The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Sheepskin Leather Gloves for Work

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Sheepskin Leather Gloves for Work
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The Benefits of Sheepskin Leather Gloves for Work

When it comes to keeping your hands warm and protected during the cold winter months, sheepskin leather gloves are an excellent choice for work. Made from the skins of sheep with the soft, warm wool still attached, sheepskin gloves provide superior warmth and comfort compared to regular leather or fabric gloves.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of choosing sheepskin leather gloves for work and how they can keep your hands toasty warm and safe from the elements. We’ll also provide tips on how to select the best pair of sheepskin gloves for your unique needs and budget.


One of the biggest benefits of sheepskin leather gloves is the exceptional warmth they provide. The soft, dense wool lining traps air and provides excellent insulation against the cold. In fact, sheepskin gloves can keep your hands warm even when wet, making them ideal for jobs where you're working outdoors in inclement weather.

The wool fibers are also naturally moisture wicking, moving sweat away from your skin so your hands stay dry and comfortable. This makes sheepskin gloves a great choice for active jobs where your hands get sweaty inside your gloves.


Sheepskin leather is remarkably durable, abrasion-resistant, and long-lasting. It stands up well to repeated wear and tear better than many other glove materials. This makes it a smart investment for work gloves, especially if you're doing manual labor, construction, farming, or other tough jobs where gloves take a beating.

The leather exterior provides protection from cuts, scratches, and punctures while the thick wool lining cushions your hands from impact. Sheepskin gloves can be repaired and patched too, so with proper care they can provide years of wear.


The natural texture of sheepskin leather provides excellent grip, even when wet. This makes sheepskin gloves ideal for jobs where you need good dexterity and traction, like construction, farming, and mechanical work. The gloves become supple and mold to your hands over time, conforming to the contours of your fingers and improving grip ability.

Some sheepskin glove designs have textured rubber grips on the palms and fingers to further enhance traction for handling tools and equipment. The wool lining also helps absorb sweat to prevent hands from slipping inside the gloves.


Sheepskin leather gloves simply feel great on your hands. The wool interior molds to your fingers and provides a soft, comfortable fit. The leather exterior is flexible and moves with your hands without restrictive binding or pinch points.

The breathable wool also helps regulate temperature and humidity inside the glove so your hands don't overheat and sweat profusely. This makes sheepskin gloves much more comfortable to wear for extended periods compared to synthetic gloves.


While thick and insulating, sheepskin leather gloves maintain good flexibility and dexterity. This makes it easier to grasp small objects and handle delicate tasks while keeping hands protected. The stretchy wool lining allows your fingers to move freely while conforming snugly to maintain warmth.

There are also thin sheepskin glove options that offer excellent dexterity for jobs that require fine motor control and hand-eye coordination. Fingerless sheepskin gloves are also available if ultimate manual dexterity is needed.

Water Resistant

The natural lanolin in sheepskin leather makes these gloves water resistant to some degree. While not fully waterproof, sheepskin gloves can withstand light rain, snow, and moisture better than many glove materials before becoming saturated. This is a useful feature for outdoor winter work.

Some sheepskin gloves also have an additional waterproof membrane lining for improved weather protection. This keeps hands dry without compromising the warmth and breathability of the sheepskin interior.

Choosing the Best Sheepskin Work Gloves

When selecting sheepskin leather gloves for work, here are some key factors to consider:

Wool Density

The thickness and density of the sheepskin wool influences warmth and durability. In general, thicker wool provides more insulation and cushioning. But thicker wool can reduce dexterity, so finding the right balance is important.

Leather Type

Sheepskin gloves can be made from suede leather, rough-out leather, or smooth grain leather. Suede and rough-out leather offer more grip and abrasion resistance while smooth grain leather provides enhanced water resistance.

Cuff Style

Sheepskin gloves come in gauntlet cuffs that extend up the wrist, simple short cuffs, or elasticized cuffs. Gauntlet cuffs protect the wrist area better from snow and wind. Short cuffs allow more airflow to hands. Elastic cuffs fit snugly over jacket sleeves.

Lining Features

Some sheepskin gloves add extra lining features for more insulation and weather protection, like Thinsulate or Gore-Tex linings. But extra linings can reduce breathability and dexterity.


It’s important to get properly fitted sheepskin gloves that conform to your hand size and shape. A snug fit improves warmth, dexterity, and comfort. Trying on different sizes is recommended.

Care Requirements

Consider if you’re willing to invest the time into proper care and maintenance of sheepskin gloves, like gentle hand washing, reshaping, and reconditioning. This will extend their longevity.


Sheepskin gloves vary widely in price depending on quality, craftsmanship, and designer brand. In general, expect to pay $40 to $100 or more for a good quality pair of gloves.

Tips for Caring for Your Sheepskin Gloves

Once you’ve invested in a quality pair of sheepskin work gloves, you’ll want to take proper care of them. Here are some useful care tips:

Hand Wash Gently

When dirty, use a mild laundry detergent and wash gently by hand in cold water. Avoid hot water or machine washing that can damage the wool and leather.

Reshape While Damp

After washing, reshape the gloves while still slightly damp, stretching and molding them back to the contours of your hands. Let air dry away from direct heat.

Use Waterproofing Spray

Use a waterproofing spray (like Scotchgard) to maintain the gloves' water resistance and prevent staining from dirt and grime.

Brush Regularly

Gently brush the wool lining with a soft brush to revive the fluffiness and remove embedded dirt. This extends the warmth and lifespan.

Store Properly

Keep gloves stored flat or hanging upright when not in use. Don't bunch and compress them. Use cedar inserts to help absorb moisture and maintain shape.

Recondition Annually

Bring to a leather shop annually for professional cleaning and reconditioning. This removes built-up oils, restores water protection, and prolongs the life of the leather.

Sheepskin Gloves Keep Hands Warm and Protected

Sheepskin leather gloves offer many benefits that make them an exceptional choice for protecting hands during winter work. Their unbeatable warmth, durability, grip, and comfort give you the features you need to power through the cold weather in comfort and safety.

By selecting the right pair tailored to your specific job requirements and properly caring for them, sheepskin gloves will provide many seasons of exemplary performance. Keep your hands toasty and your work uninterrupted with the help of top-quality sheepskin gloves.


How warm are sheepskin gloves?

Sheepskin gloves provide exceptional warmth due to the thick wool lining that traps air and insulates hands from the cold. The wool also regulates temperature and wicks moisture to keep hands warm even when wet.

Are sheepskin gloves waterproof?

Sheepskin leather has natural water resistance due to lanolin but is not fully waterproof. Some sheepskin gloves have added waterproof membranes for improved weather protection. But no sheepskin glove is 100% waterproof.

How durable are sheepskin gloves?

Sheepskin leather is very durable and abrasion resistant, able to withstand tough use and outdoor conditions better than many glove materials. With proper care, sheepskin gloves can provide many years of wear.

Do sheepskin gloves lose their warmth?

With regular wear, sheepskin gloves can compress and flatten over time, reducing insulation ability. Proper storage and reconditioning helps maintain their loft and warmth. Brushing also revives flattened wool.

What jobs are sheepskin gloves best for?

Sheepskin gloves excel at outdoor winter jobs where warmth, grip, and dexterity are important - like construction, farming, maintenance, and landscaping. They provide flexibility for physical tasks.

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