature stylized vinyl treatment to literature's most beloved little interstellar traveler. The Funko Pop Deluxe: The Little Prince figure stands at 4.5 inches tall, perfect for displaying on a desk or shelf.

As with all Funko vinyl creations, their Pop take on The Little Prince replicates the most recognizable visual elements from his original character design. His slightly oversized head sports the halo of golden hair sticking up from underneath his iconic red cap.

His military-style teal jacket and pants are miniaturized perfectly in funky Pop fashion. And no depiction of The Little Prince would be complete without his beloved rose in hand and the flock of baobab trees sprouting around him.

Pre-Order Yours Today!

We have the Funko Pop Deluxe: The Little Prince available for pre-order now at Garaje del Medio while supplies last! Be sure to get yours quickly before we sell out.

This highly anticipated new Funko is set to make its debut around March 2023. But hardcore fans and collectors can secure their vinyl Little Prince figurine today through our exclusive pre-order offer.

Don't miss your chance to add this timeless character to your Funko collection! With its impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail honoring this literary icon, this Pop figure is sure to become a fan favorite.

Expanding Your Funko Collection

In addition to the Little Prince, we also carry a full assortment of the latest Pop culture, movie, TV, anime, video game, and superhero Funko products. Whether you’re just starting your vinyl figure collection or looking for new rare exclusives, we’ve got you covered.

As Funko dealers catering to serious collectors throughout Costa Rica and beyond, we pride ourselves on our vast Funko inventory. We stay on top of every Funko announcement and release to continuously bring POP enthusiasts the best selection of hot new vinyls.

Shop By Your Favorite Fandoms

Not only do we have the Facts of Life Sophia exclusive and the new The Little Prince Deluxe figure available to pre-order, but we stock sought-after Funkos from the most popular fandoms. This includes:

  • Star Wars (The Mandalorian, Grogu)
  • Disney (Encanto, The Lion King)
  • DC & Marvel (Batman, Venom)
  • Anime (Dragon Ball Z, Naruto)
  • And much more (Stranger Things, The Office, NHL, MLB)

With new Funko releases happening almost every week, we are constantly expanding our offerings. So bookmark our shop and check back often!

The Best Prices & Fast Shipping

On top of our vast in-stock Funko selection, you’ll find some of the web’s best prices at our shop. Take advantage of quantity discounts on all your Funko purchases.

We also provide reliable economy and expedited Costa Rica shipping options to get your new vinyl figures and Pop collections to you fast. Contact us today to learn more about pre-ordering Funko’s new Little Prince figure or exploring our complete line of Pop culture collectibles!


When will Funko's Little Prince Pop figure be released?

Funko's new Little Prince Deluxe vinyl figure is slated for release around March 2023. We have it available for pre-order now to secure yours before our limited supplies sell out.

Where can I pre-order the Funko Little Prince?

You can pre-order the highly anticipated Funko Pop The Little Prince figure exclusively through Garaje del Medio's online shop while supplies last. We ship worldwide.

What other Funko figures does Garaje Del Medio carry?

In addition to the Little Prince Pop, we stock vinyl figures from top Funko lines including Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Disney, Stranger Things, anime, and many more popular fandoms. We add new Funko inventory every week!

Does Garaje del Medio offer discounts on Funko purchases?

Yes! Take advantage of increasing quantity discounts when you buy multiple Funko Pops from our store. Buying 5+ saves you 15% off your total cart purchase.

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