The Adorable World of Rubber Duck Collecting and Superhero Ducks

The Adorable World of Rubber Duck Collecting and Superhero Ducks
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The Adorable World of Rubber Duck Collecting

Rubber ducks hold a special place in many people's hearts. These cute bathtub toys have been around for over a century, providing kids and adults alike with hours of bath time fun. But rubber ducks aren't just for the tub anymore. Over the years rubber duck collecting has emerged as a popular hobby for enthusiasts around the world.

Part of the appeal of rubber ducks is their endless variety. Companies like Celebriducks have capitalized on this by making rubber ducks modeled after famous figures like Superman, Disney princesses, Olaf from Frozen, and more. Other novelty duck designs include ones dressed as Jeep cars, wearing occupational uniforms, or modeled after animals like frogs and pandas.

The History of Rubber Ducks

While it's difficult to pinpoint exactly when the first rubber duck was made, most rubber duck historians agree they originated sometime in the late 19th century. Rubber manufacturing advanced during this time, allowing the production of rubber toys including balls, dolls, and squeaky animals.

Rubber ducks were first manufactured in the United States in 1920 by the Seiberling Rubber Company. These early rubber ducks were made of solid rubber and modeled after common barnyard ducks. The traditional yellow rubber ducky design we know today emerged in the 1940s.

Rubber Ducks Become Mainstream

In 1970, the Sesame Street Ernie's Rubber Duckie song debuted, helping to propel rubber ducks into mainstream popularity. The cheerful bathtub song planted rubber duck love into the hearts and minds of children everywhere. Later that decade, mass production of rubber ducks began in China, making them more affordable and abundant.

The 1980s kicked off a rubber duck revolution. Retailer The First Years negotiated an exclusive deal to sell Ernie rubber ducks based on the Sesame Street song. Celebriducks debuted in California, creating rubber ducks bearing the likenesses of celebrities and characters. The first set of Celebriducks included Einstein, Mickey Mouse, and The Terminator.

The Emergence of Duck Collecting

As rubber ducks became more available across the 1980s and 90s, enthusiasts started collecting them. Some collectors focused on particular themes like occupation or character ducks, while others aimed to amass ducks of all kinds. Regional duck clubs were formed, allowing fellow collectors to connect.

One of the draws of collecting rubber ducks is they don't take up much space. A collection can easily fit on a shelf or be displayed in a bathtub. Even small collections with a handful of ducks can bring joy. For more extensive collectors, rotating duck displays is a great way to appreciate entire collections.

Fun Modern Rubber Ducks

Rubber ducky designers have created an incredible array of themed ducks in recent years. Here are some of the most delightful modern rubber duck styles:

Character Ducks

From Disney princesses to superheroes, character rubber ducks allow fans to bring their favorite personalities into the tub. Mickey Mouse, Spiderman, Darth Vader, and Pretty Pretty Princess ducks are just some of the options. Companies like Celebriducks keep up with current pop culture, making timely ducks as new shows and movies are released.

Occupation Ducks

Let little kids play out career dreams during bath time with occupation ducks. Popular options include ducks dressed as doctors, construction workers, firefighters, teachers, chefs, and police officers. Some sets feature multiple ducks with coordinating outfits for specific careers.

Animal Ducks

Duck designs featuring other animals are adorable. Turtle ducks attached to shells, bright pink flamingo ducks, and fuzzy bumblebee ducks are sweet choices. Holiday styles like ducks dressed as turkeys or bunnies are seasonal favorites.

Accessory Ducks

Why should real ducks get all the accessories? Bow tie ducks, mohawk ducks, and Santa hat ducks are extra fun. Displays can be created showing ducks going on different adventures depending on their accessory - cowboy hat ducks ready to explore the Wild West, for example.

Rainbow & Glitter Ducks

Simple but very appealing duck varieties include rainbow colored ducks and sparkly glitter ducks. Multicolored ducks provide bright pops of color. Metallic glitter ducks add shine and refraction to bath time.

Finding Great Rubber Ducks

Part of the enjoyment of collecting rubber ducks is discovering new styles and expanding your collection. Here are some tips for finding fantastic ducks:

Specialty Stores

Check out gift shops and other specialty retailers that carry toys and novelties. Five Below is an excellent place to look - they often have bargain bins filled with fun rubber duck styles starting at just $1. Museum gift shops also tend to have unique duck designs themed to their exhibits.

Online Searching

Search sites like Amazon and eBay using terms like "rubber ducks," "rubber duck lots," and "vintage rubber ducks." You can find great deals on big duck collections. Etsy is wonderful for locating handmade and artistic duck designs from independent sellers.

Duck Clubs

Get connected with other collectors through regional rubber duck clubs. Club members often trade and sell amongst each other. Club meetings provide opportunities to expand your connections in the duck collecting community.

Conventions and Shows

Rubber duck conventions and shows are held across the United States and internationally. These are fantastic places to admire and purchase new ducks for your collection. Even small local toy shows can have great deals on rubber ducks.

Let your rubber duck collection bring a smile to your face. Display them in a bathroom, workplace, or collector's cabinet. Give the gift of ducks to other collector enthusiasts or kids who need some new bath time pals. However you enjoy them, rubber ducks are sure to make bathtime a little more ducky.


How long have rubber ducks been around?

Rubber ducks first emerged in the late 1800s along with the rise of rubber manufacturing. The earliest rubber ducks were made in the 1920s and the classic yellow design came about in the 1940s.

Who manufactures rubber ducks?

Many companies produce rubber ducks including Celebriducks, The First Years, and major manufacturers in China. Individual artists and crafters also make handmade and custom rubber duck designs.

How do I display my rubber duck collection?

Collections can be attractively displayed in bathtubs, shelves, cabinets, and other areas. Rotating portions of large collections is a good idea. Properly dusting ducks and avoiding direct sunlight helps preserve them.

What are some rare rubber ducks collectors look for?

Vintage ducks from the early eras of manufacturing can be rare finds. Limited edition ducks, misprinted ducks, celebrity or character ducks that had short production runs, and custom ducks can also be highly desirable.

Where can I connect with other rubber duck collectors?

Rubber duck clubs and conventions provide great opportunities to connect with fellow enthusiasts. Online forums like The Rubber Duck Collectors Club allow collectors to interact.

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