The Hottest Stacked Bracelet Trend for Summer 2023

The Hottest Stacked Bracelet Trend for Summer 2023
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The Hottest Stacked Bracelet Trend for Summer 2023

Stacked bracelets are about to be everywhere this summer. This fun jewelry trend lets you layer different bracelets together on your wrist for a playful, eye-catching look. Stacked bracelets are the perfect way to accessorize your favorite summer outfits with plenty of personality.

Keep reading to learn all about how to rock the stacked bracelet trend this summer! We’ll cover what makes stacked bracelets so popular right now, tips for styling them, and where to find the best stackable bracelets to add to your collection.

What Are Stacked Bracelets?

Stacked bracelets simply refer to wearing multiple bracelets together on one wrist. The bracelets are layered, hence appearing “stacked” together when worn.

This allows you to mix and match different bracelet styles, textures, metals, and more. Stacked bracelets are fun because you can customize your stack by choosing bracelets with meaning or that show off your personal style.

Bracelet stacks can incorporate just a few bracelets or even 10 or more! The most popular stacked bracelet looks right now have 3-5 bracelets layered together.

Why Stacked Bracelets Are Trending

There are a few key reasons the stacked bracelet trend has taken off:

  • They're fun and playful. The layering allows for a more whimsical, artsy accessory look.
  • You can customize your bracelet stack with bracelets that are meaningful to you or show off your style.
  • Mixing metals and textures is on trend. Stacked bracelets allow you to easily mix silver, gold, rose gold, and more.
  • Bracelet stacking has roots in boho chic style. Festival fashion and bohemian looks have gone mainstream.
  • Stacks photographed well on social media. The craze took off as influencers and style bloggers rocked gorgeous stacked bracelets.

For summer 2023, stacked bracelets are poised to be one of the hottest jewelry trends. Their bright, flashy, fun vibe encapsulates the playful energy of summer style.

Tips for Styling Stacked Bracelets

Ready to try the stacked bracelet trend? Here are some top tips for styling bracelet stacks:

  • Start with a focal piece - Every good stack needs one bracelet that acts as a focal point. This could be a charm bracelet, cuff, or your favorite accessory.
  • Vary textures - Include both smooth and textured bracelets for visual interest. Think beads, macrame, hammered metals, etc.
  • Mix metals & colors - Don't be afraid to blend silver, gold, rose gold, and colorful bracelets together.
  • Balance thicker & daintier - Stack a couple dainty chains with one or two statement bracelets for balance.
  • Mind the fit - Make sure bracelets are loose enough to stack without being too tight on your wrist.
  • Layer your favorites - Style bracelets that are meaningful to you and represent your personal aesthetic.

When curating your stack, play around until you find a mix you love! The beauty of bracelet stacking is expressing your unique style.

The Best Bracelets for Stacking

Now let's talk about the best types of bracelets for stacking and where to find them. Here are some top picks:

Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets make a great starting point or focal piece for your stack. Look for a bracelet with multiple charms or pendants to add movement and interest.

Bead Bracelets

Bead bracelets come in infinite styles and colors, making them perfect for stacking. Try colorful glass, wood, or gemstone beads for a boho vibe.

Macrame Bracelets

Intricately woven macrame bracelets are made for layering. Their natural texture contrasts beautifully with metal bracelets.

Chain Bracelets

Mixing dainty chain bracelets is key for a chic stacked look. Opt for different metals and link styles.

Cuff Bracelets

Cuffs make awesome statement stacks. From hammered cuffs to engraved bangles, they add geometric intrigue.

Tennis Bracelets

A glittering diamond or gemstone tennis bracelet brings plenty of sparkle to a stack. Style one with bracelets that pick up its colors.

When browsing for stackable bracelets, check out jewelry boutiques, artisan Etsy shops, vintage stores, and even big box stores. There are endless chic bracelets perfect for stacking at every price point.

Summer Outfits to Wear Stacked Bracelets With

One of the best parts of the stacked bracelet trend is how versatile it is. Bracelet stacks complement all different warm weather looks. Here are some of our favorite outfits to style stacked bracelets with this summer:

  • Breezy maxi dresses
  • Off-the-shoulder tops or blouses
  • Brightly patterned wrap skirts
  • High-waisted denim shorts
  • Lightweight button-down shirts
  • Cropped tank tops
  • High-slit midi skirts
  • Paper bag waist pants
  • Sundresses and coverups
  • Tie-front crop tops

When planning summer 2023 outfits, think about easy, flowy silhouettes with open wrists perfect for showing off stacked bracelets. The more skin you can show, the better for highlighting a gorgeous bracelet stack.

Elevate Your Style With Stacked Bracelets

Stacked bracelets are THE trend to try this summer for an instant injection of fun, playful style. Curate a stack that's completely your own by mixing different textures, metals, colors, and bracelets with meaning.

Layer up your wrists with this hot accessory trend and enjoy effortlessly pull together summer 2023’s hottest fashion looks. Let your bracelet stack become a signature part of your warm weather style!


How many bracelets should you stack?

Most style experts recommend stacking 3-5 bracelets together. Stacks with too many bracelets can start to look messy or cluttered. The sweet spot is usually 3-5 bracelets in a coordinated stack on one wrist.

Do you wear stack bracelets on one or both wrists?

Stacking bracelets is generally only done on one wrist. This keeps the look from becoming overwhelming. Focus your stack on your dominant wrist to highlight the bracelets.

How do you keep stack bracelets from sliding around?

Use bracelet sizers or inserts to keep your stack neatly in place. You can also have a jeweler install stops on the bracelets. Finally, choosing bracelets that fit snugly together can prevent sliding.

What metals look best stacked together?

Mixing metals is part of the fun of bracelet stacking! Silver, gold, and rose gold complement each other beautifully. You can also incorporate smaller pops of metals like copper or brass for visual interest.

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