The Beauty and Creative Potential of Using Designer Ribbons

The Beauty and Creative Potential of Using Designer Ribbons
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The Beauty of Designer Ribbons

Ribbons have been used to decorate and beautify objects and gifts for centuries. From wrapping presents to adorning floral arrangements and wreaths, these thin strips of finely woven fabric add a graceful touch. In recent years, the use of high quality, designer ribbons has become increasingly popular among crafters and decorators.

What are Designer Ribbons?

Designer ribbons are ribbons that are made from premium materials such as silk, satin, velvet, or organdy. They come in a wide variety of patterns, textures, widths, and colors. What sets them apart from regular ribbons is the attention to fine details and quality construction.

These ribbons are oftensourced from top European suppliers that have been crafting fine ribbons for generations. The result is a smooth, luxurious ribbon that elevates any craft or decorative project. From adding sheen and shine to a gift wrapping job to providing rich, opulent embellishment for a wreath or floral piece, designer ribbons lend an upscale, high-fashion aesthetic.

Why Crafters Love Designer Ribbons

Crafters and artisans who work with ribbons have discovered the joys of using designer quality ribbons for their creations. Here’s why these ribbons are a cut above the rest:

  • They have unparalleled texture and drape - Designer ribbons boast sumptuously soft textures and elegant drape thatgeneric ribbons simply cannot replicate.
  • They come in more uniquecolors and patterns - From metallic sheens to intricate jacquard weaves, the options are so much more interesting than typical grosgrain.
  • They elevate the perceived value of finished creations - Using a high-end material like silk or velvetautomatically bumps any handmade item into a more upscale category.
  • They inspire creativity - The wider selection of ribbons available opens new doors for innovative design.

For crafters who want to bring more richness, depth, and luxury appeal to their ribbon projects, upgrading to designer varieties is a must.

Types of Designer Ribbons

Designer ribbons come in several styles, ranging from classics like grosgrain to more ornate options like damask, jacquard, and brocade. Here is an overview of some of the most popular varieties:


Satin ribbons have a smooth, glossy face and a sturdy construction. They are available in every color and make beautiful bows, floral embellishments, and gift decor.


Grosgrain has a distinct ribbed texture running lengthwise along the ribbon. It is a ribbon workhorse used for everything from hats to bookmarks due to its versatility and durability.


These ribbons feature intricate woven designs that give them stunning depth and visual interest. From florals to paisleys and everything in between, jacquard offers limitless pattern possibilities to spark creativity.


Brocade ribbons contain ornate raised flourishes woven throughout for a romantic, elegant look. They lend a touch of texture and old-world charm to any project.

Wired Ribbon

Wired edges give these ribbons structure to hold curly cues, twists, and dimensional shapes. Crafters love wired ribbon for wreaths, curly bows, and similar decorative creations.

Incorporating Designer Ribbons into Crafts

When working with high quality designer ribbons, the possibilities are endless. Here are just a few ideas to spark your creativity:

Gift Wrapping

Take gift presentation to the next level with wide designer ribbons in lieu of traditional wrapping paper and bows. Try using wired brocade ribbon to create lavish curls and textural bows for maximum visual impact.


Handcrafted wreaths are the perfect canvas for incorporating designer ribbons. Weave ribbons throughout a grapevine wreath, use them to construct lush bows and rosettes, or simply add bow embellishments with wired jacquard or metallic mesh ribbons.

Headbands & Hair Accessories

Design beautiful hair adornments using ribbons. Craft lovely little girl hair bows, elegant bridal headbands, or everyday wear scrunchies and head wraps. Satin and grosgrain are wonderful options for hair accessories.

Home Décor

Designer ribbons can upgrade lampshades, accent pillows, floral arrangements, gift baskets, and more throughout the home. Get creative with ribbons to makeover and refresh your home’s style.

Sourcing Designer Ribbons

The best selection of premium European designer ribbons is available online and through specialty retailers. Top brands like Decorators Crafts offer a treasure trove of luxurious ribbons to fulfill any crafter’s needs.

Subscription craft boxes have also become popular sources for sampling designer quality craft materials each month, including ribbons. Kits like the Luxury Loops Box from Decorators Crafts deliver an array of superior ribbons and other crafting supplies right to your door so you can discover new textures and patterns to inspire your next creation.

For crafters interested in elevating their projects with striking, upscale ribbons or those wanting to experiment with new materials, designer ribbons are most certainly worth exploring. They deliver a world of possibilities to spark the imagination and take your ribbon crafting to the next level.


What is the difference between regular ribbons and designer ribbons?

Designer ribbons are made from premium materials like silk, satin, velvet, and organdy and have a luxurious drape and texture. They come in more unique colors and intricate patterns compared to regular ribbons, which elevates handmade projects.

What kinds of crafts can I make with designer ribbons?

Designer ribbons are wonderful for gift wrapping, wreaths, floral arrangements, hair accessories, home decor items, and any other ribbon crafts where you want to add an upscale, high-end touch.

Where can I buy designer ribbons?

You can source designer ribbons online through specialty retailers like Decorators Crafts or subscribe to craft boxes that deliver premium ribbons and supplies each month. Many Etsy sellers also offer designer ribbons.

How do I incorporate designer ribbons into my crafts?

Be creative and have fun experimenting! Use wired ribbons to make dimensional bows and textures. Weave ribbons through wreaths and floral pieces. Craft elegant hair accessories like bridal headbands. The possibilities are endless with beautiful designer ribbons.

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