Cornflower Ceylon Sapphire Engagement Rings - Unique Colorful Stunners

Cornflower Ceylon Sapphire Engagement Rings - Unique Colorful Stunners
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The Beauty of Cornflower Blue Ceylon Sapphires

Cornflower blue is a gorgeous shade of blue that evokes images of beautiful blossoms swaying gently in the breeze. When it comes to engagement rings and fine jewelry, cornflower blue Ceylon sapphires are a top choice for their stunning color and natural beauty.

What Makes Cornflower Blue Sapphires Unique

Mined on the exotic island of Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Ceylon sapphires are renowned for their superior quality and clarity. Their brilliant blue hue spans a spectrum from a pale icy blue to a richer royal blue in tone. Cornflower blue sapphires fall somewhere in between, emanating a bright and vivid blue that instantly catches the eye.

The reason Ceylon sapphires exhibit such beautiful blue shades comes down to trace elements like iron and titanium present in their chemical composition. Their well-balanced combination results in a sophistication and saturation of color that is hard to match, making them treasured in jewelry circles around the world.

Cornflower Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings

Given their stunning blue color, cornflower Ceylon sapphires make for excellent engagement ring centerpieces. Their oval cut and diamond accents in particular make for rings that pop with style and elegance.

Oval cut sapphires have a unique elongated shape that can make the stone appear larger than its carat weight. The cornflower blue oval sapphire has a timeless beauty to it that would accentuate any finger. Add to it a halo of small round cut diamonds, and the result is a true stunner of ring.

The cornflower blue oval sapphire ballerina ring takes this design even further. With a delicate diamond encrusted band that cups the sapphire centerpiece, it looks like the ring is floating delicately on your hand like a ballerina en pointe. At once eye-catching yet understated, this ring makes a bold style statement.

Unique Engagement Ring Style

For couples looking to buck tradition, a cornflower blue Ceylon sapphire ring set makes for a uniquely alternative engagement ring. Sapphires are known as an engagement ring option fit for royalty, having adorned the hands of Princess Diana and Duchess Kate Middleton.

Choosing a brightly colored center stone like a cornflower blue sapphire allows you to express your individuality and style. The color blue also happens to be one of the most popular for engagement rings after classic white diamonds.

The vibrant cornflower blue shade has an energy that communicates love, trust, and commitment. Its distinctive color will set your ring apart from more traditional diamond solitaire styles.

Caring for Cornflower Blue Sapphire Rings

To keep your cornflower blue Ceylon sapphire engagement ring looking its best, be sure to remove it before doing housework, yardwork or manual labor. Sapphires are very durable gemstones, rating 9 on the Mohs scale, but their settings can still be damaged with rough wear.

Clean your sapphire ring regularly using a gentle jewelry cleaner or mild soap and water solution. Carefully dry with a soft lint-free cloth to maintain the ring's shine. When not being worn, store your engagement ring safely in a separate jewelry box to prevent scratches.

Finding Your Dream Cornflower Sapphire Ring

Cornflower Ceylon sapphire rings combine exotic beauty, superior quality, and colorful uniqueness into one gorgeous package. If you’re longing for an engagement ring that matches your personal style, consider going for one of these vibrant stunners.

Browse online jewelry retailers to view their available inventory of oval, ballerina and other cornflower sapphire ring settings. Make sure the retailer specializes in sapphire engagement rings and fine Ceylon sapphires so you know you’re getting an exquisite piece of jewelry.

Once you find your perfect ring, get ready to say yes with pride and joy. Your lovely cornflower blue sapphire will communicate unique everlasting love for years to come.


Where do cornflower blue Ceylon sapphires come from?

Ceylon sapphires are mined on the island of Ceylon, known today as Sri Lanka. This exotic locale is known for producing exceptionally high quality and beautiful blue sapphires.

Are cornflower sapphires durable for engagement rings?

Yes, Ceylon sapphires are rated 9 out of 10 on the Mohs scale, making them extremely durable for daily wear and lasting value. Their settings may need occasional repair.

What precious metal pairs best with a cornflower sapphire?

White metals like platinum or white gold pair gorgeously with the vibrant blue hue of cornflower Ceylon sapphires. Yellow gold can offer nice contrast as well.

Should I insure a cornflower blue sapphire engagement ring?

Yes, it is recommended to add a specialty jewelry rider to your homeowners or renters insurance to cover loss, theft, or damage. Appraise the ring value every few years as the gemstone appreciates.

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