Using the Optimal Amount of Pickle Fragrance Oil in Candle Making

Using the Optimal Amount of Pickle Fragrance Oil in Candle Making
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Using Pickle Fragrance Oil in Candle Making

Pickle fragrance oils are becoming an increasingly popular scent for handmade candles. Their unique, savory aroma stands out from typical candle fragrances and can be a fun novelty option. But how much pickle fragrance oil should you use when making candles? Here's a guide to using the right pickle fragrance oil amount in your homemade candles.

Recommended Usage Rates for Pickle Fragrance Oil

When working with any fragrance oil, it's important to pay attention to the manufacturer's recommended usage rate. This provides a starting point for how much oil to use based on testing. For pickle fragrance oils, recommended usage rates typically fall around:

  • 5-10% for soy wax candles
  • 8-12% for paraffin wax candles

This means if you're making a soy wax candle, you'd use 5 to 10 ml of pickle fragrance oil per 100 ml of wax. For paraffin candles, you'd use 8 to 12 ml of fragrance per 100 ml of wax.

Testing Pickle Fragrance Oil Strength

It's important to keep in mind that the usage recommendations are just a starting point. The actual amount of fragrance oil needed can vary based on factors like:

  • Wax type and brand
  • Vessel type and size
  • Fragrance oil strength and quality

To find the right amount for your specific recipe, you'll need to test. Start with a small batch using the lowest recommended usage rate. Then evaluate the cold and hot scent throw. If it's not strong enough, increase the fragrance oil amount in 0.5 to 1% increments in subsequent test batches until you find the optimal amount.

Tips for an Ideal Pickle Fragrance Oil Scent Throw

Here are some tips for getting the best hot and cold scent throw from your pickle fragrance oil:

  • Use higher oil amounts in soy wax compared to paraffin. Soy wax tends to hold fragrances less effectively.
  • Aim for a usage rate around 6-8% for pint jars and 10% for larger vessels.
  • Stir the wax slowly and avoid high heat to prevent fragrance oil burn off.
  • Allow candle to cure 2-3 weeks for fragrance to stabilize before evaluating scent.
  • Consider adding a small amount of vybar or other oil solubler to improve scent throw.

Is Pickle Fragrance Oil Scent Strong in Candles?

One thing to keep in mind with pickle fragrance oil is that it tends to have lower scent intensity compared to many floral or fruity fragrances. So you typically need to use it at a higher percentage to get adequate scent throw in candles. But the pickle aroma also has excellent scent longevity and projection.

Even at higher amounts like 10-12%, pickle fragrance oil rarely overpowers in candles. It fills the space effectively without being cloying or headache-inducing. The scent also mingles in an intriguing way with wax and natural smells from the candle flame. So don't be afraid to increase pickle fragrance oil until you achieve the pickle punch you're looking for.

Candle Wax Types and Pickle Fragrance Oil

The type of wax used in a candle can impact fragrance oil performance. Here's an overview of how pickle fragrance oil works with different waxes:

Soy Wax

Soy wax is a versatile option, but it tends to hold fragrances less effectively than paraffin. Aim for usage rates around 8-10% with soy wax to get a strong pickle scent throw.

Paraffin Wax

Paraffin wax provides excellent fragrance retention and projection. Pickle fragrance oil blends especially well in paraffin, allowing lower usage rates around 5-8% to achieve bold aroma.


Beeswax candles often require higher fragrance loads due to the natural wax smell. Usage rates around 10% tend to work well for maintaining pickle scent strength.

Coconut Wax

Coconut wax holds fragrances similarly to paraffin, so pickle fragrance oil amounts around 6-8% provide adequate scent intensity.

Palm Wax

Palm wax offers great fragrance retention with medium-high usage rates around 8-12% for pickle fragrance oil.

Pickle Fragrance Oil in Containers vs. Pillars

The candle vessel you choose also impacts appropriate fragrance load. Pillar candles often need more fragrance oil compared to containers:

  • Containers: 5-8% pickle fragrance oil
  • Pillars: 8-12%

The greater surface area and warmer interior of pillar candles causes fragrances to dissipate faster. Increasing the fragrance load compensates for this. Just monitor scent throw closely in test batches.

Tips for Incorporating Pickle Fragrance Oil

Here are some best practices for working with pickle fragrance oil:

  • Stir oil into melted wax slowly and thoroughly before pouring candles.
  • Avoid pouring candles too hot to limit oil burn off from high temperatures.
  • Consider pairing pickle fragrance oil with green dyes or botanical additives.
  • Allow ample cure time for pickle scent to fully develop before evaluating.
  • Use higher fragrance loads in soy wax blends to account for lower throw.

Safety Precautions with Pickle Fragrance Oil

Pickle fragrance oils contain concentrated chemical compounds and should be handled carefully:

  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Wear gloves when handling.
  • Only use fragrance oils intended for candle making.
  • Work in a well-ventilated area.
  • Keep out of reach from children and pets.

Experimenting with Pickle Fragrance Oil Amounts

Finding the perfect fragrance load for a great pickle scent throw requires testing different oil amounts. Start low with the manufacturer's recommendations and work upwards in small increments. Evaluate scent cold and hot in cured candles to find the ideal pickle punch.

With its novel aroma and versatile blending abilities, pickle fragrance oil opens up creative new possibilities for homemade candle scents. Follow these tips on oil usage rates and experiment with test batches until you dial in the perfect pickle candle formula.


What is the recommended usage rate for pickle fragrance oil in candles?

5-10% for soy wax and 8-12% for paraffin wax based on the manufacturer's recommendations. But always test different amounts in your specific recipe.

Does pickle fragrance oil have strong scent throw in candles?

Pickle fragrance oil has lower intensity than many fragrances, so higher amounts are needed for adequate throw. But it has excellent longevity and projection.

How is pickle fragrance oil different in soy vs. paraffin candles?

Soy wax requires higher fragrance loads around 8-10% since it holds scents less effectively. Paraffin only needs 5-8% for strong pickle aroma.

Can I use pickle fragrance oil in beeswax or coconut wax candles?

Yes, you can use pickle fragrance oil in various wax types. Beeswax needs around 10% while coconut wax only requires 6-8% for good scent throw.

Is there anything special I should do when adding pickle fragrance oil?

Stir slowly to incorporate, avoid high heats, allow proper cure time, and start with lower amounts and test upwards to prevent overpowering.

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