Brent Faiyaz Oversized Cream Sweater From April Merch Drop

Brent Faiyaz Oversized Cream Sweater From April Merch Drop
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Rapper and R&B singer Brent Faiyaz has been making waves in the music industry with his unique sound and style. Not only is his music catching people's attention, but so is his fashion sense. Faiyaz is known for having an impeccable taste when it comes to his clothing and accessories. One particular piece that has been gaining a lot of buzz lately is his cozy oversized sweater that was a part of his latest merchandise drop in April.

About Brent Faiyaz

For those unfamiliar, Brent Faiyaz is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer originally from Columbia, Maryland. He first gained recognition in 2015 when he featured on the GoldLink track "Crew" which peaked at number 45 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Since then, Faiyaz has made a name for himself in the R&B/soul scene, releasing several EPs and his debut album Sonder Son in 2017.

In addition to his music, Faiyaz has also become known for his unique sense of style. He often sports oversized and intricate clothing, favoring neutrals and earth tones in his palette. His outfits have been described as "stripped back and shapeless" yet incredibly stylish. Faiyaz credits his fashion sense to finding inspiration in Japanese and Belgian designers.

The Oversized Sweater

In April 2022, Faiyaz did a limited merchandise drop for his fans that included hoodies, t-shirts, and other apparel items. However, the piece that really caught people's eyes was an oversized, cream-colored sweater.

The sweater features an abstract design with different shapes and patterns stitched throughout in a tan thread. It has an intentionally boxy, roomy fit that drapes off the body for a cozy, relaxed aesthetic. The oversized sweater is knit from a cotton-polyester blend material, making it soft to the touch yet durable enough for everyday wear.

One of the reasons this sweater gained so much hype is its versatility. The neutral cream color allows it to be paired with almost anything while still making a statement. It can be dressed up or down seamlessly, perfect for running errands or lounging at home. The slouchy fit also makes it ideal for layering over other pieces.

Release and Response

Faiyaz announced the April merchandise drop and release of the oversized sweater on his Instagram page. Limited quantities were available on his website for 24 hours only.

As expected, the sweater was an instant hit among fans and sold out very quickly. People loved the minimalist design and comfort of the piece. It became a coveted item to own and showed up all over social media as buyers styled and showed off their new sweater.

On resale sites like Grailed and eBay, the sweater now sells for upwards of $200, sometimes more depending on condition and size. This is over five times the original retail price, demonstrating the demand and popularity of this piece.

Why People Love It

There are several reasons why Brent Faiyaz's oversized cream sweater resonated so strongly with his fans and fashion aficionados.

One is that oversized and slouchy fits have been hugely popular in streetwear and casual looks recently. The sweater perfectly encapsulates this aesthetic. The chunky silhouette and soft cotton material also make it ideal for lounging around and casual daily activities.

Faiyaz is known for his unique style, so people were drawn to the sweater as a way to emulate his laidback fashion sense. The abstract stitch design also adds subtle visual interest and flair.

Lastly, the limited quantity and swift sell-out made the sweater feel exclusive and coveted. People love wearing and styling a piece that not everyone is able to get their hands on.

How to Style It

One of the best things about the oversized cream sweater is how versatile it is to style. Here are a few ideas for how to wear this piece:

- Layer it over a white t-shirt and dark jeans or trousers for a monochromatic look.

- Pair it with black or tan joggers for a sporty streetwear vibe.

- Throw it on over leggings and sneakers for a comfortable weekend outfit.

- Style with biker shorts and high-top Converse for a 1990's inspired aesthetic.

- For a pop of color, wear it over a pastel t-shirt or tank underneath.

- Cuff the sleeves and layer jewelry over top to add visual interest.

- Go full cozy with grey sweatpants and white socks.


Brent Faiyaz's cream oversized sweater has proven itself to be a versatile wardrobe staple. With its roomy fit, neutral color, and unique design, it's no wonder this piece was so sought-after. Faiyaz's laidback streetwear style shines through with this sweater.

For those lucky enough to get their hands on the limited-edition sweater, it makes for an everyday essential. Soft enough for lounging yet stylish enough to pair with various outfits, you can't go wrong by adding this to your wardrobe rotation.

Even though quantities were scarce, the cream sweater set the standard for Brent Faiyaz's merch aesthetic going forward. It will likely go down as one of his most iconic and beloved pieces to date.


What merchandise drop was Brent Faiyaz's oversized sweater a part of?

The oversized cream sweater was part of Brent Faiyaz's limited April 2022 merchandise drop, which included other apparel like hoodies and t-shirts.

What material is Brent Faiyaz's oversized sweater made from?

The sweater is knit from a soft cotton-polyester blend, making it both comfortable and durable.

What was the original retail price for the oversized sweater?

The sweater retailed for around $40 originally when it was available on Brent Faiyaz's website for 24 hours.

Why did the sweater sell out so quickly?

Due to its cozy oversized fit, minimalist design, and limited quantities, the sweater was an instant hit and sold out very quickly among fans.

Where can you buy the sweater if you missed the merch drop?

Your only option now is resale sites like Grailed and eBay, where resellers are selling the sweater for over 5 times its original price due to high demand.

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