Finding the Perfect Replacement Cover for Your Pal 2000 Pool Light

Finding the Perfect Replacement Cover for Your Pal 2000 Pool Light
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Finding the Right Replacement Cover for Your Pal 2000 Pool Light

If you have a Pal 2000 pool light, you know how important it is to keep the cover in good condition. The cover protects the light bulb and other internal components from the elements. When the time comes to replace your Pal 2000 light cover, it's crucial to find the right replacement part to keep your underwater light working properly.

What is the Pal 2000 Pool Light?

The Pal 2000 light is a popular inground swimming pool light made by Pentair. This 120-volt light has a clear lens and housing, allowing illumination from a 300-watt incandescent bulb. It comes in a flat lens model that shoots a wide beam of light or a convex lens model that concentrates the light in a tighter beam spread. These versatile lights work well to illuminate both large and small in ground pools.

The Pal 2000 boasts a lightweight, plastic housing that's weatherproof and rustproof. The housing connects to a pool niche installed in the pool wall below the water level. A power cable runs from the niche through underground conduit to the pool's circuit breaker panel. Besides the housing, lens, and bulb, the other components inside the Pal 2000 include:

  • Gasket - seals the lens and housing
  • Reflector - directs light from the bulb outward
  • Lens ring - holds the lens in place

The pool light cover attaches over the lens and housing to protect these internal elements.

Why Replace the Pal 2000 Light Cover?

The cover on your Pal 2000 pool light takes the brunt of chemicals, water pressure, solar rays, and other environmental factors. Over time, exposure causes the cover to degrade. Cracks and damage can allow water into the inner housing, putting the light and electrical system at risk. A worn cover can also become cloudy, reducing the light output. Some common signs that your Pal 2000 pool light cover needs replacement include:

  • Cracks, chips, or holes
  • Brittleness, crazing, or discoloration
  • Condensation or fogginess on the lens
  • Dimming light output

Replacing the cover restores light levels and protects the rest of the housing and components. Manufacturers recommend replacing the light cover every 5-8 years or as needed when you notice signs of damage. Catching cover issues early prevents more extensive repairs down the road.

How to Choose the Right Replacement Cover

Pentair makes replacement covers specifically for the Pal 2000 pool light. However, aftermarket options are also available. Here are a few tips for choosing the right replacement:

  • Consult your manual - Your Pal 2000 manual has part numbers and specs for the exact replacement cover.
  • Buy OEM - For guaranteed fit and performance, purchase a new cover from the original manufacturer.
  • Check materials - Covers are clear polycarbonate or acrylic. Look for UV-resistant plastic.
  • Match the shape - Covers come in round or rectangular shapes to match your light.
  • Compare lens style - Flat or convex lens covers have different designs.
  • Review dimensions - Confirm the cover matches the diameter and depth of your existing light.
  • Understand options - Some covers only replace the lens while others include the lens ring and gasket.

It's important to match the replacement cover to the specifications of your Pal 2000 light fixture. The manual provides measurements and parts numbers to look for. If unsure, contact Pentair or a pool professional for help identifying the right cover.

How to Replace the Cover on a Pal 2000 Pool Light

Once you have the new pool light cover, you're ready to replace it. This usually only takes a few minutes. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Turn off power to the light at the breaker.
  2. Remove the old cover by prying it upward from the housing.
  3. Inspect the gasket and lens ring. Replace if worn or damaged.
  4. Clean the lens and housing thoroughly.
  5. Apply a new gasket and lens ring if needed.
  6. Fit the replacement cover down over the housing.
  7. Make sure the cover clicks securely in place all around.
  8. Turn power back on and test the light.

Take care not to touch the new cover with your bare hands. Oil from skin can cause premature degradation. Wear gloves or use a cloth when handling the new lens. Proper alignment ensures a tight watertight seal.

Troubleshooting Pal 2000 Light Cover Problems

If the new cover doesn't solve your pool light problems, a few other issues could be at play. Here are some things to check if the light still isn't working right:

  • Gap or misalignment - A cover that doesn't seat properly can lead to condensation, leaks, or dim output. Realign or reseat the cover until snug.
  • Faulty gasket - Cracked, damaged, or misaligned gaskets allow water intrusion. Examine the gasket closely and replace if needed.
  • Worn lens ring - If the lens ring is cracked or warped, it won't hold the lens tightly. Replace the lens ring.
  • Burnt-out bulb - Even with a new cover, a dead bulb won't light. Replace the light bulb.
  • Electrical issues - Problems with niche wiring, conduits, or circuits require an electrician.
  • Internal housing damage - Cracked housings must be replaced to prevent leaks.

Note white smoke coming from the light, arcing noises, or the smell of burning plastic also indicate bigger issues needing repair. Contact a pool professional if you suspect larger problems exist.


The humble pool light cover impacts performance and longevity. Monitoring your Pal 2000 cover and replacing it when needed ensures this light remains a bright spot in your swimming pool. With the right cover installed snugly in place, your Pal 2000 can provide many more years of reliable underwater illumination.


How can I tell if my Pal 2000 pool light cover needs to be replaced?

Look for cracks, cloudiness, discoloration, brittle or warped plastic, fogginess on the lens, and reduced light output. These all indicate it's time for a new cover.

Can I replace the cover myself or do I need a professional?

Replacing a Pal 2000 light cover is usually a quick and simple DIY project requiring no special tools.

What is the best material for a pool light cover?

Polycarbonate and acrylic are durable, transparent plastics that resist weathering and UV rays.

How often should I replace the light cover?

Manufacturers recommend replacing the cover every 5-8 years. Check your cover at least yearly for signs of damage.

Will a replacement light cover fix a dim Pal 2000?

A cloudy or damaged cover can reduce light output. However, a burnt-out bulb or electrical issue may also cause dimming.

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